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  1. wow, they probably found a load of them being used as ballast somewhere Side Pocket is a bastard, the hit detection on the wine glasses in trick shot mode. Fuuuuuuuck
  2. The new host of Greatest Movie Mistakes was somehow even more smug and annoying than Robert Webb...
  3. Yeah, I might actually clear my floppy backlog
  4. The Revenant - I read the book not long before the movie came out so I didn't see much point watching it at the time. Very impressive film, cold and harsh and visceral. Gasped out loud a few times , particularly 4/5
  5. The Two Popes - Absolutely loved it. A cross between Grumpy Old Men and The Motorcycle Diaries with 2 of my favourite actors. Funny, moving, beautifull. Incredibly noisy cicadas. 5/5
  6. Already got Uncharted 4 but I'm happy to get Dirt Rally 2. Even though the name always makes me think of the horriffically named porn website 'Dirtpipe Milkshake' *boak*
  7. The General - Goodfellas set in 1990s Dublin with Brendan Gleeson and Jon Voight from the director of Deliverance. Lots of good performances, Gleeson pretty much carries the whole movie and comes off as likeable when I expect the guy in real life was a massive cunt. BUT: don't watch the version on Amazon Prime as it's some mad re-coloured (Queens Boulevard style) version with lots of horrific ADR'd pre-watershed TV swearing (robocop style). 4/5 for my memories of the original. FUCKSAKE/5 for Amazon's version.
  8. what the absolute fuck, is Ethan Van Sciver writing this?
  9. Some bellend is going to muck around with a load of smoke detectors and get a buttload of cancer
  10. Needs more tractors, horses and witches broomsticks! And the option to WALK (presumably the horizon games have some bullshit story mode populated by all white men characters?)
  11. probably all the sliding down gravelly slopes Drake does took it's toll on the stitching anyhoo, imagine if they combine Mario Kart Tour's shitty gacha mechanic with Lego's Blind-baggery. They'll make BILLIONS
  12. It looks fucking shit (ugly duplo RFID mutant Mario in particular) but I hope kids like it and it makes money for the big N reminds me of one of these
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