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  1. Incidentally, I only needed to go back and improve a legacy character by the time I got to 'story' 4, all the others are doable on normal difficulty with base characters.
  2. This is really good, it's basically fantasy xcom 2 (due to the overworld/ development of areas and customised squad members but also with a very, very clever bit of evolving storyline that is at the same time different due to a certain amount of procedural generated stuff but also familiar enough that you have a "skip" button to get to the important decision making bits like in VLR and the like. It really is quite good and waaaaaay more interesting and engaging than so-called story driven AAA titles that are nothing but nice looking cutscenes. I'm much more invested in my characters doing what I happen to choose to do with them on this particular turn than everything be exactly the same every time like I'm watching a film. It's a proper "video game" in that you can't do this in another medium. Maybe a "virtual choose your own adventure but with turn based strategy" might be a good way to attempt to explain it.
  3. It's been mentioned but gravity falls is genuinely great TV and also what is nice is that quite a lot of TV for the kids doesn't have nearly as much bigotry as loads of the stuff we grew up with does.
  4. Christopher Lee and Peter cushing both had insane filmographies and I always liked the quote from Lee that was essentially "I may have been in a lot of terrible films but I wasn't the most terrible thing in them" Which I kind of have to respect, the difference between what you might think a script will be when your agent sends it to you compared to when you show up to some trailer in the middle of nowhere to film an epic on a shoestring...
  5. I just hope it's more systems based than continual "go here, shoot people, go over there" . I doubt it will be but I'd love it if they added the Chinatown wars drug economy and allow heists you can design yourself a bit more. The ludonarrative dissonance just gets a bit too much for me otherwise these days.
  6. Voyager already looks "better" than DS9 because of when they made the two shows and how.
  7. I think Michael Dorn really missed out on doing some straight man comedy, he's got dead pan down like Leslie Nielsen. Some of his delivery and looks are just absolutely perfect in terms of dry dead pan comedy even though it's otherwise serious.
  8. I have to wonder about the Donk city coming still and whether covid really buggered them up but they just released what they'd done so far. I only noticed recently the whole intro is all about battle golf and that's even less of a part of the game than the speed golf. There's something definitely not right about it as the "reward" for finishing the adventure golf is to be able to use your mii in battle golf. But there's no tournament or career or anything to the battle golf, despite the huge opening cinematic. I've now totally finished it too, all characters with super clubs and at least -10 on all courses on championship tees. I still like the golf part of it though.
  9. I was pleased to see that the character Marc alaimo plays in total recall was one of the army leaders on Mars and the only person other than ronny Cox to stand up to Michael ironside. Good work dukat!
  10. I am disappoint that the wesker twins aren't called Jimmy and Bimmy.
  11. Maybe it's tdu 1 I was thinking of, or was it the same in 2? Either way, I hope that element is there, somehow the cruising about and road discovery in forza horizon never quite worked as well for me. That may well just be the rose tints of the novelty of it at the time but I dunno... TDU definitely had some sort of special sauce. Someone already mentioned it but the handling was never sim levels or too arcadey but it was definitely fun without being too easy. You could pull off some glorious drifts around a corner but it wasn't just at the push of a button either.
  12. TDU 2 had a nice sync up with a music folder for the in car radio which made just putting some good music on and making a point somewhere in the mail and going for a cruise more enjoyable than I've had in any other racing game. I'm really looking forward to this, have been to HK a few times and although I'm intrigued how they do the map and accuracy etc in this, there's also some glorious flyovers and tunnels to race through.
  13. I said tetris because the why is inexplicable. How to play is easy to explain but what the blinking flip is going on?
  14. Loads of old classics are like that though, not least because no one could even squeeze a story in to a lot of them. Tetris- you need to get these blocks into a horizontal line and then they disappear.
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