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  1. I'll need to give Moneyball a watch. Normally something I'd ignore as I'm not big on baseball. Cheers for the write up.
  2. I thought the Gamecube was a great console, but let's not forget it had many issues that caused it problems. 1. Many "hardcore" fans berated it for no Mario launch title. 2. Shortly after the PAL launch several UK websites (such as Gamesrader) running stories about how Nintendo would soon abandon the home console market. 3. No DVD player was seen as a drawback by many, despite it's cheap cost. 4. Rare being sold to Microsoft. No matter what is said now, Rare games had been one of the big draws on the N64 for many of that consoles fans. 5. In Europe the big mistake at the first Christmas when the big hitter, Metroid Prime, was delayed until the following year. 6. Deciding games like Animal Crossing weren't worth a PAL release. 7. And let's not forget the manchild rage on the internet that greeted Wind Wakers art style. 8. Many retailers started dropping it quickly too (in the UK anyway). I'm pretty sure the machine had been out less than a year when a mate of mine picked it up for £89 in an Argos clear out. 9. In "hardcore" terms it had nothing to counter a Halo, GTA3 or Gran Turismo/PGR. It's true that it was Nintendo's last "traditional" console, but it also came with many of Nintendo's by now traditional marketing and release schedule mistakes. After a slow start the PS2 picked up where the PS1 had left off and offered plenty for everyone, while Microsoft hit the nail on the head with Xbox Live and in Halo stole the Goldeneye audience. If the Gamecube was Nintendo pandering to the "hardcore" then it was clear Nintendo had no idea what those people wanted anymore.
  3. I could see Valverde easily jumping Froome for position. I don't think they'll even need to gang up on him. I think there's a fair chance he'll have one of those a day to far days when a rider explodes early on a climb and losses a chunk of time. You could see it on his ride yesterday that there is a guy in need of a break.
  4. Interesting TT yesterday. Best Contador has looked in a TT for a long time and a great ride by Purito too. Froome looked totally fucked though.
  5. Got my ticket for the Texans vs Jets game at the Meadowlands, or what ever they are calling it these days. Roll on October.
  6. Sega fans around the time of the Dreamcast demise and for many years after it.
  7. I must admit I never played the 2D "classic" Mario platformers at the time, I was a C64/Speccy gamer in the 80's then gave up gaming until the Playstation/N64 era, but I really don't get the Mario 2D game love at all. I've found every single one of them to be highly over-rated.
  8. The Gamecube and the Wii also sold out at launch, I don't think launch day sales tell you much, other than that there is always a percentage of gamers that must have the new gadget and now. Genre defining is one way of viewing it, but much like Wii Sports was to the Wii they need something out the box that sells it based on the controller. The screen controller is seen as the thing to sell the Wii U. I personally don't think that will be the craze/selling point waggle was at the time. EDIT: To be honest most launch line-ups get hyped to fuck pre-launch but turn out to be shit.
  9. After the crushing disappointment of the Wii I have no interest at all in the Wii U launch. It'll take something special for it to generate any interest from me.
  10. Yes, you see them downing cans of it at times. I'm sure other fizzy drinks are available!
  11. I wasn't surprised the back pass mistake came about, because there were at least three or four other hump it back from the half way line back passes that nearly caused the exact same issue.
  12. I've just grabbed the first season, but not watched it yet. Seems to have got rave reviews and feedback, so it seems strange that not one of the UK networks picked this up.
  13. The UCI will stick it's head in the sand and pretend they know nothing. As you say stripping him of his titles is only going to hand them to other people who have all be caught or admitted to doping during that time period.
  14. Contador, hard to say. Based on his frequent failed attacks the other day and then what happened yesterday I'd say his form isn't great just now.
  15. Sad news, but I can't say I'm surprised. They seemed to locked into churning out Wipeout games and that franchise doesn't have the pulling power it once did. Wipeout HD/Fury is one of my favourite games of this generation. I guess the loss of the F1 license and no freedom to experiment on new games like Rollcage seems to have come home to rest.
  16. Froome was talking shit when he said he didn't know Valverde wasn't in the group. Then again the Movistar team boss trying to claim Sky took his riders out was also a load of toss.
  17. True, but you could also argue it's been a long time since the best climber actually won the king of the mountains competition.
  18. It'll be interesting to see Froome's form after having done the tour and ridden well in it. Although it would be good to see him to well just to stick the fingers up at the just do one grand tour a year mentality that has taken hold in recent years.
  19. He's been on the steak before and he is certainly one of those guys that makes me very suspicious when he rides well.
  20. Froome didn't look in trouble and looking at his cadence compared to the others he was pushing a much lower gear. On another note people would expect a series of typical Contador attacks to drop the likes of Valverde, who looked very comfortable.
  21. I don't think people pointing out that the main plot is utterly retarded is nit picking.
  22. The testimony to how good Hannah was in this is that I never thought I'd ever utter the words, "fuck, they've killed off John Hannah's character". Also that Gods of the Arena is arguably the best series of the show, which doesn't even feature Spartacus and is nothing but a Batiatus vehicle. I think the last series did suffer from post-Batiatus syndrome. He injected a different slant to the show and was often the catalyst for the best lines, delivery and humour in the show. They never really did find a way to replace that. I also think the last series also suffered a bit due to the change of lead. The new lad didn't have the same intensity and presence that Andy did. I still enjoyed the Vengeance, but far less so that the first two seasons. In truth I'm partly glad the next season is the last.
  23. Come Dine with Me and Man Vs Food are the only trashy TV shows I tend to watch.
  24. I'm not a fan of time bonuses either. The time bonuses in reality didn't cost Froome the win last year. Playing number two to Wiggins did. That and the god awful team TT from Sky last year. Swift went way to early yesterday. A clear sign of inexperience, as he was so concerned about getting himself in the right place he put himself in the wrong place and ultimately lead out the sprint. It must be said seeing how much of race the Spanish TV crews seem to miss or balls up is really something. Including that wonderful shot of a motorbike obscuring the sprinters on the run in yesterday. Is the director drunk?
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