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  1. When he started taking the gloves off I knew. Very sad that a guy in his complete prime retires but kudos to him for keeping his word to his mother. I was a little sad after. What a great card.
  2. Ortega looked incredible and didn't use is BJJ at all..
  3. I also realised that I got a message within the half life game to say that i had a GPU issue (not powerful enough or something) I checked and it was running at 40%. Even even I put half life to low fidelity performance, it still ran exactly the same but didn't give me the error message. It felt as though I was not able to get enough power to run the game which is odd because ive played it for hours on ultra fidelity previously.
  4. I haven't changed anything on my computer in the week or so plus since playing half life and steam vr home seemed to work fine. Really not sure what to do. Shall I post on Reddit ?
  5. Another question but will the g2 work with games downloaded from oculus store?
  6. Guys, went to play some VR tonight and had major problems with half life. Rez and beat saber were fine but I had all sorts of problems with half life. Loaded up my save game and it was completely unplayable. The menus were fine and smooth as usual but It was super super glitchy. Couldn't move at all and everything looked very messed up. Gpu and cpu fine, turned it down to low Fidelity in game, nothing. Ran a check on the steam game code and was fine. Deleted and re installed the game. No changes in fact it was worse and in game I could almost se
  7. Wow. First play through and aced in. The final area is just incredible So so close to finishing in final form too. Once I realised that you use your head as the main curser and then the oculus controller for slight movements I was in a complete flow state. What a game
  8. Some issues with the controller, when the first boss came along and moved to the side of the screen my curser followed him without me moving my arm which led to some pretty weird angles to shoot the targets. Did you have this also?
  9. Filthy screens but here she is. Sometimes I just find myself looking at it from a distance and admiring. Ps. check out the custom switch case. B)
  10. I got the Astro a50 ver 4 recently. Very much hoping they will be compatible with PS5 otherwise I will be bummed out.
  11. That's fantastic Uzi. In summary, it looks like less SDE with the Quest 2 but to me it also looked a lot duller in colours and pop. Slightly sharper at times but not significant ?
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