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  1. FUCK OFF Horse Face. Surely it must be happening soon unless her team starts winning. Be no good her getting to the final four and going out on the interview episode or (whisper it) the final. I demand her messing up the next task totally and another hour added to the show so Alan can destroy her in the boardroom until she takes a header out the window.
  2. Great - now I've got the theme tune stuck in my head. "Our new young heroes, proving their worth........" (or something like that)
  3. While I didn't think that her Zoe Slater voice was her real one but has anyone ever heard her speak before she went to the States. Her accent in that clip seems to come from the "this is what the Americans think every British person sounds like" camp.
  4. Super MarioKart (with Online) Majoras Mask (as I've never played it) Super Mario RPG
  5. 1. Goodfellas 2. The Godfather 3. City of God 4. Battle Royale 5. Last Boy Scout 6. Ferris Buellers Day Off 7. Catch me if you Can 8. Finding Nemo 9. Shawshank Redemption 10. Slapshot 11. Raiders of the Lost Ark 12. Trains, Planes and Automobiles 13. LA Confidential 14. Face Off 15. LOTR Trilogy In no particular order bar the top two and it will be edited. Currently bubbling under - Die Hard, T2, Sean of the Dead, Empire, High Fidelity, Princess Bride, Fight Club, and probably loads more I'll think of later - Seven, Robocop, Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. I didn't spot it until the start of this episode when Locke came out of the jungle and said he had come looking for Sawyer then it clicked and I kicked myself for not thinking of it sooner. Excellent episode btw
  7. Just watched the last two episodes - fantastic stuff especially 15. Hard to know how it is all going to finish although seeds are being planted. I'm torn between if I want a bloody, tragic finale to close the series properly or for the big guy to jack it all in and go look out on a lake full of ducks.
  8. I think they could sell a lot of copies of this. The Potter franchise has to be a pretty decent seller anyway but last book mania combined with wand/wiimote waving could see a lot of kids wanting a Wii to play this on.
  9. Just finished watching it - I think I liked it but a lot of that is to do with the ending. They better not come back!!
  10. Just watched the first 5 minutes of the latest episode - WTF is going on????!!!!
  11. This (and the third book coming out as well)
  12. Come on NOE - make up for all the nonsense and suprise us with an announcement of a PAL release by the end of May.
  13. Andy shouldn't have gone - he was useless but after they brought all that milk and 700 cereal bars without consulting him - there was no way they could have won. The cereal bars didn't even get mentioned in the boardroom and they surely must have accounted for a fair percentage of their spend. Also I wish he'd have given the other teamleader more of a row before announcing the winning team. Still, she won't last but if she sings every episode then I'll stop watching. That was more painful than parts of the Office. Generic bloke in a smart suit for the win?
  14. Thanks - now annoyed that I didn't make the effort to go to the newsagents on my way home.
  15. When is this due in the shops?
  16. Yes!!!!!! Then go inside it, look out through one of the big letters and headshot every member of Torchwood as they exit their base (and John Toshack as he was hanging around their the other day).
  17. Perhaps the 100 Metre Dash includes the hurdles as seen on the poster (I know that isn't then technically a 100 Metre Dash). If so, Mario's jumping ability vs Sonic's Speed. Looks good - just a shame that Sonic's supporting cast are so crap. The Bowser/Robotnik sabotage should be intersting though.
  18. Ork1927

    The Bookies

    I've got an accumulator on a for a few of today's games with Totesport. All come in so far but I've just heard that Norway vs Belgium has been called off. What happens in these circumstances - do I have to wait for this to be replayed before my bet is settled assuming that an international replay could be months and months off? I'll be gutted as it is worth about £50
  19. Where is it £15? I want it.
  20. All the stores getting desperate to sell their allocations should make for some interesting end of year accounting. How many chains were banking on a very very good final week of the financial year to bump up their profits?
  21. Ork1927


    What would be the point of Dual Screens unless one was a touch screen except so that everyone on the internet can call laugh at them.
  22. I wonder what percentage of the pre-orders were destined for Ebay and if people will realise they might not make a profit and then won't pick them up/ask for their deposit back.
  23. I think there is going to be some big reveal about Locke (possibly tied in with how he ended up in a wheelchair) that'll explain his actions in this episode. Either he is a 'bad guy' (whoever they might actually be) or he has found out something while on the Island that hasn't been revealed to us yet or he knows someone involved with Dharma/Others/Hostiles and they have been manipulating him. Covering my bases a bit there but I liked to hope that his seemingly stupid actions aren't just a result of bad writing.
  24. I think 'tacked on Wii controls' could be a legitimate gripe for some up comingthird party games (Godfather/Scarface) but not for Nintendos flagship franchise. Surely Mario, of all games, will be designed specifically for the Wii and its controller.
  25. Nooooooooooooo - not a son he didn't know he had. 20 minutes of good opening/traps/maybe they aren't going to fuck this up 20 minutes of build up to the reveal he has a son 20 minutes of Spielbergs smaltzy family stuff 30 minutes of the kid being far more clever/tough/etc than Indy 20 minutes of the kid using martial arts/a whip/magic/gymnastics to defeat the bad guy 20 minutes of happy ending/lets all be a happy family. oh and numerous references that 'Indy is too old for this shit'
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