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  1. Let's see what they do! All speculation atm but it would be dumb if they did switch it off.
  2. Well that's just normal for crypto. Secure your keys/wallets.
  3. Once you have the NFT in your wallet, they cannot stop you displaying it in a gallery or trading it P2P.
  4. Crypto dickbutts. An NFT that can be yours for only 3.6eth currently. https://opensea.io/collection/cryptodickbutts
  5. I'd imagine there will be applications in future metaverses where kids can display their NFTs in their virtual houses/galleries. Use them as collateral for DEFI etc.
  6. I've also put in 1000 hours. I won't be doing that on ghost recon.
  7. I've spent probably 800 bucks on Valorant skins and I can't do shit with them. I'd love to sell them on. It's greedy for studios to not allow secondary trading so this great news for the consumer. You old farts are just getting left behind and that's ok.
  8. Great move by Ubisoft. Very happy to see skins/items being tradable on secondary markets. It's about time.
  9. How is it? We absolutely love it. Bought all three expansions too. I think I've mastered it and beat her every time now so she's reluctant to play.
  10. Ok cool, I will organise (and make a third topic!) tomorrow.
  11. Is this a good game? I missed it last time when it came out and really don't mind playing a fresh Zelda game.
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