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  1. Assassins Creed is a fairly obvious one that would suit a longer series format than a 90min movie, each game is basically a series of episodic assassinations that take them one step closer to the goal, and you could do a different time period each series, maybe even casting the same people American Horror Story style.
  2. I don't really buy this "Doom was a horror game" thing, someone said the PS1 game made it more explicit, but you listen to the PS1 soundtrack (which had access to a lot more audio capabilities) and it's just pure cheesy guitars, nothing that says "horror adjacent" let alone that being the intent. I think people were just young and found it a bit bewildering and high pressure, but that's more about them than "the vision". Even the reaction to Doom 3 was "it's not really like the originals is it? They were all about sprinting around at 100mph in a football stadium sized environment blasting dozens of demons" This is completely backwards. Doom 2016 went for more muted colours than the past games, and Doom Eternal has literally brought back the more colourful original colourschemes.
  3. Gentlemen, no speculation about next-gen hardware in the next-gen hardware speculation thread!
  4. I mean it won't, that's literally the point of what I posted.
  5. There's a tremendous amount of strawmen and just preciousness in this thread. I read the OP as just asking if people on here who were like, technically minded and heavily into videogames might re-evaluate the pros and cons of their platform given even first-party exclusives going multiplatform. Like, the person who hadn't played on PC since 1998 and had some rather dated ideas about it might be exactly the person to reach there. Instead there's lots of baffling replies, insisting it's trying "to kill the industry by making it inaccessible to a wider audience" (???) or Haribokart there reading it as a personal attack, and calling people "cunts" or "fucking mental" for even suggesting it, which I don't know how you'd possibly get to unless you were on some level of identifying with the brand of device you buy as personal identity far beyond even playground fanboyism.
  6. If PSVR can't take off with a massive 100 million userbase, then next-gen VR is not going to have an easier time of it on consoles starting from 0.
  7. I watched it a few months and quite enjoyed it, it's super trashy and schlocky, but certainly never boring. And the flashback scenes were on the Banff Skybridge I visited on holiday. The body on the main guy is super distracting though, he's shaped like a Dorito with his shirt off.
  8. Yes, the cool air comes in the bottom and the heat would come out the top, like the (old new) Mac Pro. You let convection work for you, not try and fight against it.
  9. So going by the Bolsonaro retweeting, that guy is Brazilian, and Microsoft manufacture Xbox in Manaus. People in charge probably panicking a bit right now.
  10. Is there not? The whole hub and slipgate aspect looks like it'd be ripe for extending with different content, and apparently the narrative conceit is about making all the WADs canon.
  11. It’s increasingly hard to differentiate the usual nostalgia pandering fake leaks from the increasingly normalised nostalgia pandering actual releases, but I’d hope whoever is in charge of Xbox first party would say “fuck no” when asked to bring back a third sci-fi shooter franchise.
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