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  1. I actually hope there’s more severed head story time in #2. I really enjoyed sailing about aimlessly listening to the banter.
  2. The structure of this game is an absolute fucking disaster. I hope 5 is less of a convoluted nightmare.
  3. I mentioned it in the other thread but this is a great tease.
  4. I liked how the dead deer’s antlers sat above Atreus’ head in silhouette at the start of the trailer. Cool shot, full of foreboding.
  5. The mechanism is genius but it looks a bit poor unfolded because of how big the block is in proportion to the vignettes. Still buying it though
  6. The Kids - make billions streaming game on twitch Old TV Executives - lets reboot gamesmaster. Some Guy - loses his job for letting slip about the plan to reboot gamesmaster Mr Combo Breaker - bring back BITS you shower of cuuuuuunts
  7. going by current gamer culture each episode will be 14 hours long and hosted by diddlers and white supremicists. 5 Gs
  8. the logo looks like NexivRed's lights from off topic
  9. yeah Bruce is still the superior Buffer
  10. I was listening to a podcast earlier mentioned that Midway licensed the phrase 'Lets Get Ready to Rumble' for use in games exclusively forever. That cost a hundred million dollars as well
  11. Very few things are bigger than the PS5 console
  12. That’s #3, although it's called something hilarious like Space Murderball. ’hey Marcus, you ever see Locust eating emulsion?’ ’they can eat shit and die for all I care’ 4’s collection of fresh faced teenagers are no Delta squad.
  13. sorry Anya NOTHIN' BUT BITS
  14. I wish they'd included the Mortar weapon in 4 and 5. It's hilariously satisfying to turn a big group of baddies into chunks with a well aimed shot.
  15. I'm replaying this (after going through 4 and 5 and then back to the remake of 1). Apart from all the other stuff which is as great as I remember I've got a new appreciation for the soundtrack. It reminds me a bit of Bloodborne where the choir is properly giving it the beans. Very Epic. GIANT WOOOOOOOORM
  16. I thought Richie had converted to Judaism or some variation of it. The slimey Jewish antagonist backed up by guys from Mossad trying to screw him out of money who gets an actual pound of flesh taken felt well dodgy. I did enjoy it though, similar to his last couple of movies where there's always some blowaway scenes but the whole thing hangs together pretty badly. Tarantescos AF 'you couldn't lift a wheel of cheese ya cunt'.
  17. Hal-no, more like Although if they got it out soon it would be just in time for their '20 years since Halo was good' celebrations.
  18. Could be good, #2 was definitely my favourite and the best of all the GTA clones. Hopefully running your criminal businesses will be less tedious than in GTA Online
  19. *You Are Here -->* *marker obscured by hundreds of icons*
  20. The structure seems a bit weird tbh, you wizz through the seasons and then it opens up a massive load of online'y events and stuff on top. Billions of icons.
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