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  1. Many thanks Santa! Got a load of interesting games that I'd not even heard of as I'm not up to date on novelty pc indie games but they look awesome. I really appreciate the effort as my wishlist wasn't very up to date. Something called Orwell sounds right up my alley and stuff like the game from cyan is my kettle of fish too. Can't wait to get in involved with them. Happy Christmas everyone
  2. They could quite easily lean into the alternate reality of earth quite easily, we've already had things that are meant to have been hidden from the public which would have totally changed the entire planet. They could go full "nazis won" really but I think it would work better to just make a film in the style of the young indy chronicles. Ford is old and telling a tale about some other adventure of his and the reveal at the end is that he's telling the story to... short round as an older man! I think they have to either make it completely not in our reality, or do it as a pa
  3. Easily beat my weak round I'm getting some practice in for the next one at the moment. I might do a few more rounds over a week in the future, or one event only open for a few days as it's a bit long without doing much at the mo... If anyone wants to join, feel free and say if you'd rather have handicap on or particular course whatever.
  4. I've just made club rllmuk public because I can't work out how I can add members like an idiot. I also set a terrible score in an event which will be an easy win if anyone wants to join. It's only 1 round and I can't add another event as this one is still running... Ah well, I'll make the next one better if anyone joins
  5. I just made a society for ps4 called "club rllmuk" I made it private just in case but didn't really know what else was going on (but I did make a stupid logo as I'm an idiot). Let me know if you want an invite, I'll start an event as well but similarly don't know what I'm doing there either Edit: I can't quite work out how to add new members embarrassingly enough
  6. Aha! I'm being an idiot clearly old bean I'll make a rllmuk society for ps4 then and we can see what happens with it, not tried any of the online yet.
  7. I might get desperados 3 myself but some of the previous ones (or the ww2 one, can't remember exactly) got a bit too like specific clockwork to win, in that there was only really one "right" way to do a level but 3 does seem better in that respect. Shadow tactics I didn't finish either actually, might give that another look, although both of those are very different to civ of course.
  8. Is the rllmuk society switch only? Is there a ps4 one at all? Foreveralone.jpg
  9. I didn't realise we had a club/ society for this, I'll look into joining as I've finished the tour twice round now on normal I think it was. Good bit of golf but it does look a bit jank imho. Although I do prefer not losing between every hole and loads of courses rather than one photo realistic 18 that loads all the time. It's really quite weird how well i know various golf courses around the world only from playing golf games and the strange flashbacks/ deja vu I get when I get to a course I played on one of the tiger woods games about 15 years ago.
  10. I'm a sucker for the Civ games ever since the first one. If anything, it's a slight cheek that the expansion dlc just added things to 6 which they'd taken out of 5 like the giant death robots and the loyalty mechanic but the natural disaster stuff and global warming thing is good too. Just a shame it seems broken on big maps at the mo. Stellaris I tried but didn't get on with for whatever reason. Even though it's silly, I find the real world names and things to be more engaging somehow. Even alpha centauri back in the day I didn't enjoy as much because of the fictional factions an
  11. I'll try switching to strategic view until I hear of a patch, I know the pc got a December patch but I didn't get the dlc for that version as I've been playing multi player with my mate on ps4... double dipping on dlc because it's broken isn't going to happen. It is good though, it controls fine on console but it's a very simple control set without any of the quite clever radial menu and "holding one button to change function of other button" things that tropico does but it works well enough. If you've been playing a touch screen version of it, I can't imagine it will be worse tha
  12. Does anyone have this on ps4 because I recently bought the expansions as they were half price and it crashes every turn/ every other turn while on a huge map around turn 300 or so. I'm using the loyalty a lot, so I've got shit loads of cities but either way, the game is built to be played like that, so I'm not really sure what's up with it. I've had a look about on the goog and there has apparently been some 'broken' civs but that seems more on the pc as far as I can tell. As it is, I just can't actually finish the game on the new dlc, unless maybe I play a tiny map with only two
  13. You might have been saying school wrong all this time if that's how you'd spell his pronunciation of it
  14. It's got to be completely absurd though, you can't make a metal gear movie "serious" it will just be generic as fuck if snake is just a gruff army man. It needs to have nanomachines (son) and complete insanity. It won't I'm sure, especially as I doubt any studio heads will appreciate how nuts the series is but I'd love it if a load of the critics reviews complain about how daft and convoluted it is and has a strange amount of the protagonist hiding in lockers.
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