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  1. Rock star ate my hamster Basically the same but with loads more options for upgrading equipment, picking acts, training, marketing, touring, creating videos and album covers and you can also put your videos on tiktok and YouTube or something. A bit like a kairosoft game but way deeper and also made by bitter English people so it has a lot of satire. Ideally it also has some sort of text to speech so you can write your own lyrics and have a siri/ sat nav type thing read out your childish lyrics rhyming poo and loo every song.
  2. The method of making them lose their minds little by little by increasing the height of her stick and the tables etc is genuinely an amazingly twisted thing to do. It's really quite fucked up.
  3. I was just about to post about how annoying that bit is myself. I died almost every other screen. Good that you can continue from the start of most screens but it's so poorly done I was convinced I was doing it wrong somehow. I did like that it wasn't another boss fight but oof, it's so awkward. Although yes, new dam city is then a cool location. It's quite a strange game really.
  4. I just played the remaster of Sam n max save the world and they're good but somehow there's still something missing in comparison to the original. I couldn't quite place my finger on it but one thing was a lot of the puzzles weren't quite right. One thing that Ron Gilbert said was that monkey Island (and thimbleweed Park) had to have multiple things you could do at once so if you got stuck on one thing you could do something else. These didn't really have that, it was very a to b to c. But tangent aside, they did capture the comedy of the characters well and I liked the recurring side characters across the chapters. Incidentally, I still want MOAR point n click style adventures, even though there are more around than about 10 years ago, very few devs know how to do them "properly" for want of a better word.
  5. Admittedly our boxes are more knackered than that but we do have all the pieces still, which is nice.
  6. Is this meant to be a joke about how Jeremy Corbyn likes beating Jews? Hopefully that's meant to be an intentional joke about how he was tarred as an antisemite? Sorry, it can be tricky to tell tone in text, even more so these days...
  7. This is very sweet. Sam is adorable and it has surprisingly good writing. I understand the talks of it being slow but I seem to remember earthbound having a similar level of just pottering about? I'm at the second area too and enjoying it's laid back pace now I'm embracing it more. Although I think the fighting is a bit clumsy, I'm almost just blundering into the fights because you end up getting hearts relatively easily. I'm hoping it all gets a bit deeper and I think it will to some extent.
  8. I watched the GDC Post mortem of alone in the dark the other day, I'd love another one of those or similar. That is to say, not resident evil but more a puzzle/ horror thing where you beat the horrors using set up things rather than guns. Not that shooting zombies in the face is a bad thing, just that there's room for other styles.
  9. Yes I know. You're both being pedantic twats.
  10. Didn't know where to put this but you've got to love what stuff can be found in your parents board game cupboard from when my elder brothers were kids. Copyright 1977 according to the boxes. Edit: of course it would be copyright from when the film came out I'm assuming the puzzles are from a similar time
  11. For no other reason than because it's comedy genius and it never fails to make me laugh. Impeccable timing.
  12. To be honest, I really don't agree with those very high scores myself either and as said, if I was reviewing this impartially, I definitely wouldn't rate it that highly. I think persona 5 is waaaay better but that's also something I'd have difficulty flat out recommending to friends that aren't as much of a games geek as I am due to it being all a bit otaku as well. It is "better" than trails of cold steel imho and I'd probably suggest it was a bit more approachable than perhaps bravely default 2 but I think that is a better game as well. I know this isn't very helpful but without having read any reviews of it myself, I'm not sure what their justifications would be for those (inflated) scores. It is, however, the latest in a series that numbers almost 20 I think now, even though it doesn't have a number to let you know that. This is unfortunately one of the problems with sites like metacritic, I'd venture that all of those reviewers were already fans of the series, or at the very least very generic JRPG fans. I'd also suggest that there actually aren't quite as many of the very "old school" types of JRPG as there one were. There are lots of RPGs made by Japanese developers of course but most of them have diverted from this template (for the better, variety is good) so when one comes along that is in this style, it may be "marked up" for that reason. As an example, you have the two already mentioned (persona 5, bravely default 2) and then ni no kuni, dragons quest, final fantasy - and the ffvii remake - and also xenoblade chronicles and things like monster hunter even, they're all JRPGs but they aren't in the vein of tales, which is why it's still going I think. It's a shame you got (wrongly, I'd also say) fooled into thinking this was a game for you and buying it digitally as I don't think it deserves those scores you've shown. But, it is a good example of a very generic JRPG on modern machines with the suitable shinies and production values. Check with fellow forumites next time to double check perhaps (I realise this is little consolation after spending £70 on it of course).
  13. Yeah it's almost more like DS9 in regards to series arcs than TNG in a way. This is a good thing, in case any of the current CBS/ paramount idiots happen to be members here
  14. Why would you call it the ultra 64 when it isn't known as that anywhere? Why not project reality if you're trying to be oblique/ show off your 1337 games knowledge? I mean, I'm sure we all know what you're talking about but come on. Edit: I'm assuming you mean the arcade version but it came out on the n64 as it is, in case that's the response I'm going to get.
  15. Incidentally, I wouldn't give this that high a review as those. Maybe 8/10 but knock off 2 if you don't like the genre.
  16. Why not just sell it while you can still get good money for it? Or did you download it? And without wanting to sound like a dick, you can't really complain about those reviews if you don't like JRPGs, you're not going to like it. I'm sure the FIFA games get good reviews but I'm never going to buy one as I don't find them enjoyable in the first place, same with CoD.
  17. One thing that I do think is genuinely bad for any RPG in space year 2021 - why do I have to enter a fight to see how tough an enemy is? When you're doing some of the big zeugle hunts, you have to effectively go to the quest giver, accept the quest, go to the location, see what reaction the chat is for a general idea of difficulty and then actually enter the fight to see for definite what level it is. I suppose having the level of the boss or a recommended in your quest log is perhaps unrealistic but it certainly saves a whole load of titting about.
  18. Oh I'm enjoying it, I can just understand why some people wouldn't, it does look bloody nice compared to the previous tales games too. The fights at the moment (I'm on the last bit myself) look basically like some sort of insane light show, to think quake 2's block coloured lighting was an absolute breakthrough and this has totally bonkers lazer shows every fight.
  19. Well if it's any consolation, it isn't that bad, there's definitely worse ones If you think this is anime cringe, you should play the ones set in a military school (everyone obvs in unnecessary school uniform) and where the main character has a big robot
  20. I think it might even be where the letter flies off from? Or next to the typewriter? It should be relatively obvious. Well, when sober maybe
  21. You can go into the back room, through a shelf on a desk iirc.
  22. It's very much pretty standard fare but I do like a JRPG even if the majority of them are almost too formulaic. Although I think I preferred that Ys game on the island as well as tales of Berseria but I'm not sure I could say why. I'm admittedly only half listening to any of the conversations/ cut scenes and there are some bits I've completely not heard at all and yet I still know what's going on. Persona is an entirely different beast though really. I'd say dragon quest is... a slightly different beast, to mangle the saying. I'd recommend you didn't buy any of the other tales games from the sound of it @df0
  23. I'm sure people have or so watch these already but I'm working my way through them, some are really interesting. It seems I can't link the whole playlist for whatever reason. The civilisation, breath of the wild, deus ex, lemmings and xcom ones I've seen and are good. Unfortunately the goldeneye one is presented by one of the developers that really isn't very good at public speaking but is still quite interesting.
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