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  1. Who could Weidman fight next? Winner of Bisping / Hendo? Not that I think he deserves it, he should fight Rockhold again I think.
  2. 205 card getting announced soon.. Any bets?
  3. Holy shit I need to eat that. Looks incredible.
  4. Is progress from the Beta carried over to the game?
  5. Thats awesome @mexos ! Who is sidewaysbob? I follow one on instagram who posts great photos of cars.
  6. She really is @Tezcatlipoca. I also need some of those sweaters in my collection they are golden.
  7. For sure. I may also be posting some questions on pricing because my market is WAY off right now. @Nathan Wind @Camel @Lorfarius
  8. Playing and also displaying them because I think the box art looks cool. I don't think the collection will be huge, i'm mostly looking at the classic nintendo names.
  9. Lol. Didn't own an NGage. Ok. I shall run free. Thank you @Nathan Wind
  10. I've always wanted to own the complete Mario & Zelda collection for NES/SNES/64 as well as assorted other games (metroid, donkey kong etc). I love the box art and they give me a pretty nice nostalgia feeling. I also quite fancy hooking up an old CRT and playing through them from the beginning. Given I live in Asia and the superior box arts I'm going to start scooping NTSC-J versions. I have identified a pristine boxed famicom and famicom disc player (with Zelda 1 and 2) to begin the journey. The latter of which I didn't even know existed tbh! Played a few games on it today and it's excellent. I basically want to know if you guys support this decision and this is not a midlife crisis.
  11. Really enjoying this but think the red dots / cross hair on the weapons is just dumb. Needs to be removed.
  12. STILL not out on PSN store in Asia.
  13. If anyone has a spare alpha // beta code I would very much appreciate a PM. Rough day.
  14. This is going to be the greatest game of all time.
  15. That seems pretty dumb. Shame
  16. Is ICO and SotC HD pack available for download on PS4/PSN? Quite fancy playing through.
  17. Very nice. What speakers are those?
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