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  1. 18 minutes ago, bradigor said:


    This is such a shit season for us. After the highest of highs and even at our worst we get little treats 

    Given how rough it was looking a few weeks ago - a now likely Champions League spot and biggest ever win over United isn’t too bad?


    Beat Man City at Ethiad as well to scupper their title hopes and Everton going down and that wouldn’t be a terrible season for you?

  2. 18 hours ago, Ork1927 said:

    While I think Southampton and Bournemouth will go down, at the moment it could be any 3 from the bottom 9 bar maybe Wolves who seem to be getting their act together a bit (and maybe Forest).


    Everyone else down there looks a right mess.



    Next weekend - none of the bottom 9 are playing each other





  3. While I think Southampton and Bournemouth will go down, at the moment it could be any 3 from the bottom 9 bar maybe Wolves who seem to be getting their act together a bit (and maybe Forest).


    Everyone else down there looks a right mess.



  4. Excellent performance for us today in the Severnside derby.


    God forbid we actually get to enjoy the end of the game though - last home game and we use up our subs and have two players hobbling about at 1-0.  

    Today we have outer goalie sent off and used up all our subs at 2-0 for a very very long 6/7 minutes of injury time.  But all good in the end.


    Still 4th from bottom, but looking more like we can overtake teams on a downward trend at the moment rather than worrying about the ones below us as much.


    Still a lot to do, but 3 wins in 4 for us now - Lamouchi and Bamba seem to have got the players performing and motivated and enjoying themselves.


    Would like some more points before the international break though.



  5. Hopefully Manchester derby in 1/4s to thin out these boring big teams or better they get drawn away and go out and we get FA Cip semi finals that wouldn’t look out of place in the 1920s


    Burnley vs Blackburn and Grimsby vs Sheffield United.

  6. They did it with brilliant bit of play by Grimsby keeper from scooping the ball back into play for what should have been a corner then shielding it for a bit to run down the clock.

  7. Quite the game in Southampton.


    Grimsby player just failed to get a shot off 1 on 1 through on goal to make it 3-1 and Walcott just had a goal disallowed.


    2-1 Grimsby with 8 minutes to go.

  8. Bottom 9 teams managed a whole point between them in this round of games (which was Rotherham last night against Swansea 10th from bottom who are in terrible form themselves).


    Be interesting what things look like at the International break - if the bottom 3 can clock up some wins before then it could be very tight.

  9. 3 hours ago, Shimmyhill said:


    Just back, I thought your lot looked solid if not exciting but much better than Birmingham - Norwich should have made it more comfortable but it wa s a decent win and performance.

    Everyone else Dow the bottom lost bar Rotherham who play the Jacks Monday so hopefully they do us a favour and the we beat Bristol in the early game Saturday and put pressure on everyone else.



  10. 24 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

    Ive been to the last two Norwich home games and both 3-1 home wins, I even had the same ‘bloody hell its cold in the stands’ clobber on and everything - no footy shirt, a new curse has started!


    Last nights game was odd, Norwich battered Birmingham in the first half and Nunez scored a worldie - Birmingham were terrible, possibly the worst side ive seen live :o Second half and Norwich just forgot how to play for a bit, as soon as they remembered they scored but had made it nervy with an undeserved goal for Birmingham from another Norwich defensive mistake.




    Hopefully he won’t do that again Saturday.


    We need to keep going after our back to back wins as while we’ve put a bit of day light between us and the bottom 3 - Rotherham have done the same with last night’s win and while our win Friday night against Reading was well deserved we really need to score more often and earlier.


    5 home wins for us now this season - all 1-0.  The only league game we’ve scored 2 in at home we lost 3-2 to Hull having gone 2-1 up.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Plissken said:

    Clarets have played 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th in five of their their last six games and got 13 out of a possible 15 points. And *still* some people are moaning that tonight was “two points thrown away”.


    Honestly, some people don’t deserve nice things.

    Maybe they are going on an 8 week cruise at the start of April so wanted promotion confirmed before then so they didn’t miss the deciding game?


    Or have bet heavily on a 100+ season?


    Or aren’t going to be happy unless you do the quadruple next year?

  12. Just out and I enjoyed it quite a lot as a occasionally quite talkie weird sci fi adventure that Antman is in a bit.


    Majors is very good as Kang and it’s more a Wasp (Janet not Hope) movie, than an Antman movie with Rudd wastes a bit.


    Yes, lots of CGI, but it’s weird and I enjoyed it. My eldest was disappointed and my youngest really liked it.


    Immediate speculation - spoilers



    It looks fairly well signposted that this Kang isn’t actually dead and will come back with multiverse powers as they need their to be a Prime Kang - obviously first he has to beat up Creed after warming up against (not Clubber) Lang.


  13. Good results last night for us last night although Wigan have had a good last 3 games with two unlikely away draws and a win at home.


    Not sure about Friday - pressure is now off in terms of breaking winless run record and, on paper, Reading at home is our 'easiest' remaining home game and we've managed to score 2 goals in a game, but equally I can see Hoilett scoring inside 5 minutes and then Andy Carroll being temporarily fully fit and deadly.



  14. Best bet is to create the super league, get all the cheating teams into it, get the Saudi Investment fund to buy all the clubs as well as the WWE and then get HHH to book the whole league.





  15. Wickham has come on and immediately had a shot on target so he is already on the shortlist for our player of the season.


    Fucking hell - our centre half has just scored a rather lovely free kick.

  16. Brum vs Cardiff is grim - awful game and with Rotherham beating Reading away it makes our game against Reading Friday even more crucial.


    Awaiting our new star free agent signing, Connor Wickham to come on and tear both hamstrings.

  17. I saw this last week in 4DX (wasn’t in 3D) in the middle of the day and I was only one in the screening.


    I enjoyed it - slightly enhanced by the 4DX making the opening plane sequence more tense (and it was nicely tense anyway) and then you can’t beat the water in 4DX used for blood splatter later in the film. - but, It rattled along, there was some good action and the end was nicely violent and a bit ludicrous.



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