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  1. The actual game as it was but with more options in one player for leagues, cups, season modes, etc.
  2. Why have you put Sony in the title then?
  3. The total worldwide NSMB must be massive - always well placed in the Japanese charts and according to sonething in Edge it was the only game in the top 5 sales across all three regions last year. I wonder how far along Nintendo are with NSMB 2 (assuming it is in development). They'll need a lot of copies on launch day.
  4. That was a bad episode. No more Jack flashbacks - what next - the mystery of why Jack has his hair cut short. We've had two interesting episodes with flashbacks that actually relate to the story and now we get Jack and his magic tattoo that makes peopel beat the shit out of him.
  5. I like the Goombas on the swings.
  6. Would be very interesting to see the figures. I guess when sales reaches a significant landmark they'll issue a press release or when a specific game sells x copie with via the VC or combined with its orignal release.
  7. I'm sure they'll make sure it works but what happens with something like God of War 2 which comes out after the PS3 launch. If it doesn't work and people have traded in their PS2's to try and reduce the cost of the PS3 a bit (or they don't have room, etc) then theres your bad publicity as this will be an oldgen game people will want to play on their new machine. Sort of like Twilight Princess staying as a cube game and then not working on the Wii?
  8. Top of the sales charts as well with 136,000 sold. Yet another Million seller on the way for the DS in Japan
  9. If the leaked PS3 figure is correct then it looks like Virtual Fighter just caused a 1 week 3K upsurge in sales. Wonder what the Wii figure will be
  10. As a slight aside, I was in Asda this morning looking at the games and they only had 5 or 6 DS games which were in their chart section. These were below a much bigger PSP chart selection and there were also another two shelves of PSP games dotted about their entertainment section but no other DS games to be found. Seemed a bit strange as both systems are pretty much even other here.
  11. I'm tempted to pick up (well order online right now) Kororinpa and I'm looking forward to Elebits whch will hopefully be out soon as well. Galaxy and Smash Bros are must buys then dependent on reviews - Batallion Wars, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Disaster. Will probably also want to al least rent Mercury, Hammer, Trauma Centre and maybe Godfather. Also, if the controls for Tiger Woods are really good I could be tempted as well. The problem with all this is I haven't given Red Steel, Madden and Ultimate Alliance enough love. I keep buying VC games and not playing them and I have to pick up WarioWare. Oh, and I have (whisper it) only played the first ten minutes of Zelda (although in my defence I have been playing through Minish Cap). Bloody Nintendo - I bet they release Streets of Rage, UniRally and Zombies on Friday as well.
  12. I'm reading this very slowly - one year at a time - as I'm enjoying it so much. I can't quite believe the amount of games that I don't just remember but played a lot of. Must have a spectrum emulation day at some point and sort out the emulator I have for my GBA as at the moment only Roller Coaster works properly.
  13. 1) Mario Kart (SNES) 2) Chrono Trigger (SNES) - although I'd prefer a GBA/DS port 3) Goldeneye plus UniRally but I believe that has been submitted for a rating so should hopefully appear soon.
  14. Can't believe they haven't done anything yet. If they are already working on it then get a poster out there of a Wiimote with a light saber beam coming out of it. Publicity and marketing done - money saved can be used to make sure it is KOTOR/Tie Fighter good.
  15. I got this for the Wii just before Christmas. Need to get back to it but was enjoying it alot. Wii controls work quite well and can easily be ignored if you want to button bash rather than wii-mote shake. Loads of characters although I tend to just play as Wolverine.
  16. This is a great addition to the channels. I wonder what the next one will be???
  17. Good episode although I called it being Charlie he was trying to save as soon as the women mentioned the universe rebalancing. Hopefully the flashbacks will continue to be part of the main story from now on except for Sawyers which are always great and the story of why Locke was in the wheelchair.
  18. 64 Chaos Not very scary looking Blue Stick figures that are probably the least effective of the undead creatures that can be conjured up. Unless they are an illusion and no-one disbelieves them. Zombie Rating: 1 Gooey Blob out of 5
  19. Didn't realise episode 2 was on as well last night. I agree that the first episode seemed a strange choice to start the series. Not the most accesible for new viewers and I wasn't sure if Mark Warren was going to be a recurring character across the series.
  20. Got this the day after Wii launch day. Hadn't played the series since the Megadrive days and fancied the new control method. Took a bit of time to master the controls but a really good game. Played a lot of Superstar mode where you only control one player (when he is on the pitch) and it also clocked up a fair bit of multi-play over Christmas. Control system works well, loads of options and there are some good training/mini games on there as well.
  21. The Night at the Museum info is interesting. The early DVD release strategy seems daft if the film is packing them in at the cinemas. I assume the decision on when the DVD is going to be released happens before the film comes out at the flicks???
  22. How dumb is he???!!! Perhaps Sony would be better off gagging everyone who works for them and not allow them to talk to the press at all.
  23. On the sick at the moment so spent all day watching Series One from start to finish. Fantastic stuff and have to agree with the point about 12 episode series. No filler episodes - everything drove the characters and the story forward. More please!!!
  24. Love this episode - a highlight of the Series Nine set as the Simpsons begins to go down hill. Homer trying to reach the pizza place by just stretching out is brilliant. As its the flashback to his first time in New York.
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