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  1. If it's cool I'd like to jump back in. Been enough of a break and I love Monza
  2. Played through the campaign on Xbox after nabbing it via gamepass. Load times on external are pretty bad, but okay if copied to the internal storage. I enjoyed the campaign for what it is, just various missions in a Star Wars universe with a minimal story to tie it together. Might do the Resurrection campaign (free dlc?) before uninstalling, but got no interest in the online.
  3. For as long as CEX are offering £625 cash for a ps5, there's going to be scalpers descending on any stock like the plague of locusts they are.
  4. Grabbed a 720p copy of this from archive.org if anyone else is interested.
  5. So far I've played through Day of the Tentacle Grim Fandango Little Acre Full Throttle (didn't like this one, but an easy completion) SuperHot Mind Control Delete chucked a fair few cheevos at me. So much for giving this a wide berth, but at least they're all games I've wanted to play.
  6. Same, cheers for the heads up - thought SMS would be secure enough.
  7. Me too, did a quick quali trial and I think I'm out now. Enjoy the season folks.
  8. Blade 4K 5/5 One of my fave films of the 90s and looks stunning in 4k with HDR. SFX are obviously a bit dated but Mrs Majestyk and I enjoyed it as our final holiday movie
  9. Fatman 2/5 Gibson and Goggins are entertaining enough, but it's a slow movie and the ending is underwhelming.
  10. Yep, for 8 quid I'll be giving this one a wide berth. Ended up playing some joyless crap last time to get points worth the same value as a lunch. Anything that turns my gaming time into a chore can fuck off. Will take what I can get from normal cheevos but it's not worth the hassle to get the full 10k
  11. Folded and picked this up for £8.99 with the Epic voucher. Just a quick 30 mins so far but seems an enjoyable slash em up. Will get PC on TV out and park my ass on couch with the controller this afternoon
  12. Ah shit, yeah okay got a bit carried away there
  13. T2 is the best terminator movie, and a great sfx movie. But for me it's down the list of best action movies. Its below: Die Hard Alien Aliens Commando Predator Robocop Hard Boiled A Better Tomorrow
  14. My plan had been to play Yakuza Like A Dragon, Immortal Fenyx Rising and Sackboy, which all fell by the wayside as I kept sticking Destiny 2 on for "an hour or so", which quickly became my all consuming holiday game.
  15. So do you guys also make sure your clothing is ethically sourced, only buy fair trade etc? Just wondering how far your morals extend or if its just a video games thing?
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