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  1. I’m glad it’s not another DualShock, but not liking the aesthetics, the console is going to look like something out of Oblivion (the movie, not the game)
  2. There's literally only 64 races in the whole game. I feel a lot of these takes are ridiculous, someone said they would like "ten times less races in the next one", so six races then?
  3. I think that's the exact opposite of the problem, isn't it? People were expecting them to build a new Galaxy and new races and new moral conflicts and everything, and in the end they created a grand total of one, and everything else was reheated nostalgia - there's the Reapers but not really, there's your new Shephard and EDI, and all the moral conflicts disappeared (super baffling in a game that's actually about colonialism) for magic terraforming. Also the writing took a big dive in quality. Admittedly those are both also problems that crept into the main series near the end, but they were it at it's worst, not at it's best. Most of the people who liked it seemed to do so because of that nostalgia, so saying the lack of it made people hate it, uh???
  4. The difficulty is in the hands of the player, if you want it to get more difficult then turn up the AI and turn off the assists? It's a preferably system to the old PGRs where something like 0.4% of players completed them. You can cruise through on easy if you want, but if you're having fun, who cares? Cruising through on easy and complaining that it's easy though seems like a special kind of stupid.
  5. They've made er... divisive changes. You can probably expect the community to split into opposing camps as to how they fall on it with lots of recriminations like with the Star Wars and Star Trek revivals once everyone has had their hands on it (our threads for which had more reports than the rest of the forum combined).
  6. You're right, there's no such thing as the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
  7. No you don't, you just change the station to off. Very tired of all these gaming gammon reactionary takes. This is a franchise that is literally made by gaming dads for people who grew up in the 90s, they have a drum & bass station, when they had a hip hop station it was all 90s stuff rather than modern stuff, there's a series of missions about old 80s and 90s racing games FFS! But because they've got some people under 30 to do voice acting, and shock horror, a couple of modern songs on the radio, we've got endless old farts in here lining up to moan about how yoof it is.
  8. Grandia 3 - I opened the year completing Grandia 2 and saying it was "thoroughly mediocre", so why did I pick up the sequel? Well, I didn't know it existed until I saw this footage, which I thought looked pretty gorgeous. And it does look pretty gorgeous, in that end-of-PS2-life way, with every location looking to be maximised for visual impact, even if character models are more simple. Fortunately, it also fixes the problems I had with the second too. In many ways this is a conservative sequel, but the additions - aerial combos, spell fusion and a streamlined summon system are smart and all add more depth to the games battles, without giving you more complexity to manage. I completed it in 30 hours, and it doesn't outstay it's welcome - although I think that's not due to choice, there's a fair few detailed areas on the world map and in cutscenes that aren't in the game, and the second disc in particular features a lot of jumping between disparate locations by portal even though you have a plane. Looking online there's barely any discussion of this game, in 2006 or the years since, and what is there is rather negative, particularly regarding the story, which is very stock and barebones. But overall I enjoyed this one! And mention must be made of the cheesy OP, which is possibly the most mid-00s thing imaginable: I'll probably have to play the first now.
  9. Did anyone hear of that Dragon Quest movie that was an adaptation of the most popular old game in the series and the unpopular direction it ended up going in? If you want to know why people are upset without spoiling yourself, look up a synopsis of that.
  10. Er, have people seen the spoilers? Nomuurraaa!
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