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  1. + metroid + BOTW2 for xmas. I can feel it.
  2. Just got my dad to buy the three extension pieces for me and ship them over to Singapore. Love this game!
  3. Wow, interesting people are voting for RT, I kept flicking between that and performance and I think i prefer the additional resolution and crispness.
  4. What is ray tracing and do I want it over resolution? Performance removed ray tracing in favour of resolution. Performance RT gives lower resolution with adjusted lighting, VFX and scene density..
  5. What mode should I be playing on? I'm quite confused. Fidelity @ 30hz looks Terrible. Do I want performance or performance RT for 4k @60?
  6. Damn it, I absolutely love queendomino but the one says it's not her favourite.. probably because she won the 'warm up game' and then i smoked her on the real for points game.. Onto the next one! HIVE is a hit with friends also, so quick and tactical.
  7. Thanks everyone for the recommendations! I picked uphttps://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/204583/kingdomino also, absolutely stunning board and the game was super fun. First run through took about 2 hours with references to the rules but we have them now. Of course i lost, again. Really fun, colourful and great game. Recommended. Picked it up super cheap too, under 20 quid and works amazing with 2 players.
  8. Thank you so much dude. I'm looking to order this to begin. Can you only use one expansion pack at a time or can they all be used at the same time with the base? Have seen a good offer for the full collection here. Checking out the others now.https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/216132/clans-caledonia and https://boardgamegeek.com/image/3938503/yellow-yangtze looks magnificent too. Next on the list I think.
  9. I actually love Schaub, listen to both fighter and the kid and below the belt podcasts.
  10. Been absolutely loving... Hive - https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2655/hive and Ticket to ride Europe, (US edition is absolutely rubbish) And looking for some more fun two player games to play with the girlfriend. Any suggestions? Prefer games with more strategy and less luck but don't mind some dice element if needs be..
  11. Finally got round to starting this last night, found it super difficult to begin with but it's finally starting to click. When I am killed and lose my shell, do I only have one opportunity to get back into it? If I die, I go back to the sester and lose all my tsar and glimpses? How should I be dealing with multiple enemies? They seem to be in clusters of 2 and 3. For the first section, should I be looking to clear out and upgrade my shell before trying to tackle the first boss creature (wolf like thing)? I've found one additional shell who was behind the wold through a tunnel. Slightly unclear on the items usage.
  12. Maguire injured. great. season over for me. I also forgot to captain ferndandez and captained kane by accident.
  13. Join us next time! I've tried to do a 10 quid buy in the for a rllmuk league for years. I'll try again next year
  14. Does everyone have the aim assist set to default / medium?
  15. Keane and Maguire. FFS. GG skittles, lets see...
  16. What about Van bassaka (butchered his name) fit, young guy.. might play all 3.. Fernandos probably the only guaranteed 3 matches i think. I don't think I can get VB & Digne unfortunately.. man I am strugs here.
  17. But could argue liverpool has the best run of fixtures...
  18. thinking maybe digne and shaw for dias and dallas.
  19. I'm 18 points ahead in my regional fantasy and the winner takes $1000 bucks. What should I be doing for the last 5/6 games? I have two transfers and 0.5 in the bank. Thinking Utd defender for triple game week? Maybe get rid of villa guy for Shaw.
  20. A datacube in the biome before the boss right? Got it.
  21. Nice. Thanks. If i've beaten the first boss, is it worth taking him down again for the loot? What does he drop? Weapon or random?
  22. When assessing new guns, should I mostly be looking at the the star rating? I.e. if I have a level 4 gun and have the option of a level 5, I should take it right?
  23. Aghhhh. I had such a sick load out. First run through, creamed the boss, loads of upgrades, level 7 Gun, found my first challenge room on biome 2 and thought.. why not. Got absolutely rinsed! So annoying but also so good.
  24. This just landed on my radar. Is it going to be fun? Looks pretty interesting and is out this week..
  25. Paid full whack for ghost of Tsushima and it's rather special! Pumped 4 hours in tonight. It looks incredible in 4k on the big screen. Also bought mortal shell so will give that a whirl this weekend too.
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