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  1. I did the red coins on the water surfing on squids one earlier. Got the coins fine but when I went back to get the shine somehow mario jumped on another squid instead and uncontrollably crashed into a wall. Thanks Nintendo
  2. 120FPS Halo CE please! Youtube has been recommending me a lot of Halo as well. The new cinematics are so stupid, the human characters are just terrible
  3. surely there's an option missing here
  4. I guess that means instead of going to £20 after a month they'll go to gamepass instead
  5. yeah I chuckled at that Game Over on the first void level. I have never been as bad at a game as I am at Sunshine
  6. God I hate Sunshine. I knew I did but I’m shocked at how quickly I got fucked off with it again. I don't think shooting water with fludd is ever truly enjoyable. It's wildly uncontrollable while running and not a lot better when locked in position. The cooldown means that by the time you are actually hitting your target you need to start all over again. Horrible and the heat-blur effect is just god-awful
  7. The demons soul guy didn’t seem to react much when blocking hits. New longer backstabs look annoying
  8. best onion rings I’ve ever had, well worth a trip to Ireland
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