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  1. Opened gates for friends, dodo code is 8M11F If anyone wants a nose about or a go at the maze @Flams in thanks for turnips yesterday, please have a look round if there's anything you want me to order or make for you. I've also finished museum so am only getting fossil swaps if you need any. Edit: redd is here too but I think I bought the only legit art
  2. Cheers @Flamsall done, tip left. Thanks much!
  3. Island status problem it seems.
  4. NeildeBadassOverHereTyson.bmp
  5. I was mucking about as someone already made the gag about moving in. I've done at least three of these now and it's always a faff, I'm not having a go
  6. Is it still the case that you shouldn't leave by pressing minus because everyone teleports to the airport? And people aren't selling things one by one now either I hope?
  7. Adam has moved in too it seems
  8. Ok I'll empty pockets for everything but nips, only got 2000 myself so won't be growing a beard.
  9. Ooh, I don't think we're friends on AC yet but I'd love to get involved in that price please! P.s. just found you on the spread sheet and sent a friend request ive been playing for ages in comparison to your play activity I noticed, so happy to help out an early player with whatever if you'd rather not the 10% tip
  10. Turnip calculator says I'm fucked going by one day of prices so I'll be lurking in here this week I'm sure
  11. Lots of better prices but 446 at crampstand so gates open. Sahara is here too
  12. Well yeah but I really can't see it being that and that's also the only sort of "agenda" it could push. As otherwise it's a case of 'trans people and lesbians exist' which is just a statement of fact.
  13. I've got what looks like an engagement ring in nook's today, not seen one of them before. Another 60,000 item! Back to ABD... What with the suitcase full of gold bars the other day and the 120,000 bell kitchen unit, I think the game realises I've got loads of money in the bank. I've also redone my maze after getting some inspiration from somewhere obvious that I'm attempting to not spoil but probably everyone has already done... Will open up in a bit but I'm just doing island admin as I didn't log on for daisy Mae this morning. Edit: leif is here too
  14. If this was all a ruse to show that negs would have shortened this whole debate then well done. Otherwise, I've had some lols at @sid s responses because they're completely daft. I'm also going to go out on a limb here and assume that the story of tlou2 isn't going to be anything like "it turns out the only way to not become a zombie is to become transsexual" so I don't know what LGBTQ agenda is really going to be pushed in this. I can easily foresee a situation whereby a lesbian character and their partner (who is possibly even trans) get into a situation where there are some bigoted idiots that try and do something horrible to them and you as the player end up killing them. Much like you have other horrors like cannibals in zombie movies and so on, these people will be shown to be "the bad guys" and quite rightly too. Fuck 'em. To be honest, if it was the former I wouldn't really care either, it would just seem a little silly. Regardless, whatever the form it will take (if anything other than; there might be lesbians) i still don't understand what the problem is, unless you are also a bigoted idiot.
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