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  1. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/264562-playstation-5/79507742 Apparently the constant re-install of PS4 version when using the PS5 upgrade has been fixed in a firmware update. Shall see tonight
  2. Do you need the disk in? I found with sackboy I had to reinsert the disk, which would then reinstall the ps4 version I deleted, even though I wanted to play the ps5 one.
  3. You can grab this on xbox via the iceland store for £21.15 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/diablo-2-resurrected-at-microsoft-store-iceland-no-vpn-needed-3797667
  4. 163 mins! Fuck that, I'll wait for the home release and ffwd through the dull stuff. Should have it watched in 20 mins.
  5. Same. Bought a couple of things on their recommendation and quickly realised we're polar opposites when it comes to games.
  6. Yeah think its switch only unfortunately.
  7. It does, but I'm going to wait for a sale. Seems a bit pricey for what it is. Happy to be proved wrong though
  8. Tried skatebird, I mean how bad can it be? One of the biggest turds I've played on gamepass levels of bad.
  9. Monkey Ball Judgment 2 Forza 5 even though it looks a pretty clone of every other Forza. Back 4 Blood
  10. Firmware update goes live tomorrow apparently. Looking forward to being able to dump the ps4 games onto an nvme.
  11. I signed up a couple of week ago and I've heard nothing. I'm guessing we'll need to wait until full release now Shame, as my ssd is full.
  12. 1. Buy it on eneba. 2. When key arrives switch your VPN to argentina and claim via Microsoft site on pc using your normal uk account. Dead easy.
  13. Keep coming in here hoping to see "firmware for SSD now available to all" and leave disappointed
  14. It's somewhat different from the book, characters combined and changes to the story. The film itself is a bit dull but Depp plays Kemp well, and the cast are pretty good given what they have to work with. I wouldn't avoid it, but keep your expectations to a minimum and just enjoy the ride.
  15. Watch Out, We're Mad! Terence Hill and Bud Spencer team up to get their Dune Buggy back from the local gangster, who has Donald Pleasance as his evil sidekick. Laurel and Hardy levels of slapstick. 4 slaps out of 5 Trinity Is Still My Name See above, but swap the plot for a western and remove Donald Pleasance 4 slaps out of 5 Army Of Darkness Groovy 5/5 The Rum Diary Going through a Hunter S Thompson book binge just now, but this isn't a great film. 3/5 for Johnny Depp having fun with the character.
  16. Nabbed for switch. Really wish they'd make these games compatible with shield TV and not just my phone. Well worth a fiver.
  17. I had to restart my xbox, after that it worked ok.
  18. Quite happy to avoid this one. I have the Amiga stuff emulated and outwith of the odd 10 min go for nostalgia, none of the games hold up particularly well. At least with retroarch you can map "up" to a button for platformers. Amiga Forever is a better purchase for those who have a fairly decent PC and access to archive.org , and the pi / nvidia shield runs Amiga games well if you have the kickstarts.
  19. Finished and enjoyed Last Stop but with the issues others have mentioned. Not so much of a game, more a story with button presses. Entertaining freebie. Currently enjoying Omno despite a bit of initial frustration with the jump button not always working when near a platforms edge.
  20. The Mummy (1999) Holds up remarkably well. A fun 2 hour romp which has great pacing and likeable characters. I expected to see some bad CGI but nothing really stood out. 4/5
  21. Yup, got it on PC, and it's a tough game!
  22. Fun enough, it feels a bit of a slog but passable in multiplayer. Terrible ui scale, no real feel of levelling up, weapons feel underpowered. 6/10 because its gamepass
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