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  1. Aldi's Caramel Rocky knockoffs, the sightly un-PC named Caramel Wacko are very good. These are king, obviously
  2. More likely Mando takes him to Luke who decides to murder him in his sleep in case he gets too powerful
  3. Yeah I'll probably do my Perfect / Shadow machamps since I've got more than enough candy and a few others. I'll laugh when we start to get murdered by lvl 50 mewtwos and shit next time Master League comes around. Edit: actually I think I'll wait in case levelling a Mon to 50 is one of the tasks to hit lvl 44 or whatever
  4. Also different fruits makes platforms that go up instead of forward
  5. there are some search strings that can help. If you search 0*,1*,2* that'll bring up everything except the 3 stars and hundos so you can delete them in a big lump. It's well worth saving up coins for expanded pokemon/item storage, or even giving the bastards real money for it
  6. I chuckled at how carefully the guy put the PS5 on the ground when the victim started beating on him.
  7. Bloodborne, obviously. GTA4 has always ran like a dog and I'd be surprised if even the Xbox SX can get it to a solid framerate without a patch. edit: wow, turns out it does. nice one Fucking Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamitous Performance but that would need more than a patch
  8. haha, everyone has to learn about crossovers/events sometime. I bought like 30 issues of DC Countdown
  9. £22 for PS4/Xbone on amazon at the moment
  10. shyte. I bought JC4 earlier in the year and didn't start it yet Rocket Arena must have died on it's arse, I bet they're praying for big Fall Guys style success on PS+
  11. Not sure I like the idea of face-haptics on PSVR2 much
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