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  1. Got a spare PS4 code if anyone wants it? ....And gone!
  2. And they all coincidentally have the same favourite drink?
  3. SFIV because it’s the best game ever
  4. Tentacle porn has been dangerously marginalised in western media.
  5. No individual boob size slider though by the look of it which is pretty discriminatory against large breasted women.
  6. Theres a safe spot just into the water to the left of the tree where the water attacks and the head slams miss
  7. I wouldn’t bother, Camel. For me the additional scenes didn’t really add anything worthwhile and made the film drag on unnecessarily. The theatrical cut is much better.
  8. Isn’t it more likely Kojima is doing exactly what he had planned for the next MGS in all but name?
  9. Gamefaqs via 4chan so may as well have been out of his backside https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/189706-nintendo-switch/76527587
  10. Couldn't you help films like that continue to be made by actually making films like that? By the way I'm guessing you didn't realise your production company had diversified into selling knock off handbags.
  11. Free postage though so still cheaper than from Bandai
  12. I like it when Michael Mann does his funny skipping around the stage and says ‘you know when you do that thing?’ and you do know and it’s hilarious! i didn’t know he wrote Heat magazine too though, talented chap.
  13. Now you’re in da tree zone!
  14. Well, you can prove anything with facts can’t you?
  15. I had the same problem when I bought the season pass. Try going to the game store page on your PS4 and downloading ringed city from there, only the ashes dlc was showing on the season pass page but it let me download the other one through the main game page.
  16. Presumably that’s just those buying AE? Or will the update unlock Season 1 and 2 as well? The thing I miss the most in SFV is taunts,
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