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  1. That was great. Good work on hunting it down. I love computer games
  2. Beyond good and evil 2 out now shadow drop. Lololololololololol
  3. Me and a mate had a bit of fun playing it co op but even that wasn't as much fun as playing 5 co op. It's not very resident evil-y at all which is it's biggest problem.
  4. I knew it was one of them, cheers. I seem to remember all the magazines etc calling it MOHAA which is a weird thing to have stuck in the brain.
  5. Was the one before half life 2 original CoD, band of brothers or medal of honour? I really recognised it but couldn't quite place it. Was a good little video though, pity no heretic or hexen but I suppose there was a whole load around that time that were basically just reskins and the video could have been hours long
  6. I love flashback like I loved it being a better version of rolling thunder/ prince of persia/ another world. I'd really want this to have a similar level of athletic/ acrobatic control as the original did to those. Unfortunately nowadays, the crouch-aim roll into another flick scroll screen and the jumping / hanging shenanigans is far too old hat. As said though, I'm sure you could add a hell of a lot more control and aiming type stuff with a modem controller over a one or two button joystick. I just don't think they will somehow
  7. Kerblammo! I've been wondering if I've forgotten enough of it by now but I'm sure I'll remember if I start again I can still remember exactly where I was when I had one of the big kerblammo moments in that game because I had to have a moment. Bloody amazing. I'm attempting to make my own flowchart/ visual novel game because of it. It's one of the best uses of the entire medium of video games in such a way that has a narrative entirely unique to video games. Over and above an animated manga like a traditional visual novel and way more than an interac
  8. Sony announce a revision of the ps5 that's inexplicably even bigger for no good reason at all. Actually no, it's bigger because it has a floppy disk drive included and makes them even more money because hipsters. Then they decide all games must cost 100 Sony dollars which they introduce, alongside an inscrutable conversion rate into any normal currency. Sorry, I'm bored.
  9. The bloke that does the cockney accent for the player in saints row 3 is bloody hilarious. Tony plana as manny in grim fandango is one of my favourite performances in anything. Mark hamill in anything Michael ironside in splinter cell Garrus. Just Garrus.
  10. I think rockstar might finally announce their next thing, alongside the gtav online only release for the new gen. Psvr 2 shown off maybe? Ms show a not comedy halo trailer.
  11. That set has more character than cassian andor does.
  12. Kinect series C now with even more articulated avatars you can dress however YOU want!
  13. I'm loving it, on episode 8 and it's like a silly bonkers show like fringe or xfiles or something but it's not just purely from a straight white person's perspective. It's refreshing to see. I don't really know how to say it but it's like a show that would have been made in the 2000s or so if there wasn't so much racism in media production. Just a fun Sci fi anthology show that's sort of strangely realistic in regards to various things like race etc but then with completely unrealistic magic and science fiction. It's not great but I dunno, it's better than a lot of pe
  14. The best art style would be that one where everyone has an eye inexplicably floating next to their head of they're in profile.
  15. I hope that family member of his that sued him lives in a bungalow.
  16. Weird. I'll give it a go now. I thought the fireworks factory might have had an arson for a minute.
  17. A Google suggests it's all fucked since 22:41. Edit: 'Other' platform has been affected
  18. I thought days gone was okay but it was clearly padded for length and I'd have probably been more disappointed if I paid full price for it tbh. There's definitely a good game in there but even in it's patched and finished state, it's not a £60 game by a long shot. If anything, the fact that it's got x hours worth of gameplay does it a disservice and could be a lot tighter. Portal is always one I think of in regards to it not over staying it's welcome perfectly. I think i finished it in 6 hours and didn't feel cheated in the slightest. This really had
  19. I can't really remember what bit leads from what but have you done the bit with the bear? Or have you had the "twist" in the babysitter/ nanny character thread which then makes almost everything the guy that bought her and the kid herself completely nonsensical? Not to mention puts a massive wrench in the humanity/ they're real people plot line? Even though it's intentional and contextually backed up by what the bloke in the shop says at the beginning (which was fishy in the first place). Oh for a good KERBLAMMO I know I'm moaning about it but it's got
  20. The go and buy some paint mission is about as subtle as a brick through the window. The robots have their own bit of a bus and even wait at the "back" of the bus stop... The future bus stop in itself makes little sense and technically why would you even have robots on buses anyway, they could seemingly just walk back to wherever they're going as charging and their power is inconsistent. Not to mention the whole dynamic of are they people or not doesn't work as at some point that whole bus decision was made before these conversations were had. Did they put (what I would imagi
  21. They need an episode where newly minted darth Vader goes absolutely batshit on a sand planet because y'know, it's coarse and it gets everywhere.
  22. I'm fairly sure I saw that in the cinema. I know I had the poster on my bedroom door for ages (and it isn't even that good a poster and I didn't really like the movie anyway, I think my brother or dad might have put it up) Can't remember a thing about it apart from it "not being star wars" even to me as what could only have been a 6 year old.
  23. Yeah but what the fuck do radio times know?
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