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  1. France are dangerous is not a surprise. We won’t get a clean sheet - just need to take our chances when they come.
  2. The storylines in this World Cup are just immense. I wish we were on the other side of the draw as be brilliant if they got to the final.
  3. Come on 99th minute Ronaldo equaliser that then gets disallowed by VAR.
  4. I think there has been enough drama in the 1/4 finals so Morocco should just score another and win 2-0. None of this late come back nonsense by the team that goes behind in this game.
  5. Are England the only ‘big team’ that don’t roll around on the floor and piss and moan all game?
  6. This is good news for Croatia. This game going just as long (probably), a few suspensions and minor knocks for whoever goes through and maybe a mass brawl at the end still to come. Modric will be rubbing his hands at being in a better state at 37 than most of the opposition.
  7. Do you think, like in grounds up and down the country every weekend/mid week, people just leave these World Cup games early, regardless of the score, to get ahead of the traffic even when they are in the middle of nowhere in Qatar. How much drama would you have missed.
  8. It could still be the Messi or the Mbappe or the Bellingham or the Ronaldo World Cup but maybe it will be the Weghorst World Cup.
  9. How many goals in front of France do we need to be on 90 minutes going into stoppage time to be able to remotely relax? 3/4?
  10. England vs Argentina is the most interesting final isn’t it - even without the bias. Copa America winners vs the Euro finalists (with the winners not qualifying). Can Messi win the World Cup (in what must be his last chance) Can Southgate’s England go one better again on the last two tournaments. And then the ‘86/‘98 knock out games history. I guess it might also be Portugal vs Argentina but now Ronaldo is a sulking sub.....
  11. Im contemplating compiling an all time list thread once I’ve finished the comedy one. But we did the decade ones from 80’s onwards year by year and I was thinking a general top ten/twenty all time would be far to diverse so maybe doing a top 20 per decade or splitting into 3 - top 20 pre 80’s top 20 80’s/90’s and top 20 2000 onwards?? I’ll
  12. True - but those other 6 teams all look either on it and/or have a superstar(s)/potential superstar(s) looking dangerous. I'm predicting England Portugal semi final. England have a goal lead in the last minute of extra time and are desperate to avoid penalties. Ramos looks certain to score, but wait, Ronaldo pushes him out the way to take the shot himself and skies it over the bar.
  13. I reckon 6/8 quarter finalists have got a decent shout of winning it. Croatia just don't have the legs/players to go one better than 4 year ago and Morocco probably won't be able to keep a team that shoots instead of passes at bay. Everyone else has a shot I think - it feels like a really good last 8.
  14. Whoever is Ramos’s agent is a happy man tonight as he is now worth additional World Cup zillions and the transfer window opens in less than a month.
  15. Hopefully Portugal go out tonight as well with added Ronaldo crying.
  16. Support Cardiff, live in Wales. Wife and kids are Welsh and I do go and watch Wales, but nope, I'm English/support England.
  17. I'm saying whoever wins between us and France is going to the final.
  18. Everyone in the world in every language is shouting "JUST FUCKING SHOOT" at the TV. I bet even the Spanish fans are.
  19. Are they pretending South Korea are Germany and this is revenge for 2014z
  20. One of these 8 games is going to go against the favourite isn’t it? Obviously not this one.
  21. Maybe not, but you'd think the police will be going all out to find them given it couldn't have been more high profile a robbery if they'd tried.
  22. I'm predicting 2-1, but don't know to who although it could easily be 3-2 or 4-3. We won't get another clean sheet and although it is too close to call - I don't see it going to Extra Time and Pens.
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