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  1. 4 minutes ago, Uncle Nasty said:


    How would this conversation go if the person who murdered Brianna Ghey was also transgender? Let's just consider that that might be a possibility. Brianna was hanging out with two trans friends, an argument turned serious, weapons were produced and Brianna ended up dead. From Brianna's social media, drugs clearly played a part in this person's life - Brianna's death could easily have been a deal that went south.


    I wouldn't consider it realistic or reasonable to suggest that Brianna's death was because of the influence of JKR at this stage in the investigation, is all.

    It’s not realistic or reasonable to suggest it was a hate crime where anti trans rhetoric by high profile people was a trigger, but it might have been a domestic between those notoriously weapon wielding transgender 16 years olds or I’ve check her social media and it she was probably a crack head breaking bad.

  2. 22 minutes ago, Down by Law said:

    This kind of continual, absurd hysteria has drawn more attention to the game than any marketing campaign ever could, and it's been rewarded with record breaking sales. 


    I've lived through a lot of 'ban this sick filth' entertainment media. The video nasties of the 80's. Mortal Kombat and Night Trap hysteria of the 90's. To a lesser extent the 'ban' on Manhunt in the 00's. Not one of them did anything but drive people to seek them out. 


    This constant drive by insults toward users playing the game will do nothing but annoy them and drive a wedge through an already small community. If you want it to get smaller by attacking people who've done nothing wrong but want to talk about one of if not THE biggest game of the year then you carry on. 


    For the record, I have not and have no intentions of buying this game, but I can't fucking stand censorship of any kind. 

    Nobody is calling for a ban though - if anything, I suspect a decent percentage of posters who won’t buy the game and are advocating for others not to are ‘disappointed’ they can’t buy it if they were previous fans of Potter and/or because it looks likes it a good game.


    There is nothing in the game that is bad, there is nothing to suggest the developers are bad, but Rowling is a different story and she is the issue - not the story, the game play or the people that made it.


    In an alternate timeline, she wouldn’t be a massive transphobe and this thread would all be mainly people enjoying the game with maybe a bit of debate about other problematic stuff in the books/films or people saying the series was shit.


    In an even more ideal world, that girl wouldn’t have been murdered regardless of the reason and trans people wouldn’t be being increasingly targeted for hate.


    But we ain’t in those timelines.



  3. Shit - Warnock’s taken the Huddersfield job.


    Unlike McCarthy, that’s a dinosaur who will keep a team up.

    And he gets to come back to South Wales for our last home game.

  4. On 12/02/2023 at 00:20, wev said:

    You can't even search on Netflix for films that are leaving the platform soon.

    I find that really useful on Prime as a way of narrowing the list of what to watch.


    Im currently working my way through anything leaving soon that I haven’t seen although I’m not applying any real quality or interest control so it’s a eclectic mix but now I know that Baywatch was rubbish as advertised and I wouldn’t be able to hack more that 30 minutes of Eat, Pray, Love even at gunpoint.



  5. 4 minutes ago, Plissken said:

    Er... I was going to do a quick comment on Burnley vs Preston but I would be rightly accused of not reading the room.

    Comment away - we are at Turf Moor last game of the season - if we aren’t down already then we need you to be on the beach big time.

  6. 29 minutes ago, OneDvBmbr said:

    I think you can count us out. If anything we’ve gone backwards under McCarthy. The guy won’t even try to attack when we’ve got the other shit teams at home. 

    We are properly doomed. 

    Quite why Blackpool looked at McCarthy’s disastrous reign with us which finished with a recording breaking 8 games losing streak where we scored 1 goal and conceded 19 and thought - that’s the guy for us.


    The highlight, bar a 3-0 hammering by the Jacks was West Brom at home where he started all 5 (FIVE) of our centre halves (not the only time he did it) and we lost 4-0.

  7. Somehow, we are still not in the bottom 3 (but only on goal difference) and everyone below has a game in hand.


    Our new manager bounce has yielded 0 points and 1 goal in 3 games.


    Lose to Birmingham on Tuesday and Sabri Lamouchi gains the record of being the only Cardiff manager to ever lose their first 4 games and would take his losing streak in the Championship to 10 (6 with Forest on the trot before he was sacked) and 4 with us.


    Not that he is really to blame for not stopping the rot.


    Fail to win on Tuesday and we equal the club's all-time winless run record in all competitions of 15 games.


    Edit: And our winless run at home of 9 games is a record in a single season and equals a cross season record.


    I think we will pick up a couple of wins at some point, but will one of the bottom 3 pick up a couple more  Wigan have had a good week where as Huddersfield and Blackpool have failed to capitalise on playing other teams down the bottom. Rotherham and Stoke could still be dragged into trouble, but its 3 teams from 6 at best.


    League One is calling.


  8. 28 minutes ago, davidcotton said:



    VAR and the officials having a nightmare yesterday in the Premier League.


    All VAR seems to have done is mean there are more officials who can make mistakes/miss things during a game except some of them are hidden away in a room.  Plus, the VAR rules can seemingly change or be tweaked throughout the season so there isn't even consistency of what they SHOULD be checking for.



  9. 1 minute ago, Halo said:

    Dunno, the latest films didn’t do very well and you don’t hear or see much about it these days. To be fair, I’m not in its demographic and it’s aggressively not my thing.


    I would be equally surprised if a Star Wars game did this well, fwiw.

    I think the latest film didn’t do very well because the one before was shite and Fantastic Beast series is a confused mess with some Potter stuff in it.


    And I guess, in terms of Star Wars games that franchise has been very well served over the years where as Potter not so much.



  10. 5 hours ago, Uncle Nasty said:

    You're massively overthinking it @Dig Dugso much that you've stopped making sense.


    If you played the game, you'd realise that it transcends the problematic views of its creator and goes a long way to repairing the damage. Avalanche have taken the source material and presented it with such care, inclusivity and love that in this case, it is possible to separate the art from the artist. The game is the very definition of a safe, cosy, whimsical space that doesn't exclude anyone. Consider it a reboot of sorts. The devs want everyone to enjoy this world and be a part of it. I see this game as an olive branch and a way for people who previously loved the IP to get back into it.


    Any outsider finding out about the controversy and then actually playing the game would find the discussion/boycott/fallout around it utterly perplexing. It's the warmest, most gentle game you could imagine. Safe for everyone.


    The idea that anyone should feel guilty about working on it, reviewing it or playing it is utterly absurd once you've actually played it


    This is the worst fucking take in this entire thread. Don’t worry about buying the game because JKR is a transphobe and damaged ‘the brand’ as the developers have done a great job in putting out a great game that isn’t transphobic and instead is really nice.


    It’s the equivalent argument of praising Knights of the Old Republic for undoing some of the damage done to Star Wars


    Except, in a reality where George Lucas turned out to be a massive racist and he had spent the commentary track on Attack of the Clones disparaging Sam Jackson and black people in general.


  11. @ZOK


    Port of Call watched - very good indeed.


    Ending spoilers



    Really liked how you sort of want him to get away with it, but assume he won't.


    Then it looks like he will get away with it all, but you assume he'll get killed at the end.


    Then it looks like he has sorted his life out totally, but turns out he hasn't then the room service guy comes in and surely he is getting a bullet, but its the guy from the jail at the start at they go to the Aquarium.


    The end






  12. Maybe the mods should actually insist that game chat goes in this thread and fully police it.


    Because, I wonder if you add up all the words and posts attacking JKR and why buying this game is problematic against all the words and posts that are moaning about not being able to talk about the game or whatabouttery or posters use of swear words or things that haven’t been said or general deflection or sealioning or moaning about what people are doing on twitter or moaning about  reviewers slagging off the game or refusing to review it or moderation of the thread then.....


    Which would be the highest? 

  13. Just now, ZOK said:

    I can’t say I’m tempted! The description made it sound interesting though, so maybe I’ll give it a go.

    I’ve just started Port of Call and seen the very opening seen with Cage and Kilmer chatting.


    Its already better than all of Deep Water even if I end up hating the rest of it.

  14. 3 hours ago, ZOK said:

    I’ve not seen it so I don’t know, but there are a lot of people who will also tell you Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans isn’t a great movie.


    Those people are idiots.

    Haven’t seen Port of Call, but it’s on my list.


    Zok - you are going to have to watch Deep Water and report back, but I’ll be amazed if you think it’s anything over than shit.


    Acting, plot, dialogue are all rubbish. Complete lack of tension. Doesn’t make any sense.



  15. 3 minutes ago, Zael said:

    Considering yesterday we had a number of people argue against the idea that Werewolves were a metaphor for HIV despite JKR tweeting out she literally meant exactly that, this debate is hard to believe it's being made in good faith. 

    To be fair - unless you’d read what she had said beforehand or went and googled it then I don’t think it’s unreasonable for anyone to question why would the Werewolves be a metaphor for AIDS?

    I don’t know WTF is going on in this thread anymore - who is derailing what and who is acting in bad faith or not, but we are beyond game talk being disrupted and now “don’t but the game because JKR is transphobic” is lost in amongst everything else of which it’s impossible to know what half the posts are actually really saying.


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