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  1. I thought days gone was okay but it was clearly padded for length and I'd have probably been more disappointed if I paid full price for it tbh. There's definitely a good game in there but even in it's patched and finished state, it's not a £60 game by a long shot. If anything, the fact that it's got x hours worth of gameplay does it a disservice and could be a lot tighter. Portal is always one I think of in regards to it not over staying it's welcome perfectly. I think i finished it in 6 hours and didn't feel cheated in the slightest. This really had
  2. I can't really remember what bit leads from what but have you done the bit with the bear? Or have you had the "twist" in the babysitter/ nanny character thread which then makes almost everything the guy that bought her and the kid herself completely nonsensical? Not to mention puts a massive wrench in the humanity/ they're real people plot line? Even though it's intentional and contextually backed up by what the bloke in the shop says at the beginning (which was fishy in the first place). Oh for a good KERBLAMMO I know I'm moaning about it but it's got
  3. The go and buy some paint mission is about as subtle as a brick through the window. The robots have their own bit of a bus and even wait at the "back" of the bus stop... The future bus stop in itself makes little sense and technically why would you even have robots on buses anyway, they could seemingly just walk back to wherever they're going as charging and their power is inconsistent. Not to mention the whole dynamic of are they people or not doesn't work as at some point that whole bus decision was made before these conversations were had. Did they put (what I would imagi
  4. They need an episode where newly minted darth Vader goes absolutely batshit on a sand planet because y'know, it's coarse and it gets everywhere.
  5. I'm fairly sure I saw that in the cinema. I know I had the poster on my bedroom door for ages (and it isn't even that good a poster and I didn't really like the movie anyway, I think my brother or dad might have put it up) Can't remember a thing about it apart from it "not being star wars" even to me as what could only have been a 6 year old.
  6. Yeah but what the fuck do radio times know?
  7. I wouldn't mind if we got a star trek show that had a series spanning arc, ds9 invented the bloody idea for one thing. Voyager lost it but you could very, very easily make an alien (situation) of the week within a general series spanning story too. It's not got anything to do with the structure (for me) I just want a good television show set within that universe. Oh and if you do make a series long story, don't rip it off a video game and don't make it about the whole galaxy will explode if we don't shoot lots of lasers (or photon torpedoes) at a thing. I
  8. He was quality and under used in movies I think. RIP
  9. ... the devil's son in law!
  10. My exact reaction. The whole "not your dad's batman and superman" or whatever is entirely fair enough and dc characters have had many iterations and blah blah blah but really; what the fuck is any of this? It's so strange.
  11. I like that there's a hyperlink which seems like it must link to the Wikipedia for patience.
  12. I see where you're coming from on this but I think the thing that gets my goat with these games is all of the chat about how open it is when it really isn't and there's so much more that could be done with the premise itself. It does have some good ideas and scenarios though and yeah, that bit with finding shelter and whether you should stick up the shop or not was a nice set piece. The funfair bit was unnecessary padding for instance but I definitely liked the idea of a funfair run by robots that are all still hanging about. But then why are they hanging about a
  13. Anyone that thinks this is good and has a good story, go and play obra dinn, 999 and virtue's last reward. Vlr does the branching pathways and evolving storyline that you as the player finds out SO much better than this it's almost embarrassing. Fair play if you enjoyed it, but it's really little more than dragons lair in a lot of places. Playing it once through like Until Dawn is the only way this "works" as the majority of the side stuff is fluff that doesn't make a difference. Yeah you might get a different scene or 'some great acting' (lol) but the other branches
  14. I love Jackie Chan. Bought all his movies on vcd or dvd when I went to Hong Kong when you could only get the really big ones in the UK but may get the blu rays just because. The end of that bike stunt when he flips it up at the end of the alley might even be yuen biao according to the commentary for project a.
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