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  1. The Mummy (1999) Holds up remarkably well. A fun 2 hour romp which has great pacing and likeable characters. I expected to see some bad CGI but nothing really stood out. 4/5
  2. Yup, got it on PC, and it's a tough game!
  3. Fun enough, it feels a bit of a slog but passable in multiplayer. Terrible ui scale, no real feel of levelling up, weapons feel underpowered. 6/10 because its gamepass
  4. I applaud your optimism. I expect the online to be on it's arse on launch day, as that seems to be the norm now. Quietly hoping for some online co-op tonight too though.
  5. Anybody found a suitable controller binding for active pause? I guess I could plug in a wireless keyboard but I'm liking the couch flying with the controller. Like most, the world updates were crawling last night, so I ended up doing a quick tutorial refresh, flying over my house, and doing some landing challenges. Annoying the updates are still in-game though as it's what put me off the PC version. Every time I booted it the game would spend 45 mins updating and by the time I got into the flying I'd be out of time
  6. Space Jam A New Legacy. 1/5 a mess of a movie. A couple of gags hit the mark, but spends it's time trying to shoehorn so much WB into the serververse that doesn't develop into anything other than spot the cameo. Also, it takes 20 mins too long to get to the cartoons.
  7. Get it repaired? I've had maybe 1 or 2 hard crashes on my console. Best geting it fixed while under warranty even if it's a hassle. Think I'll be holding off for bargain basement price for F1 2021, not long finished 2020 and I'm not seeing any reason to upgrade and play through again.
  8. Yup, I'm pretty much resigned to jumping in for a quick race these days, got no real urge to practise anymore. It's been fun, but time to move on to other games and ACC going back to a randomly selected 20 min race with carnage at first corner . It's good racing with you guys though as it's probably the cleanest racing I've had online with ACC.
  9. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 5/5 - improves with each viewing.
  10. Aha, found the issue. I was trying to start a race, which wont work for the Tourist layout. Starting a practice works fine Mild panic over lol.
  11. 0.1.73 for CSP and 0.8.2245 for CM Not the end of the world if I can't get it working this way as can just launch from AC and skip Content Manager. Just tested Laguna Seca and the normal Nordschliefe there and it's also working fine.
  12. Congrats @mrben09 Has anyone had issues with loading Nordschlieffe Tourist through content manager with the shader pack applied? It just starts with me falling through the scenery as the backgrounds haven't rendered. Launching the same car and track from Assetto Corsa is fine. Tried a reinstall of the DLC and no difference. Vallelunga is fine.
  13. The only way I've been able to get the car round the track in 1.39 was with gamer assists on
  14. Hahah cool. Wasnt sure if it was up for practise like ACC.
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