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  1. For emulation I've got emudeck running and it's been pretty flawless. The downside being you need to limit the roms you shove on as they end up in the non-steam library section. CoinOps Legends Deck v1.0 is decent for MAME / some console titles without cluttering up the UI, and can be found where the punks who hang out in arcades reside. Also can we have a poll as to who sniffs their steamdeck vent? Asking for a friend!
  2. That was hilarious! They deserve money just for reducing me to tears of laughter. PARP!
  3. Said 1d 8h when I checked steam pre-order page earlier so I'm guessing it's 4pm-ish? Pretty sure it's nothing to do with Queeny , but still, would have been a nice unlock for the bank holiday
  4. Yes! No turn based combat and I'm in day #1.
  5. This is my 2022 GOTY. After you get by the initial laundry grind it turns into an absolute time sink. Loving the variety of arcade games and the daily todo lists.
  6. Okay I need to get to morrisons - been hunting for some Satay noodles for a while now.
  7. This. The movie itself is completely average but nice to see Stallone at 70+ still putting in the effort. Nope 3/5 - Felt a slog to watch, but there is a few decent bits in it. Extra 0.5 for use of title in the script
  8. This and the new Atari collection are ones I'll nab at bargain bucket price. Looks nice, but the nostalgia factor isn't there for me as I mind the 2D turtles game on the amiga being shit
  9. Elvis 4/5 fully expected this to suck after seeing the trailer, but really enjoyed the story and style.
  10. 35 mins too. No hackery, just SonyLOL. Glad I tried the demo. Not really my thing despite loving tony hawk games.
  11. Also completed over the weekend in around 8 hours. Enjoyable, not particularly challenging but nice to potter around in the cyberpunk world. Don't really see any replay value in it for me, so promptly uninstalled. 7/10
  12. Anybody else find weirdness in the Wolf Mountain DLC on Xbox. Hitlers garage having only wheels but no cars - yet you can't walk through them. Doors missing with the "press to unlock" hanging where the handle should be? I reinstalled and it's still the same.
  13. Loved WRC9 on xbox when it went cheap and I'm currently enjoying 10 with psplus. The pad effects and sound are quite a nice addition. Ps5 is quickly becoming my go to for racing games thanks to the triggers.
  14. Fuck rug cleaning videos, I want a game based on awesome restorations!!! (And THEN a rug cleaning game)
  15. Would be nice if they made the original backwards compatible as I still have the disk
  16. Yup, wouldn't register my daily cheevo and the rewards tasks aren't registering as completed. Gave up yesterday but looking today my streak is still active.
  17. Also jumped on the upgrade. £10 until mid September. Auto renew is off as I'll likely wait and see if there's a black Friday deal before renewing and see how much sony actually invest in the service.
  18. Beavis and Butthead Do The Universe 4/5 exactly what I expected and plenty of laugh out loud moments.
  19. £4 for the base game on the Xbox store in the weekly sale. https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/store/horizon-chase-turbo/BV3FZP8HC2T5
  20. Just watched the vid - that looked awesome Can't believe there's 21 cars in the league now! Is it still a sign up via sim racing.gp? If I'm still on the system can somebody map my name to P. Turner? Would like to start getting some practise in as it's been too long.
  21. Pretty much - although I did a few side quests here and there but usually stuck to the main story. It maybe be more like 50 hours tbh, I just picked 40 as a ballpark figure
  22. I find the whole 60 to 80 hour games (I'm looking at you Assassins Creed) a bit overwhelming. Add on the fact a lot of it is grind and I tend to play them in bursts, only recently finishing Odyssey. I put Borderlands 3 down for about 2 years before going back and finishing off the main quest, then buying the dlc and playing through that. I usually find on coming back to a game the first hour is spent working out the controls, special moves etc. Horizon Forbidden West I finished in about 40 hours with the intention of going back to do more sidequests, but then realising that's never gonna happen and uninstalling it I'm a sucker for stuff like Call of Duty campaigns though. 4 to 6 hours and done. Buy it, play it, trade it.
  23. 30 odd mill on that tales from the crypt mod - looks fun though so I'll keep plugging away on that!
  24. Yeah I'm also done with FH5 for now, finished the main stories and can't be bothered doing seasons. I also can't see me going back if they're re-doing old DLC, so hopefully it's just a mock up.
  25. Ah it's 13 quid just now on the store. Am I right in thinking I just need season pass 1 for all story dlc? 2 looks to be cosmetics. The season pass bundle is 60 odd quid!
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