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  1. Finished it and it's really nice all the way. I still think they need to bring back some of the previous paper stuff like turn into a boat/ roll up/ go on the other 'plane' as you're 2D but I still really enjoyed it. There's so much crazy stuff I was almost surprised to be reminded of it in the credits photo montage thing. I didn't 100% all the areas but I got most of them and a little tip for people playing, make sure you keep chatting to the guy in the sensor lab every now and then if you're not noticing the messages that come up. Because I didn't and only got a useful item right at the end. Good tea, nice house.
  2. I still think it's time to look at upgrading the pc rather than getting a series x but definitely some games I'll happily play in that. Nice.
  3. It's an on rails kinect game you mean? Like it always was meant to be.
  4. Medium looked.... Pretty good I thought, as long as the dual world isn't just novelty as it often is but with power these days, actually having two engines going could be quite interesting.
  5. I'm really looking forward to psychonauts 2 but I'm really not quite sure if the whole thing will just seem really throw back and not really "work" somehow. I dunno, trying to temper expectations maybe
  6. Game made by a new dev with the best story tellers in the business! Trailer contains this amazing line; "All my life I was afraid of the dark and now I'm ready to step into the light"
  7. Avowed looked like a vague elder scrolls prequel or something. Obvs going to play it.
  8. Someone grew up watching honey i shrunk the kids and wanted to play it ever since
  9. More outer worlds I'm in for.
  10. Yeah like I said, not the worst. I posted it more just because of the novelty and we haven't got a 'novel retro game adverts from 80s/ 90s comics' thread
  11. I'm loving this. They had me right at the beginning with luigi's stupid chat, I may well be easily pleased but it's all a joy. Although there's a bit with Bobby that might have almost caused something to get in my eye, I was totally on the brink. Olivia is a silly idiot and I love her and it's all just very, very clever and nice to boot. I know this isn't exactly breaking news but fuck me if Nintendo don't know how to make a game. There's just some really nice touches to this that I'm almost a little bit grumpy old man about "omg, stop hand holding and sign posting " but some of it is so bloody clever that I'm almost only noticing it afterwards. There's a few things that put recent game tropes like "big unnatural splash of white paint in the middle of a jungle to draw your eye and show you where to go" to shame but then they also just tell you what to do if you're really stuck as it is. Nintendo
  12. It was mentioned in here before and I don't think there's an actual thread for it but if any of you lot are playing star trek timelines, erm, do you want to join my fleet? Or can I join someone's? I don't know if it does much but why not ask i thought. Mine is called sweet Fleet mate and is set to open, or send me a pm.
  13. No worries at all, you were doing me a favour anyway so it's all good thanks
  14. Cheers exidor, I'm there. Can ppl not leave using minus please? It fucks shit up for everyone else. Edit: tip & spare diy by your house. Cool island! Edit edit: did some watering too
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