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  1. Yeaaah. Just beat the minotaur on his own and then both of them together!
  2. Thanks man! How do i unlock those new weapons? Also.. i am not entirely sure what these Aspects are or how i use them, can you explain please Yes sir... PC GAM3R
  3. Also I am not ever using F for the god summon. Should I be?
  4. Also any tips or secrets to share? Are there any more weapons then the first 4 I have the option for?
  5. Any tips for the minotaur dude boss on level 3? Have got to him tywice but owned each time, could barely damage them
  6. Is anyone still playing this? I've been completely addicted over the last two seasons. Finished last season on verified Silver 1 and just hit Gold today. Would love to get a game with the forum if timings allow.
  7. Upgraded my monitor and got an Acer Predator x34p. It's significantly better than my cheap as prism. Not playing huge amounts of games though, mostly Hades and Valorant. Totally addicted to Valorant.. Just hit gold rank. Whoop./
  8. Also only just realised you could flip the mirror.. Any recommendations for which ones to flip and use?
  9. Picked this up last week as I got a new PC monitor and it looks, plays and sounds incredible! Fired it up at midnight after having a J and played until 3am, I was super hooked. What a great night. Finding the shield most useful at the moment as you can block when charging forward. Trying to get purple gems and keys to further upgrade my mirror. Got up to the minotaur and got slaughted.
  10. KDB injury has me all sorts of messed up so I have used my wildcard..
  11. Damn, just seen Sporting Wood Arran Weddle With the GIANT bench boost.
  12. Used my free hit for this double game week.. Currently on 66 with 10 to play. AND TOP OF THE LEAGUE!
  13. Depends how close the Ortega vs Volk fight is. I think Max deserves a third. I think he lost one and probably won the other but you couldn't be mad either way. Max could be up there with GOAT status with that performance, he is definitely the best featherweight of all time. Tops aldo for me. And he beat the crap out of Aldo.
  14. I managed 45 points without using any free hit (with careful planning) - am using free hit for this gameweek and have 11 players with double game weeks.. hope they all play both games..
  15. Ah OK. The weapon guy at 2-1 can also upgrade but I don't have the materials.. I'll have a stab at progressing 4-1 a bit..
  16. Nice. Thanks @Steven - How did you upgrade your CF? Mine is stuck on +1 and I can't seem to find the relevant upgrade materials.
  17. Totally agree with you Diz. I'm using some giant fire proof shield that I picked up from 1-1 (under the dragons breathing fire) quite heavy but it's excellent. Any tips for 2-2 boss? Got absolutely battered by him.
  18. I genuinely feel like I'm going to Fu shit up now. Thanks man. Great session tonight. Played a good 3 hours. I got someone from discord to come help me with 2-1 boss and I've been exploring the tunnels and mines further. Think I've explored almost every nook and cranny, maybe a few more sections in the tunnels itself and discovered the next boss. So I know where he is now. I backed the hell out for more exploring and found a big loop around short cut which was nice. Lost 8k souls from falling off a ledge... Twice. Did not recover them. I've picked up an unreasonable amount of stones and rocks. Battle axe is +6, almost 7, but doesn't do much against the folks in here so I'm rocking my Crescent Fascent +1. Can't find the stones to upgrade to +2 just yet. Picked up a dragon long sword +2 so have some decent fire attack. I'm currently souls level 29 and just picked up a great axe that require strength 26 which looks very awesome... I'm just not excited for cybercuck tomorrow. Love this game.
  19. That would be s negative just a sword and a shield!
  20. Dumb question. I just spoke to a guy that allowed me to buy spells and I now have a magic gauge but I can't seem to use the spell in question (bought the right hand weapon enhancer). It's shaded out in the top section of the bottom left. Any ideas?
  21. I will give you one if you help me take out this 2-1 boss !
  22. Would anyone be around in next 15 to help me with the 2-1 boss? If so I'll use a consumable to enter human form.
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