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  1. jesus christ. How many hours? And how did you take down the fat woman (blue character) I only just started building on the island the queen gives you and the 'new world'.
  2. I'm absolutely loving the thread and updates. +1
  3. If a fighter is absolutely out, as in the case with the earlier one, they should have the option of shouting "I quit". Enjoyed the card but need to catch up on prelims as it was an early start here.
  4. It took me about 7 restarts before I was running smoothly and now i'm 60 hours deep. You learn from your mistakes and can very quickly catch up. The production Demand/Supply bar chart helps a lot, shows you what you're missing to keep people happy, happy people pay much greater taxes. In some cases it is better to have a downranked house that is max happy than to upgrade and have them unhappy. If you click the house, it shows you what additional stuff you can give them. It's so damn good
  5. Chaps, is it OK to use these for GPU/CPU boosting if I don't have liquid cooling? Or will they dynamically adjust according to the temperature? Thanks a lot for the info. I'm also in a tropical climate where the room temperature without AC will be 25-34 degrees, if i'm gaming at night i'll have the AC on to 20 degrees or so.
  6. Super down if timings allow. I'm +7/+8hrs ahead so could do your saturday/sunday morning/early afternoon.
  7. Nice. Thank you. I have the RTX 2060 with all options on max/enabled, which must be why its dropping below 100 at times. Are my options to 'overclock' the GPU or drop a couple of the settings from max/enabled?
  8. Ok, so first thing I should do is upgrade my monitor...
  9. Hiya. Played some Warzone last night with all settings on max and i'm hitting 100 FPS. Is this normal for my rig? It sometimes dropped a little below. FPS vs Hz of monitor. If my refresh rate of my monitor is 100hz, can I only see the up to 100 FPS? Or have I not understoof something.
  10. What the hell is Alex talking about? I don't remember this. Spoiler tags please!
  11. At some point I'm going to have to ask the Pc dudes to tell me what I need to do next to optimise and monitor my PC. I don't even know how to check fps, temperature etc. I have switched it on, downloaded all of these game clients and played 2 games so far.
  12. Not yet... Maybe once I complete the campaign of Anno...
  13. High five to the new PC owners. I am totally addicted to Anno 1800. I have finally figured out how to use the production stats menu to make sure my economy is positive and villagers are happy. (on my 5th island and maybe 25hours in..)
  14. Feels like i'm on a spaceship and I love it. You should see underneath the table. 5 RGB fans.
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