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  1. I enjoyed Damon's wife having no time for his bullshit.
  2. Who the fuck is that Eminem looking guy? Has he been in it?
  3. Shouldn’t have pinched Ser Kristin’s bum. That scene was really great though, felt like a proper chaotic work Xmas party (or any british wedding for that matter) brawl on the dancefloor. DJ burned that goddamned house right down.
  4. i pissed myself laughing cos I hadn’t seen the photo and started the video expecting something resembling a tackle
  5. I bought a full set off someone on here for about £100, probably about 10 years ago. I remember sitting in the car opening up the box and looking at the covers and whatnot. Good money for them on ebay now but I'm keeping them in case my niece or nephew turn out to be cool. actually I think I bought it again digitally in a humble bundle at some point as well along with a load of other Koike. Presumably around the time he passed away.
  6. AND it has a pinball bros Alien machine. So sad On the upside HMV has an Addams Family. dodododo CLUNK CLUNK!
  7. Yeah, there's definitely a sweet spot and they're miles past it now, imagine if they got halfway through Goodfellas before switching to Ray Liotta.
  8. The wee boy from the marshlands needs a spin-off, GOT: Who Are You Calling a Cunt, Ya Cunt. A Song Of Talk Shit, Get Hit it felt like it was leading to a scene where it’ll be a shame when (Big dirty balls spoilers)
  9. Hot Shit Golf. They can have that for free cos I love the PSP version. or Pin High Golf, if they want a serious one.
  10. or the ones that are actually Diablo. Blizzard love to do an epic as fuck trailer for their little hero-quest-dungeon-miniature-men games. I like those it's like you are looking at the imagination of some dungeon master dude.
  11. they should have waited until Avatar 2's new 'don't drown people' technology was more widespread and then did this properly
  12. A hundred million an ep and they actually put that wire fu on tv. Embarrassing. rest of it was fine I guess. It’s got absolutely no balls though.
  13. Can’t speak to your experience but 15 year olds are usually about halfway through secondary school.
  14. Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly, maybe some Pokémon and then whatever kids watch between the ages of 10 and 15.
  15. iS ‘nO I Am YoUr fAthEr oFf lImITs tOo? That’s an iconic spoiler that’s referenced in hundreds of tv shows and movies. It doesn’t completely arsehole 2 different character arcs on one of the best tv shows ever.
  16. I chuckled at Captain America's arse being her phone wallpaper. Those Sopranos spoilers were ridiculous though. Making jokes about the ending is fine but spoiling character deaths that happen 80 hours into the series is fucking harsh. There's plenty of kids who will go on to watch the Sopranos once they've grown out of superhero pish (and then grow back into it in their 30s ), bit of a shitty move.
  17. big mad Agalloch sounding metal along with big classic rock solos and stuff? Okay then edit: fuck this album is really good
  18. Quality, I love Strider so will definitely pick this up lol
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