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  1. For anyone thinking of reading up on the Tate murders on Wikipedia before seeing this there is a now a fucking massive spoiler for the movie on that page.
  2. Has everyone forgotten that the first film was ‘good’ because of special effects and the other two were a load of old shit?
  3. You know what the westest thing is?
  4. How? It hit his chest and wasn’t deliberate
  5. Is Blue Ray mates with Black Beard?
  6. Considering you book fuckers are so impressed with your own reading skills then maybe you could read the thread title.
  7. Thanks for posting this, just finished watching it and it’s just so good.
  8. Thanks mate, up to A grade now! The trick was flicking the right stick forward rather than holding it - been doing it wrong since Trials HD
  9. Can anyone give me some help on the Consecutive Bunny Hops in University of Trials? I’ve got A+ on all the others and medals on all the extreme tracks so I’m stumped!
  10. Seems like he got off lightly. I think a points deduction is the only way to stop the idiots who think it’s a good idea, fining the club won’t bother them but being a ‘Judas’ amongst their own fans would.
  11. Looks like he edited out all the funny bits
  12. It’s the 8.45 train that they catch in that ending (his mum still mentions they’ve missed the earlier train)
  13. Are you sure you’ve finished it?
  14. Your relationship with films seems to be incredibly unhealthy, you know it’s not real life it’s just pretend.
  15. One day Jerry is going to lose his shit and end up behind bars
  16. It was shit apart from Frank’s cameo
  18. I didn’t put anything in on the Ubi website after I’d registered, just put the code in on the store. Maybe double check the code is entered correctly?
  19. You redeem the code on your console and it just downloads
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