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  1. At least the 1986 movies are fairly varied. You have flying planes, doing karate, being australian, saving the whales, coming of age/seeing a dead body, getting away from her you bitch and Cobra. The 2019 equivalent would be Joker, Underpants Heros Man, Disney Live Action Remake and nothing else
  2. Ninja Theory's next game to be exclusive to the Gameboy Advance SP Tribal Edition. MEGATON
  3. given he's dead and appears as an old ghost in the movies set after the show it's probably not Yoda as a baby. But it could be a clone. Clone Wars 2: Clone With The Wind!
  4. Defiled Fire Doggo is a massive arsehole
  5. presumably the kensington lock is just cos it's a devkit and they don't want the president of Brazil to steal it? Or because it’ll launch at £1,100
  6. it's probably got a big dirty RBG strip on the cd hole
  7. From would make a properly fantastic reboot of Kameo
  8. you'd think he'd whip you with his big 'ol hair, Shinobi style oof, started to get a bit greedy towards the end of his first life and got rightly punished for it.
  9. Holy shit what if they are releasing it on good Friday cos a certain person comes back from the dead after a couple of days megatonnes
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