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  1. I didn't like that at all. Let's squeeze in as many characters as possible, fans love the characters! It doesn't matter if they have no reason to be there. It's a what if! What if we made something worse than Thor 2? 2 duds in a row (imo, obviously, others enjoyed them). I really want to like the next one, I've been enjoying the series until the last couple.
  2. Probably the weakest one of the season so far. On the whole though, I've really been enjoying what if, so I'll let them off this once...
  3. I was really into achievements for the first couple of years. Chasing gamerscore became an obsession, I signed up to a postal rental service and would try to get all 1000 points on a game in a day to get it posted off again to get the next one asap. It did make me play games I normally wouldn't have bothered with and ended up really enjoying, like flatout. Then there were others, like King Kong... Some achievements felt great to get, like the 1 million score without dying in Geometry Wars. Others were a chore, like playing every song on rockband without pausing. There were hours of songs! I remember going to the toilet before starting it, and having a load of snacks and drinks around me to get through it. It had to be done on multiple instruments too! Looking back, I have no idea why it hooked me, although looking back on most of the things that I did and thought in my 20's makes me shake my head..
  4. There's a lot of great youtube videos on the production of Akira. This short one is about the colouring of the cells and backgrounds. They had a few more colours to work with than Disney.:
  5. Loved this one after the disappointment of last week's episode. One of the prunings got me right in the feels (not the end one).
  6. I just watched infinity war again and the end with Vision and Wanda was just met with a shrug the first time I watched it. This time I was in bits. This show has made me care about 2 characters I had no interest in before. It's amazing.
  7. I'm so invested in this now. What an episode. Actual man tears multiple times. Absolutely wonderful.
  8. I remembered last night how shitty the final line was (I think it was the final line, there was a lot of shit enraging me at the time). They had spent some time in a previous episode discussing Saru's catchphrase when giving an order. They could only come up with terrible ones that sounded odd. Nothing like "engage", or "hit it". Final scene, new Captain gives an order. Dramatic pause... Here comes the catchphrase we've all been waiting for..... "Let's fly" (whispered). Nope. Shit. Fuckoff.
  9. Utter, utter shit from start to finish. But especially the finish I made the mistake of watching season 3 after a shit season 2, but I thought going into the future was an interesting idea. They fucked it up. I have no reason to watch any more.
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