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  1. real life Cornhole is loads of fun, BTW
  2. I dunno what's making the big twanging middle eastern sounding bass sounds on this but I like it
  3. took kinda a while to save up enough cash for a Submarine. Fucking hell 2002 called they want their piss poor stealth section back I wonder how much Dr Dre got paid for his 2 lines.
  4. Fine, bring in her identical twin sister who is also played by Chow Yun Fat and I'll be satisfied.
  5. I really enjoyed this (I downloaded it weekly when it came out and never watched it. Probably on an external HDD somewhere still...), I thought the main performances were all great (the sons were a bit crap though) and loved the portrayal of the relationship between John and Abigail. Impressive aging makeup. A young Stannis Baratheon did a great turn as Thomas Jefferson and I loved Adams' encounter with George III. Super intense death-stare. Hamilton seemed like a bit of an arsehole in this, my niece who's obsessed with the musical would not be impressed. I noticed
  6. They better not kill your horse, videogame developers love killing my horse There was a recent Berserk arc with some frankly penisy monsters. They could make a whole game out of it.
  7. they should announce a demo for the new Master Chief adventure called Halo: Finite.
  8. even movie stars are having to pull youtube thumbnail faces
  9. I've been playing a shitload of Williams Pinball on ios (for some reason I like playing pinball with a touch screen more than using real buttons on the switch, it's weird). It's chock full of freemium bullshit, lots of pointless cosmetics, FOUR different in-game currencies, watch adverts* for prizes but unlike Zen's other offerings you can actually unlock all the tables without spending any money. This is good cos (special offers aside) it looks like it would cost about a hundred quid for all 21 Basically when you start you can pick 1 table to unlock. You then play challenges
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