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  1. First time I forgot that my health was reduced and I was dressed for fashion not fighting
  2. Small bell rung... No idea about password though Level 192
  3. That's worked do I need to anything else?
  4. Is that glyph definitely correct? Not getting anything when I search
  5. I'm trolling hard for rage-mail
  6. After you kill the one reborn you should head forward into a room and inspect what's in there...
  7. I'm torn between that and dual modding my old 360 TE stick, love the look of the VLX and not a big fan of the TE2. Be sure to post when you receive the beast!
  8. I was tempted by the VLX too - are you importing from the US or Japan?
  9. Wait till you face E in the Chalice Dungeons if you think she's bad now! The tactic I mentioned before was the only way I could beat her there, I was a bit more cavalier for the standard fight but not much!
  10. Did you check it was in PS3 mode?
  11. I found the easiest way to beat E was to ignore trying to bait the head smash, fire up the bolt paper and stick to her left side tail (your right when face to face). She'll try to spin round so you are in front of her so attack twice,run following the direction of her spin, attack with a couple more hits etc. In this position most of her attacks miss, just be careful in second phase for the instakill lightning - when she's charging up run around in a circle benny hill style then go back in to finish her off.
  12. Apart from the underwater menus it's business as usual as far as I can tell. Some lagfests but that was always the case on Live too. My win rate is far higher though as the skill level is nowhere near 360 standards but i I'm enjoying beating top ten dudes for free with my utilitarian Guile.
  13. I'm looking forward to seeing if the ragemail on PSN is upto Xbox standards
  14. One Button Gouken Challenge!
  15. If by any miracle anyone has a source for some tickets that they won't be using I'd appreciate a PM - foolishly promised my nephew I'd take him to Wembley if we got to the final!
  16. Snake eyes noticed lp green hand was 1.03 speed and informed the organisers so they had to replay the first 4 matches of top 16. Apparently they were using a different console prior to top 16.
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