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  1. It's a fantastic deal.
  2. I don't think it's on 360 dude. VF5 will be out in the summer (it's on PS3 now)
  3. True. I'd be happy with a smaller map if it had the detail of Shenmue. I could spend hours just pottering around antique stores and book shops. Perhaps GTA isn't for me lol.
  4. Central Park? We haven't seen anything yet really. There's no telling how expansive or condensed the game world will be.
  5. It looks fantastic. Much darker in tone, which is the whole point of it being set in Liberty City. It's another person's story from a whole new angle. New gen - new Liberty City. Of course what made GTA great in the past was the emergent gameplay, so I imagine this will be ramped up too in IV, along with better physics, and graphics, and AI. It's not the city itself, it's what you do in the city that counts.
  6. You're going to crush your PS3 pad in that case!
  7. I think the machine itself looks alright in black, but I think white has the edge. The white pad is unsurpassed though. It's perfect in every way.
  8. Which one do you know of then?
  9. I don't believe that "unknown source" quote. If the trailer doesn't show any locations, or game play, then what does it show?
  10. Did it give any indication of the price?
  11. I don't know, it was just your standard generic near future city
  12. No I meant that any comments here so far are referring to the situation in the US.
  13. They're all fictional, but based on actual places. GTA2 was set in the future though.
  14. GTA2 was called Anywhere City.
  15. The GTA trailers are usually ace though.
  16. Virtua Fighter 4, on the 360? do you mean Dead Or Alive?
  17. To be fair the Elite hasn't been announced yet for the UK either.
  18. This is Microsoft's top of the range console. They even think it deserves the title "Elite", yet it doesn't include a feature available in every entry level PC, laptop & games console on the market. That's pretty shit.
  19. Sony did something similar with the PS2, remember the PSX?
  20. It's Sports that everyone's talking about. It's the very definition of a system seller.
  21. Wii Sports is Wii at the moment, and that's where his "fad" comments come from. And i'm sure Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, Gears 2, Halo 3, MGS4, GTA4 etc etc will easily give it a run for its money.
  22. I don't understand, why would that cause problems legally?
  23. I think they should release a Blu-Ray add-on drive. They need to match Sony feature for feature, and beat them on price. They've already got the software sewn up for this year with a very impressive line up. Add to that a price drop for this Elite model nearer Christmas and I think they stand a really good chance.
  24. Fair enough but what would you rather pay extra for, a wireless adaptor at £55, a hd -dvd drive at £120, or a lead for under a tenner? The PS3 pads don't require batteries or a charger sold seperately either.
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