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  1. I managed 45 points without using any free hit (with careful planning) - am using free hit for this gameweek and have 11 players with double game weeks.. hope they all play both games..
  2. Ah OK. The weapon guy at 2-1 can also upgrade but I don't have the materials.. I'll have a stab at progressing 4-1 a bit..
  3. Nice. Thanks @Steven - How did you upgrade your CF? Mine is stuck on +1 and I can't seem to find the relevant upgrade materials.
  4. Totally agree with you Diz. I'm using some giant fire proof shield that I picked up from 1-1 (under the dragons breathing fire) quite heavy but it's excellent. Any tips for 2-2 boss? Got absolutely battered by him.
  5. I genuinely feel like I'm going to Fu shit up now. Thanks man. Great session tonight. Played a good 3 hours. I got someone from discord to come help me with 2-1 boss and I've been exploring the tunnels and mines further. Think I've explored almost every nook and cranny, maybe a few more sections in the tunnels itself and discovered the next boss. So I know where he is now. I backed the hell out for more exploring and found a big loop around short cut which was nice. Lost 8k souls from falling off a ledge... Twice. Did not recover them. I've picked up an unr
  6. That would be s negative just a sword and a shield!
  7. Dumb question. I just spoke to a guy that allowed me to buy spells and I now have a magic gauge but I can't seem to use the spell in question (bought the right hand weapon enhancer). It's shaded out in the top section of the bottom left. Any ideas?
  8. I will give you one if you help me take out this 2-1 boss !
  9. Would anyone be around in next 15 to help me with the 2-1 boss? If so I'll use a consumable to enter human form.
  10. I hear you! I guess I'm a bit slow on this game and everyone has nailed 2-1 already and doesn't feel like helping out
  11. 100 per cent at the boss door. I can smell it. I am fine to not solo all bosses, I just really enjoy exploring the levels more than getting owned repeatedly by bosses.
  12. Nice. Thanks for that. I guess I'll wait a while and see if anyone is feeling generous !
  13. Thanks dude. What does the sign look like? I saw a hollowed shadow just now but no way to interact. Anyone want to nip to 2-1 with me? :d
  14. Chaps . How do I summon someone to help me on a boss? I think I'm about to hit 2-1 boss. I've used an item to turn me into human form but I can't see how to summon people to help?
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