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  1. Splinter Cell took our guy 10 hours to complete.
  2. Ta. I think that's an argument for the better marketing of magazines, rather than the uploading of their contents to the web. But thanks - we're proud of the mag, and we'd love for this to be a reason for readers to come and take a look at what we're doing. I think we make a great mag. Good question. Soon.
  3. Guys - please don't post scans, they completely fuck our business. Tim, PCG.
  4. popsimax


    I'm half convinced that this is actually just matchmaking. They've got call centres across the planet full of tiny boys talking back. Or, you just get paired off with random strangers to marvel at the AMAZING technology. The camera just tracks your motions and converts them into little boy animations. That's got to be it. SURELY!!!!1!
  5. http://www.vg247.com/2008/05/19/men-use-ha...-with-fragdoll/
  6. popsimax

    Far Cry 2

    So, I wrote the first review of this for PCG, and I've been bricking it ever since because no-one seemed to like it anywhere near as much as I did. Now it's in people's hands, it's fucking lovely to see people love it as much as I do. Cheers. You've calmed my nerves something rotten.
  7. A turd we've played every day since launch, are constantly discovering new ways of playing it, and love it so much we're hosting a £15,000 prize tournament. But ya know, opinions subject to variance, etc. Thanks for the link. If you want to vote for a game that isn't in the database then drop me a mail (contact@pcgamertop100.com) - and I'll get the minions on it. The minions being me. Cheers, Tim, PCG.
  8. I think this is more about EA's inability to tap into the Xbox 360's target market, rather than anything about the PS3's dominance. Despite their size and experience, they've not been able to have an epic-mega shooter go gang-busters on the 360 - their equivalent of Gears of War, Halo or Call of Duty 4. Battlefield hasn't worked for them, and they've pissed away the Medal of Honour brand. The worry I would have for them is that their latest attempts, Dead Space and Mirror's Edge look good, but I still can't see them selling on the scale of their competitor's efforts.
  9. So, the thing about Spore is that you'll want to spend a few days before it's out browsing the creature creator database and finding your favourite creatures. It's fucking hilarious when all the creatures you meet are the ones you already love. Tyranids vs Magtheridon vs ENORMOUS CHAIRS OF DEATH ftw.
  10. Spore is out in a month. In the meantime, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 is wonderful.
  11. As someone who is actively looking for new writers, one piece of advice. Everyone writes reviews when they send me their CV. Fair enough. But I don't think the best pieces of writing about games are reviews. And, I'm not looking for reviewers - because all I have to offer is shit half-page strategy game reviews that pay peanuts. My budget is reserved for other things - features on communities I and our readers don't know about, fun-stuff I didn't know I wanted to know, weird experiments you tried, or just writing about amazing games, old and new, that you're passionate about. Sure, send me your reviews. But do you really want to be the guy who's getting paid to make light of another 50% adventure game? (seriously - send me stuff - my email address is tim.edwards@futurenet.co.uk)
  12. I've had exactly the same problem with exactly that brand of card. Mine got sent back, but you can always use Riva Tuner to try and get the fan to come on earlier.
  13. You could, unless you had a big fat pile of market research and feedback that said that readers want to read exclusive reviews. Maybe. I can't speak for other mags, but I know that a couple of years ago, we decided that the news/preview/review stuff just wasn't working for us, and tried to round it off with a major chunk of post-release coverage and analysis that we bundled together as an 'Extra Life' section. I think we made a couple of mistakes when doing that (we unintentionally ghettoised the content, and we started the section on the wrong foot, but actually, our readers really appreciated it. We also committed ourselves to long-format features on anything that interests us (I'm a strong believer that the basic pleasure of a mag is in the element of surprise - hence we'll go off on a tangent if it's fun enough), and we devote a bit of space to industry analysis. Our readers seem to like the mag). However: the two new official mags, OPM* and OXM are all about the games, and they've been selling gangbusters. OXM is Future's biggest games mag, OPM's picked up something rotten. There is a consumer that doesn't want all that extra stuff - they want great looking screenshots and a strong review line-up, and they're prepared to pay for it. *OPM is fucking brilliant at what it does atm, btw. Super-strong mag craft, great design, really well edited, and good, approachable writing.
  14. Trufax: the mag I work for (PC Gamer) sees significant sales spike when we run major exclusive reviews. We navigate some of the same PR that's mentioned in the piece laid out in the OP (GTA, from what I gathered was an extraordinary situation). But we also try to explain to our readers the situation in which we reviewed the games - we've been completely open to the fact that we reviewed the Orange Box stuff at Valve, say, or Bioshock at Irrational.
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