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  1. It's all just shit arguments from nostalgia, gaming would be a far better place if everyone just treated everything as valid (yes that includes platforms like mobile that you don't have nostalgia for, gammons) and stopped basing all their arguments on when their brain was young and plastic.
  2. Isn't console emulation a bit pointless now all the exclusives are launching on PC officially?
  3. Would also make Clark Kent a bit more plausible if he didn't look like Rainer Wolfcastle in Undercover Nerd.
  4. Not really watched anything standout recently, bought a nice artbook on anime cityscapes and went through a few titles it mentioned that were a gap in my knowledge. Patlabor (1989) and Patlabor 2 (1993) - Mamoru Oshii's missing link between Akira and Ghost in the Shell, this is going for a more grounded, contemporary blue-collar setting rather than a OTT cyberpunk vision, and er... it kinda suffers from feeling a bit vanilla as a result. If you kind of squint, you can see both of them as being the eventual influence for Ghost in the Shell, with the firsts Christianity references and the seconds political intrigue and post-war anxiety, but they're a bit too dull to recommend on their own. 1 (2/5), 2 (3/5) Tekkonkinkreet (2008) - This film is just gorgeous and sumptuous stylistically, with this colourful faux-60s/80s/timeless city that's a character of it's own and a great soundtrack. The plot is about two urchins, one hardened and one innocent trying to survive on the streets and fending off gangsters on their turf, but half way through it takes a hard turn into the supernatural, when Satan turns up with a bunch of demons. The last act is just the 10-year olds running away while being graphically injured and murdered, which is really not pleasant to watch, and I kind of resent such a great looking film being anchored to this narrative, because without it I'd be raving about it. 3/5
  5. The thing where old Rare games would tie framerate to the speed of the character models so that when the framerate dived, the characters just moved faster and so it "felt" like it was still performing regularly kind of astounded me when I first heard about it. I've not played any of them, so have no idea if it "worked", but it's a hell of an audacious programmer-workaround compared to "let's just optimise the game some more, lads".
  6. Forza and Halo are on Game Pass, so those. I'd be interested in picking up Deathloop, but now Arkane have been acquired you know it'll make it's way there at some point. I was thinking of getting back into FFXIV over the cold dark winter months since apparently everyone is playing it now and I never got to Shadowbringers.
  7. Barely a review, just 40 minutes of ripping into it.
  8. Genshin Impact: Inazuma - The latest content patches have taken us to the closed kingdom of !Japan, where a god-emperor trapped in grief has figuratively (and literally) trapped her nation too. Genshins exploration remains first-class (whisper it - I actually prefer it to BotW), and the new locations are varied and filled with secrets. I will say the story doesn't quite stick the landing due to a rushed ending, but still, 20-30 hours of really good new content for free released annually (not even that, I think this was like 9-10 months) is really impressive. It is actually fulfilling those dreams of "what if massive world travelling multiple-city JRPG but with modern gameplay not held back by decades of tradition" even if it takes a few more years to get the whole thing, and has earned itself a permanent place on my hard drive for the interim.
  9. Apparently someone did some datamining on this and found a bunch of unreleased and unannounced games: The remake shit is really getting out of hand, but there's some interesting stuff there.
  10. They seem to be deliberately doing the thing that you're not supposed to do in CGI because it makes it look fake, which is have elements whose saturation is brighter than anything else in the frame. Leaning into making things look fake to show the world is fake (although it's in the real-world scenes too, so yeah they might be going there). (Horizon: Forbidden West is also doing this as a deliberate choice, but there it's because it's a game and they're not limited by having to represent reality)
  11. One lost $12 million as a one-off cost and the other lost up to $60 billion a year every year as a result of these policy changes. Do you really believe this is an equal loss? I mean you have posts in here moaning about the Epic Store on PC buying exclusives even though they only mean you need to move your cursor over 100 pixels, and then saying that the $60 billion Apple make from the 30% Store cut is "justified as it probably covers their costs" even though the court case found it was almost pure profit, so it certainly seems this is coming from a place of not wanting to be wrong.
  12. Why not, they got huge concessions for very little monetary cost and there were things the judge left in the air like the "is the App Store a monopoly" judgement. This is an offensive action for Epic, they're playing on Apple and Google's home turf, not their own, so there's little to lose if they lose and a lot to be gained if they win. Keep breathing that copium though.
  13. Also saw this and thought it was pretty good, heavily carried by Simu and Awkwafina's charisma, it actually does the whole reuniting with family thing much better than the just-came-out Black Widow (which had the feel of being chopped up by script revisions until it was incredibly barebones). The !Mandarin stuff is unnecessarily fanservicey though. It's kind of crazy how much they have to throw in to set up a new character these days though, I mean compare the finale of this with the first Iron Man, which was just two guys in suits fighting on a freeway.
  14. Given there's multiple laws in Congress about limiting tech power, I really can't see Apple painting a big target on their back by using their power to block someone who just successfully challenged them. Epic paying the fine is the redress for breaking the rules, there should be no problems beyond that. Can't help feel these takes are all just copium, people having to come up with fantasies for how "actually Epic lost"
  15. Worth noting a lot of other places weren't even waiting around for a case like this for precedent, they just realised the tech companies were abusing their power and made new laws: And all those gamers who did those big fearmongering posts about how Epic were evil and trying to destroy the console industry or whatever shit turned out to just be reactionary idiots fighting for the wrong side.
  16. The judgment is out: Epic got what they want from the case in that they can now get around the 30% cut by directing users out to their own in-game purchase store, as can other games. They have to pay $12 million in damages to Apple for breaking the rules, but that's chump change for that victory. These steering provisions were key to the sort of "fake markets" that the tech industry relied on, so having them be struck down is big.
  17. If it weren't for that bar at the top, you'd think this menu belonged to a 1999 Encarta CD-ROM or something.
  18. Yeah I changed it to say Assassins Creed, I mean he's just a bloke without big claws and he can climb stuff.
  19. Vampire the Masquerade as an RPG series basically sells fuck all, got cancelled for creating an international incident, and is running on nostalgia fumes from the 90s when it was most popular. It's videogame adaptations are a forgotten Diablo clone and a buggy flop. I think people are being a bit ridiculous.
  20. Surely he'll just run up things quickly with his claws and then leap about the place? Like it's not going to be as grand as Spiderman, but they'll definitely be fast and fluid traversal, beyond the level of say, an Assassins Creed.
  21. They're gonna do the wings
  22. I still love the look of the traversal, but that FFXV engine comes across as a bit of a janky liability in that trailer.
  23. Gallery of character arts here: https://imgur.com/a/ck5PMMu They got fat Thor
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