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  1. I'd argue every remaster (so most games nowadays) is relying on the emotional connection between the player and something decades old: I didn't say anything about being disappointed by the ending, I think it mostly hangs together: It's just a bit obvious where it was inserted, and it's also notable for being the only game I can think of with a "reshoot ending".
  2. It's one of the most "reshoot" endings I can think of for a videogame, there was talk that it was overhauled based on feedback before launch and you can kind of see where that happened:
  3. Well no because they trend down after 5 usually, the big global pandemic that has everyone stuck inside for months is the difference.
  4. Probably the only time consoles sales have increased in the last year before their successor, for contrast the HD generation collapsed something like 37% the year before the current gen released.
  5. LOL, now David Ayer is pushing for his cut of Suicide Squad. 2020 is truly cursed.
  6. Nah man, it genuinely is all DC fans being mad fanatical, you only have to check Resetera or /r/DC_cinematic to see that. The main thing I'm looking forwards to is the dawning realisation that the movie still sucks, but is now even longer.
  7. Apparently Kingdom Come: Deliverance on PC does full realtime Global Illumination if you crank it's settings up to high, that's a Skyrim style game - but it's a real performance hog. Someone speculated this demo alone could be 100GB.
  8. Yakuza Kiwami - There's nothing really wrong with this mechanically, the problem is I played 0 first. I don't know if "mysterious girl is key to big pot of money everyone fights over" is also the plot to Yakuza 2-6, but choosing to do a plotline that's reminiscent of the first in the series, and then following it up with a remake of 1 was not a good idea, because it makes a series already repetitive in gameplay and setting also repetitive in story. And 0 outclasses it in every way, the writing of the sidestories and main quest has improved, the difficulty is less spiky, etc. They should really have picked a remake or a prequel and just done one. The saving grace is that it's brief enough.
  9. Turn based stuff tends to be this for me because it doesn't demand constant focus, I'm playing Planetfall a lot at the moment, which is basically Civ + XCOM battles. You can stick it on, have a podcast or some music in the background, alt-tab out and check the internet and know that you're not going to die in the interim. Slay the Spire was very good for this. I was tempted to pick up Divinity 2 because it's on sale at the moment too, but I keep expecting things I buy to be announced for Game Pass next week because that keeps happening.
  10. You can see this when the rocks create gaps in the ceiling, they often had slowly growing and moving light sources to mask it but you can see the lighting accumulate over multiple frames. I'm not sure RT would solve it, because the RT right now is still generating few enough rays that they need to do a similar temporal thing with building them up over multiple frames, you can kind of see rooms "brighten" when you step in them, like your eyes are adjusting, and this happens even if the previous room and this new one are supposed to be the same level of brightness. You can run back and forth between the two rooms, and it will always feel like you’re moving from a brighter room to a dimmer one. I'm sure it's something we'll just get used to.
  11. I mean everyone hates the squeeze through rocks bit, we've just had two major games (Fallen Order and FF7RE) absolutely riddled with the things.
  12. Halo 2 Anniversary - I never had an Xbox, so only played this in 2006 via backwards compatibility on the 360, and maybe the low expectations of going in knowing the backlash helped but I really enjoyed it. Going back to it a decade and a half later, and wow this game is like, really player hostile. In the very first level they have you assaulting enemies in entrenched positions covered with multiple turrets, it's a ridiculous ask considering this is the tutorial. The next level you're fighting off waves of enemies in a courtyard where at any time a speck can appear on a distant rooftop and kill you, the fight after that they have you scanning the rooftops for snipers only for invisible enemies to sneak up and kill you, it's almost like the developer deliberately trolling players. I'd love to see what the rate of players who dropped off in the first couple of levels is. And it's just a big collection of stuff that doesn't quite work. Getting in melee is now an instant kill, but in the Arbiter levels they want you to use a sword, so they just turn off enemy melee damage for those levels. Every new enemy is a brick wall of difficulty unless you can hang back and ping at them with a rifle, which you basically have to carry in one slot for the whole game. I recall Bungie eventually removed the rifle saying that once players got their hands on it they wouldn't switch to anything else, but didn't seem to realise that was the sane response to the warped sandbox they'd created. Anyway, the Anniversary graphics look great at least, all the complaints about geometry not matching or art style changes in the last one have been thoroughly addressed here. And even the original graphics look a lot better than I remember, I recall the original being insanely muddy and ugly, but I guess higher resolutions and no texture warp-in helps.
  13. Yeah for rocks and stuff you could bring in stuff from the Megascans library, but that's not a new feature - you could do that already in UE4. It took 24 people 6 months to make a five minute section, I don't think that scales to 30 hours.
  14. But then you've got the art director of God of War saying the following
  15. DF said 1440p 30fps upscaled to 4K with that checkerboard mode the PS4 Pro uses.
  16. Yeah, this is kind of the death knell for next-gen expectations to hit resolutions or 60fps as standard. Xbox: Announces a bunch of games in native 4k running at 60 or 120fps Gamers: shrug Sony: Announces a tech demo of what graphics would look like at 1440p 30fps Gamers: jaws on floor, mainstream news coverage You look at that as a developer, you're going to see where to really put your emphasis to get noticed, eh?
  17. Except we're talking about remakes, where you're having to do all the work from scratch, including animation.
  18. It's not a response because it literally doesn't make sense. If it gets more prevalent, it won't have anything to do with Covid.
  19. This is a really incoherent post - this game probably started development in 2017 or something, and I don't think a single remake has ever reused old animations anyway.
  20. The "new ideas" part is not really the expensive part of game development, that's making all the assets, which are going to be the same level of work if you're making a new stage or an old one. You know what would be a new experience for everyone? A new game!
  21. I don't get all these expensive remakes - why not make a new game? If you're prepared to stick all this money into making an expensive open world game that looks like that, why not something new? A sequel, or a new IP if you think the Mafia franchise is a bit past it. The Tony Hawks one is even more baffling, the last new game they made cost 5p, but then they're splashing the chequebook for the same old stages people have played to death, in a game they already remastered and re-released once. Just do what you're already doing but with new stages!
  22. Oh apparently it's 1440p/30fps so don't expect stuff to look like that after all?
  23. Someone linked the PS4 version and it looks really rough, actually: It's not even 30fps!
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