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  1. Depending on the game my PC can struggle with PS2, and it's an i7-4790k with a Radeon Vega 64. The shield can do Dreamcast no problem though. Great wee emulation machine.
  2. Restarted and this time the mission went without a hitch. Cleared the amber and the drills started moving. Says a lot for the game as normally when these things bug out I'm usually quick enough to uninstall it.
  3. We did all the sidequest stuff we could, cleared all the amber blocks but nothing. Ended up starting a new game and hoping it works this time.
  4. Fantasy Island 2.5/5 Completely average attempt at a horror(?) movie. Doesn't do anything brilliant or anything terrible, but okay for a brain-off Friday night movie.
  5. Yeah this was last night, but I'll go do other things and see if I get lucky. Cheers
  6. Yep, been lobbing it at them even when cleared and nothing. The pink squid things also free it so was letting them fire their gunk at them. No random bit behind the shrine to clear or anything daft I'm missing?
  7. Yeah scanned the shrine and the extractors, no difference, also quit and reloaded and it’s the same. Clear off the amber and they don’t move.
  8. Wondering if this is bugged, I got to the Up Up And Away mission where you need to unblock 3 extractor switches to access the shrine. However when I fire the green plant stuff to destroy the amber around them the extractors don't move. When I look at youtube playthroughs they start pumping like oil drills. Anybody got any protips? Going back to the shrine after switches activated 3 of 3 just tells me it's blocked.
  9. This is rather good. Started it in co-op with @batistutauk last night and despite a few "huh?" moments we sank just over 2 hours into it exploring and hoovering up resources. We're only up to just beyond the first "boss", but it has a No Man's Sky vibe except with an actual guided story / quest running through it. Gamepass is the gift that keeps on giving
  10. What's the deal with visiting islands? If you travel to "online" islands is that folk on your friends lists who have the gate in the airport open? When you buy another Nook Miles ticket do you get to go to a randomly generated computer one? I'm needing the 30 Iron Nuggets but the rocks on mine are mainly spouting Clay and Stone, while the island I went to with the freebie ticket Tom gave me only had about 4 nuggets. Added a few mukkers on here who were on my suggested list in the hope of pilfering acquiring some Iron
  11. Got my fishing rod, net and currently cleaning up the area of weeds. Fighting with the wife for controller time. I knew this would happen when I let her do the tutorial. Sylvia the kangaroo seems pretty cool but Loui the Ape is my main man (ape).
  12. I had to drop it down from hurt me plenty. With a pad and my age I'm just not that good! Still grin inducing fun though, even on n00b setting
  13. Where's the pre-order stuff? Got mine from amazon, but no code in box, no bethesda.net shit popping up with it.
  14. Nah, Chris Cornell's You Know My Name was a fantastic Bond theme, this is just a dirge.
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