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  1. I would love an animal crossing switch lite like that. God damn
  2. skittles

    The Boxing Thread

    Cheeky 40-1 odds. Thanks! What a fight
  3. skittles

    The Boxing Thread

    Anyone super pumped? Can't not back fury but he has a big task ahead of him. Interesting how both came in a lot heavier.. Fury ko on 7. Let's go
  4. Yeah this is a stupid fight. There is no challenge for Shevchenko at this weight category. Felder looks a monster at the weigh ins. I think he has too much power for Hooker and gets the job done.
  5. Oooh let's do it. Have three of us so far from my psn clan. We are already addicted to painting and building...
  6. Only played once in the shop last week. I used to play 40k.. 16+ years ago! Downloading battlescribe now, it looks great.
  7. Hmm. They've come out very yellow in that photo. Will give the another wash of green tomorrow. Maybe I should be doing green with black wash.. hmm
  8. Working on some flash gits ! Found some nobz in the draw so can bring those into the squad also if I need more numbers! My friends are taking this very seriously and I'm probably going to get whooped this weekend.
  9. We haven't played yet.. this is my fear. I think I'll have to build some heavy armour ork nobz and play for the objectives This happened on the war banner on one of mine. Super annoying. Will try the pin technique.
  10. Very basic effort. I'm not very good but very much enjoying it. Flash git on the left isn't quite finished yet and I need to paint the decapitated space marine ! I'll try and get a photo on the light tomorrow. Bought these as part of a kill team. Trying to get regular games going with my friends.
  11. Bit if an uneventful card bar the main fight and two disqualifications. Sanchez looked shit and should hang his gloves up.
  12. Bruv! Always with the negativity. Stop it
  13. Save a lot @Yiggy - if you are under leveled for a fight, go and explore in a different direction. Are you on Act 2? If you want very vague tips on which order/direction to go on act 2.. There will be some fights on act 2 that you will have to go back to in each area once you are sufficiently leveled.
  14. Excellent stuff. I think I am around 3 hours away from finishing the game and what a ride it has been. I have spent hours agonizing over whether I should or shouldn't use this equipment because it increases this, but decreases this, but if I do this, I can't do that... etc etc. I love it.
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