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  1. I disagree about the combat but I don't think it ever quite reaches the heights of Winter from the first game. That whole section and the pacing of it was astonishing
  2. The worm is definitely turning on 4chan. Not ever the women hating incels can resist such violence
  3. Yeah it’s great, the anime is good fun. Super comfy
  4. A PS5 version with all the little loading sections removed, no more lifting beams and squeezing through gaps :D:
  5. gah possible baddie for TLOU3 https://i.imgur.com/HgyxK8r.mp4
  6. gah, why didn't it occur to me to shoot Fuckboi with that Nerf bow and arrow. One for NG+
  7. They turned around and came after me and I had to run around like a fanny trying to get them to go after the snakebois
  8. She was a lot less swole in the flashback. Ellie needs to train for cardio, run for like 20 seconds and she’s blowing out her arse.
  9. Nah she’s just hench. There’s a flashback where Owen comments on her strength and she brags about setting a new personal best weight lifting. a lot of the internet reaction to the game is fucking abhorrent but this made me laugh https://mobile.twitter.com/Rimmy_Downunder/status/1273877844368621569
  10. Nah, she was strung up after trying to escape. The escaping slaves noticed that Ellie had been bitten (by the clicker hanging from the tree). That clicker hanging from a tree scene was great. The design and look and voice of that bigger cargo shorts Snakeboi was so fantastic. Dude had asshole miniboss written all over him
  11. Also Owen is a cretin. Fireflies don’t search for the light, they have lights in their bums. Maybe he meant to join The Moths
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