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  1. Damn - I walk past Asda on my way home. No way to resist this.
  2. I swore I wouldn't buy this today as I still (whisper) haven't started Twilight Princess despite having it since launch. In my defence I had decided to play Minish Cap about two weeks before the Wii came out. If Asda are selling this cheap then I'm going to end up getting it.
  3. Have the Japanese shunned home consoles altogether now??????
  4. I hope so and then they get killed by episode 7 along with the entire family Mika is staying with. Something needs to happen soon - this is far too a slow burn.
  5. I wonder how her sister got that job - can't have been nepotism as a presenting talent like that would have been discovered on its own! I was hoping one of the stern faced women that they had hidden at the back was going to step forward and twat her.
  6. Robbie's coming home boys and he's on form at the moment so watch out. Final Score Liverpool 7 Cardiff 3 (Fowler Hatrick)
  7. Just watched this - stunning, stunning film but its pickled my head and I really need to watch it all again. Best thing I've seen for ages
  8. I think so - there is the normal Fifa option to pick which team you want to play and there are four slots so I don't see why not. I've switched from the overhead view to the more traditional sideways view now. Means the Wiimote passing is fairly redundant but I think I prefer it. I'm enjoying it - commentary is a but crap but I haven't found anything buggy as of yet (sweet spots, crap goalies). As a Cardiff fan, I'm just enjoying having Fowler, hasselbaink and Sinclair playing for me without having to steal them from somewhere else. Played a couple of games online - losing to Bayern Munich and Liverpool - no lag at all that I could see. There is also an option for interactive leagues where I think you play as your favourite team against other people playing as the team that your team in playing in real life that week (so Blackburn fans play Sunderland fans). Seems like a cool idea - only a few leagues available (only Prem in England) but perhaps they'll add more if they see lots of lower league fans signed up?
  9. Just playing through the tutorial and the controls seem to work pretty well. Shooting is flicking the wiimote up or down while passing is on the A & B buttons although you can also use A and the Wiimote for more accurate passing. Tackling is B or Wiimote down. Loads of tricks by using the C button and moving Wiimote or Nunchuck in different directions. Not sure on the set pieces yet - the Nunchuck is supposed to be able to give the ball curve but I haven't cracked it yet. Best of all - Throw ins are done as you'd imagine - Wiimote and Nunchuck overhead.
  10. I'm up and down on this at the moment. Still finding it hard to deal with the marriage of platforming and RPGing for whatever reason and the backtracking is annoying me - go all the way over here, find a clue, go all the way back (currently playing the first water level). Still, the script is funny and there are some great touches.
  11. In 1998 - did he even have an image. I can't recall seeing him in anything after Invisible Man, Christmas Vacation and Fletch Lives
  12. Frank the Tank in Old School - Brilliant. Although I'm sure it is not actually him in the costume - the bit where he crashes into the ring of fire kills me every time. A great film.
  13. Just playing the Luigi bit between Chapter 2 & 3.
  14. That was brilliant. This may sound a bit sad but
  15. Just read on the Guardian website that the Dirty Dozen remake may be directed by Guy Ritchie!!!!!
  16. Played through the first World and enjoying it a lot but still getting used to the fact that it is half platformer/half RPG. No problems with the dragon but I don’t seem to be using any items except health restores. This and Scrabble on the DS are not going to make for a productive week.
  17. Addicted to this to the extent I stayed in bed this morning playing instead of getting in to work early. Only played single player so far but there seems to be a good mix of computer players although I expect the very hard players will be immposible. At first the scrolling information on the definition of each word was annoying but now I like it. Wi Fi mode would have been amazing and I'd have probably thrown a sicky today.
  18. Just went looking for info on this as I overheard some Canadians talking about it in Cardiff City Centre this morning. Gutted - as I thought stupidly thought it might be taking place at out 'temporary' ice rink.
  19. Bloody Gameplay let me down and I could have picked it up from Toys R Us for £6 less and I work right by it. DOH!!! Bet when it comes it crashes as well.
  20. Series 6 Itchy and Scratchy Land, Sideshow Bob Roberts, Homer Badman (sexual harrasment), Homer the Great (Stone Cutters), Bart vs Australia, Homer the Clown (which isn't that great but the Homer sees everyone a clown stuff is) and possibly my favourite episode (jostling with Flaming Moes and Fish Called Selma) - And Maggie Makes Three.
  21. Is this out today and if so any views?
  22. Is there any new comment/news/rumour that gives any hope that we might get on-line Goldeneye one day.
  23. 10 Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) - Never played it (ducks or maybe not) 9 Ico (PS2) - Never played it (ducks) 8 Super Mario Kart (Snes) - Well deserved in the top ten. I impatiently wait for it to appear on the VC. So many hours spent playing this including a period where me and my brother would spend ages fixing the results of cups by opting out of the winners podium ourselves and victimising a random CPU character. Is there anything more satisfying than using lightning to cause someone to fail the jump. 7 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Snes) - Forgot to put this in my top ten. Fond memories of it on the SNES and I've played through it about 3 times on the GBA and if it wasn't for the Phantom Hourglass on the horizon I would play it again now. 6 Super Mario World (Snes) - I'm not the biggest platformer fan but as 2D platformers go this can't be touched. Still hate those damn ghost houses.
  24. Saw this tonight and really enjoyed it. Its not Anchorman or anything but one of those films that manages to tread the line between Rom-Com and Frat-Pack comedy (for want of a better term) so both me and the missus enjoyed it equally. Plenty of stupid pop culture stuff for me, some taking the piss out of blokes and their pop culture references for her ( ) and bloody funny the rest of the time. Good stuff although some of it was a bit uncomfortably true at times.
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