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  1. Should never have left Xbox... #mutters#
  2. Anyone else 'ere watching the steam? Aside from the music, fun so far. Almost 2hrs in and he hasn't died yet... bah! Although I can see him accidentally quitting at some point from the menu screen.
  3. I honestly can't stand Final Fantasy games but I've followed your twitch channel nevertheless. Bring on March 26th. Watching you play will save me the bother of having to play it myself! Is it going to be a 24hr marathon session (as I have no idea how long it takes to complete ffvii?!)??? I've also donated to the cause. Hopefully we can smash your fundraising target long before you stream.
  4. I nodded off... until the equalizer! That ref though was insanely soft.
  5. I encouraged my sister (who hadn't seen an episode of Sherlock before) to watch tonight's episode. I was thinking that it would be all fun and 'Victorian'.... but the whole thing confused her to hell with all the modern day Moriarty stuff. I suspect it's put her off completely...
  6. Gah! Gutted to see you go brad. As one of Gamestyle's long-term outsiders I was really pleased with the direction you pushed GS in. I hope whoever takes over continues down that 'new media' path.
  7. That link doesn't include anything downloaded on the 'Original Xbox'.... which I think it might have been a Return to Castle Wolfenstein Map ('Barn' / June 2003?) On 360 though, my first download was: Geometry Wars Evolved 21/12/2005. I didn't get my 360 at launch because of fecking 'launch shortages'... despite a pre-order... thanks GAME! #stillbitter
  8. Would be nice if they could get Xbox Live back working on Original Xbox titles too... but that is probably asking a bit much. Hey ho. *sigh*
  9. I never left! You lot left me for your PlayStationWhores! And here I am.... with a massive Xbone and EA Access.
  10. As an outsider (not played BAP for a while) it seems like a nice idea, but how could you ensure that people weren't cheating in some way? My first thought would be to: add an extra inch or two to a defender... make him a little lighter for speed etc. How could anyone tell? I can't be the only scoundrel here that thinks like this?!1!
  11. I doubt you'll get anything. Maybe a special email? I'm on 12 yrs (from Beta) and got feck all when the service hit the big 10 year anniversary, whereas some U.S folk got special 360's!
  12. I think SB:LoC LAN is 5v5. The game will ultimately rely on the quality 'hosts' internet connection... probably best to start small and work up to a full match.
  13. A tentative 'yes' from me. Since my previous Xlink Kai exploits back in March I have upgraded my PC to Windows10 and changed my home network setup. So, at this moment in time, I'm not entirely sure if Xlink will still work.... I will give it a go though.
  14. Sorry, I've only just seen this thread. Been playing the PC version on and off since 2011. Currently tearing my hair out trying to complete some Personal Missions (LT-15!) I also dabble on Xbox360 with a few other rllmukers - which will soon switch to XboxOne version in July when it launches. PC(EU): Rogue_Soul XBL: Rogue Soul
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