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  1. That episode is bonkers but also has another great worf bit where they're trying to work out the whole "tagging the opposition because they didn't properly touch the base" and worf's option is "find him and kill him" :D Would be a rule that would make baseball a lot more interesting.
  2. Lol. You specifically said it would be shit to watch it in the chronological order that harrybizzle said he did in response to me wondering about what it would be like. But anyway, we'll agree to disagree and have different opinions on the movies.
  3. Well harrybizzle also said he watched them in order, so it wasn't even that strange to ask, or think that someone might do it. Even if you might think it would be shit it clearly has happened and probably will happen, so no need to be a dick about it.
  4. Jesus you're difficult sometimes jpl, it was just a wondering aloud moment, as technically, in that they are numbered as they are, it's entirely conceivable that someone might watch them in that order.
  5. Fair enough, I'd still be intrigued to hear how it would be viewed if someone saw it chronologically but I'm not sure if anyone can avoid some of that known history.
  6. I never realised that was an actual webcomic, just seen the odd panel as above, now I'm laughing my tits off. Some of them are bloody great.
  7. If you watched the prequels first, I have to ask, did the whole Darth Vader being Luke's father and the fact leia was his sister have any sort of impact because they totally tell you that in the prequels, or did it still work. Or is it such a known cultural thing that it wasn't remotely a surprise anyway? I've always wondered what it would be like to watch them in order without knowing those things because even though I didn't see the originals until they were on TV, I still remember it as an moment as a kid. But all that is effectively fucked because Lucas wrote them backwards (and somehow managed to do it knowing that everyone in the audience would know the original trilogy). Even obi wan must look like a total nutcase if you watch them in order "ani was a good friend (that I left on fire after I cut his limbs off)"
  8. Lwaxana as captain with holo lwaxana's in every other position for maximum terror. Neelix as ship's computer.
  9. Aha. Good thinking. I'd definitely have O'Brien doing his tng job of hanging about the transporter room all day in case something needed transporting. If someone is inevitably going to die though, I'd hire Neelix as cannon fodder.
  10. Yar???? She was bloody terrible. Although extra points for worf as counsellor so you're forgiven.
  11. Shaolin soccer is pretty much the film version of tsubasa/ shoot and the like but admittedly I'd love to play a game with iron head. Hopefully with the ability to throw bottles at him during a karaoke mini game
  12. That should be the ongoing storyline, Picard doing whatever with his ship but every episode just cutting back to those idiots sliding about every now and then.
  13. b00dles

    Sonic Mania

    I didn't know where else to put this but this was discovered behind a cupboard in my old bedroom at my parents house. It's about 5 foot tall and I carried it all the way from the Sega arcade that used to be in the basement floor of hamleys via the train all the way back to sw London when I was about 13 or something. Bloody brilliant
  14. Precisely my point, different strokes for different folks. Especially as "fun" is entirely subjective and I couldn't disagree with you more. I also wonder if you'd even enjoy a film like jedi if it came out now and you watched it at whatever age you are, I think nostalgia and the memory of the fun had watching them does subconsciously taint one's views on any of these movies. Just look at the 80s guilty pleasures thread, lots of the films in there you can objectively tear apart in regards to film making/ script/ acting but pretty much all of them I'd say were great, even though I know they aren't.
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