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  1. My projector broke at the start of the year so i've been without a display until last night. I had sunk quite a few hours into Demon Souls* and absolutely loved it but now I think i'm too scared to go back to it.. Has there been any good releases in the last quarter that I may have missed? Have a long weekend coming up so I am thinking about Mortal Shell which looks like a Dark Souls lite and maybe Ghost of Tsushima, as i heard that got a patch for PS5 and it looks fantastic. Any other good releases this quarter or upcoming? I feel out of touch.
  2. I really don't understand that. Diaz isn't even ranked at welter.
  3. Lol. Now I get it. Good one.
  4. You're going to have to open up that igpf acronym because I have no idea!
  5. Just went to the premiere at IMAX. It's everything you expect and more. I couldn't start an applause because the kid next to me beat me to it. Viewed solo. So good!
  6. I never got to finish this because the save file is on my ex girlfriends switch. Sigh. Must have put 140 hours in and was at the very very end.
  7. Anything with giant monsters or creatures in I am IN. Love that shit at the movies.
  8. Someone just sent me a link to this. Not much love on the forum. It looks pretty decent! Giving it a download.
  9. I'm SO excited for this. Have avoided all trailers.
  10. I triple captained Kane instead of son. Damn it. Kane had plenty of chances though. Figures crossed for some goals at palace later in the week. Still top though. Ranking is about 5k globally.
  11. hahaha wow. Pics of your base? We are still in the black forest, I tried to lead an early expedition to the second boss with a basic raft but we gave up and were woefully under prepared.
  12. The question is.. WHO. So many good options for triple captain
  13. Found two skeleton caves too which you need for the smolten cores. Fantastic game. Super into it.
  14. Me and two friends are super into this over the last few days. I am fully decked out in troll gear (which gives a 25pc stealth increase if you have all 4 pieces) and we just found 3 huge copper dumps in the black forest so will be mining that to get some bronze gear before taking on the boss. We are playing on a private server with just us 3 and I do feel we are missing out a little on the PVP element. Can we open it up later? Is everyone playing private?
  15. I selected then de-selected Gundagan this week. What an error!
  16. 40 points clear and top 3k in the world. All goes down from here..
  17. Yeah I noticed that too. Looked 8k. Usman.. I don't know why i didn't rate him too much before. He dismantled Burns with that piston of a jab, christ he looked sharp. Burns looked a problem in round 1 but Usman just stepped it up.
  18. I'm up to 11k in the world with one to play and 5 points coming off the bench. Top of Rllmuk. Whoop. With team value of 105.2m!
  19. oooooh. VERY intyeresting. Booting now. I have now bought all of the starting four weapons. let's see if it opens up the next two. You can buy the first four in any order I think.
  20. I'm about 1500 darkness deep and just bought the bow and the spear so have 4 choices for weapons.
  21. Ok. Assuming if I just keep playing i'll eventually be given access to these new weapons.
  22. Ah, I guess because I havent bought a vouple of the existing weapons the new ones aren't showing. Also what is titan blood? I have one, and I just got some bottle of something i can trade with the broker for anotherr.
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