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  1. If only that meant Paul and it was wizbit's much anticipated debut into the star wars universe.
  2. It was never intended as such and I can't argue against your points because they don't make any sense and I don't want to have a pointless argument with someone.
  3. I've never read a more confused load of posts written in such a way that is not only contradictory but as though it's all totally obvious and we're stupid for not understanding what you're talking about even though it makes no sense.
  4. Boom! For some odd reason it had to be in ps4 mode and I'd had it in what I thought was ps5 mode. Orange light is apparently the way forward! Thanks a lot, that was beginning to wind me up
  5. It's the two pedal version, here's a shitty quick pic. I'm fairly sure the cable is an RJ11 of all things (like for old school house phone headsets) but I'll blow on things/ wiggle the connection about too just in case. It works and registers in windows though, in the thrustmaster diagnostic tool thing, so the actual connection itself must be alright. Just the ps5 doesn't see them. Thanks for any help though!
  6. carmageddon timed demo i played for aaaaaages with a mate of mine and lolling at the replays as we ran over loads of pedestrians. I think you even had to put the blood back in as the demo disc version was zombies with green blood, I think?
  7. I've had a quick look over the last pages but couldn't find anything so excuse if it was answered further back but my T300's pedals aren't working on GT7 even though I've done the firmware upgrade via my pc. The wheel works, it is recognised by GT7 (the controls for the wheel come up in game etc) but the pedals just aren't having it. I did some googling but it seems a bit all over the place in regards to what the issue is or what the solution is. Anyone had (and subsequently fixed) this? Many thanks
  8. No I know, valve do valve. If anything i expect them to release the best vr game ever in hl: alyx 2 on every vr platform going, end it on a huge cliffhanger and never go back it ever again
  9. The synaesthesia you get in tetris is really something. I'm not sure if it was in her but someone said it was just tetris but with fireworks in the background which is one of the most wrongingest things I've ever read on here. I quite like the vanilla version and was sceptical but it totally blew me away first time I really got into it in VR.
  10. I don't remotely think they will realistically but it would somehow be a good encapsulation of how they've gone about marketing it and getting it ready to go. I obvs hope they do and am sure it will arrive at some point, it's just so weird that it hasn't even been suggested as of yet when anyone remotely games affiliated has been shouting from the rooftops that Sony should just throw money at gabe until he let's them release it since the first hint of the vr2 was mentioned.
  11. You might not want to but you will
  12. Although it was probably actually shit, that 4 player mech game they had in the ground floor of the troc blew me away as a kid. The standing up with a circle around you so you didn't wander and fall off they had in the upstairs bit wasn't nearly as good iirc. I also had a chance to use the fx or whatever the vr set was that was around in the late 90s when I worked in Cyberia. Dark forces and qtest etc around that time but that thing was waaay heavier than this. In fact it's a lot comfier and lighter than the psvr but I've no idea about the newer pc models and fuck meta anyway.
  13. Cheers, just ordered one to really melt my bank account this month but in for a virtual penny...
  14. Cheers. I suspect there is but I thought I'd ask given there's a picture of one in this thread. Not as expensive as I'd have thought if I'm reading the price as European format with the comma as a decimal :|
  15. What's that wheel and pedal stand thing? I always have to make a bodge job for my wheel which involves clamping the wheel to my ironing board and trying to make a wedge for the pedals as they keep slipping away on my fake wood floor. It works but it's a faff but that thing also looks nice and small for putting it away when done.
  16. This is the same as the "MTV generation" having short attention spans and doubly nonsense for the huge trend of people binge watching whole TV shows. Some people like both even!
  17. Yeah, you can have different setup/ areas for sitting and standing.
  18. I'm looking forward to getting my wheel and pedals setup so I've got something to throw up over when I try gt7 later.
  19. Half life alyx as the final psvr2 game, maaaaybe as a "shadow drop" (i hate that phrase).
  20. Announcing 10 new games the day before release is a really weird way of getting that hype going. I know most of us in here are already on board but it's some of the strangest marketing I've seen in a while. I get the feeling they're going to announce HL: Alyx in a weird way because of all this.
  21. I'm arguably still a bit miffed all those tables i bought on the 360 didn't carry over to PS (although I understand the logic of that one more) but they can get to fuck if they think I'm buying the PlayStation versions again for this "release" and this one doesn't seem to also incorporate the VR versions which it blatantly should as well. I get that they want to keep making money etc but arbitrarily releasing a new version that doesn't really add anything (as far as I can tell) to the main "pinball" bit of the point of the game, it does smack of greed. Those pinball passes are a joke as well as they don't even contain all of the tables anyway and it's on a timer. Fuck that right off.
  22. Got an expected delivery time of 23:59 on the 22nd. 🤔
  23. Yeah I think they're taking the piss. Even the £8 for addams family is a bit cheeky I reckon. It didn't seem any "better" graphically or in its physics or anything. Not having any of the old tables is also a mess because there's nothing to play at the mo (for me anyway) aside from the one free western table. Adding different kinds of space bucks and being able to buy decorative tat also just makes it look like they're milking it for no real good reason for the end user. I'll see what happens with it but a bad first impression id say.
  24. This conversation was had when that VR TV show was on with Craig Charles and then Justin Fashanu ("Awooga!") about 20 years ago too. Games weren't "mainstream" when we were all loving the C64 and Spectrum, it will get there, it will be wireless, it will be like a pair of glasses (or contacts eventually, who knows), it will be AR... it's still early days even though Pierce Brosnan tried the beta of lawn mower simulation all those years ago. (It's also pretty bloody cool already but if it doesn't for some strange reason change or improve in any way from what is available now, then yes, I concede it won't be whatever "mainstream" definition you might need it to attain). I also think Zuckerberg fucked it up just like he did the concept of "social media" and keeping in easy contact with friends and family via the Internet, which has also set things back a bit. We won't replace things like existing online shopping of picking from a list etc with walking down a virtual aisle, or spending all day WFH with a motorcycle helmet on, that stuff is all total nonsense.
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