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  1. Oh hey actual gameplay, is this the first we've seen?
  2. Lolling if the final game is Ark 2 or something rather than what people expect.
  3. Well, if this was this underwhelming, I can't wait to see how bad the Microsoft one is.
  4. What even was that trailer, some CG and a logo? How do you expect that to stand out?
  5. Is this Bungies new thing or more Destiny?
  6. VR games are somehow more generic, if anything.
  7. Some of these announcements are just really low key and weird, like that was just a kind of nothing trailer for DD2.
  8. World of Fantasy is really mid, I tried it. EDIT: And couldn't remember it was Tower of Fantasy
  9. That game was ugly as sin, what you talking about?
  10. Granblue Fantasy Relink is finally coming out, been around since 2016.
  11. I like the look of everything but the combat system.
  12. Talos Principle 2? EDIT: Loved the first.
  13. But yeah, this is very 'Xbox conference' so far.
  14. They've shown this game three times and it's never excited even a single person.
  15. Some co-op GAASy thing with the most focus tested character designs you've ever seen wasn't a great opener.
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