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  1. Best to draw your own conclusions from their content. The podcast is well worth a listen for an independent UK perspective. Sure is, though it looks like it's not downloadable yet. I think Telltale is 8 hours behind us so it'll probably be available by the evening.
  2. Pre-oredered Tales of Monkey Island the day it was announced. First review looks promising: http://darkzero.co.uk/game-reviews/tales-o...d-chapter-1-pc/
  3. I didn't get an email, but they do update the status on the repair website so you know when it's on its way.
  4. Delete - forum issues. Apologies.
  5. Delete - forum issues. Impressive triple combo.
  6. Started this thread in September '06 so it's a tad surprising to see it still going strong. Having playing this heaps I think the offline play is pretty much as good it ever was, but I've not played the Amiga version in years. There are only guaranteed goals as such if you're using a top striker like Weah or Batistuta and are against someone who isn't great at defending. If one of those strikers has a clear run at goal you'd expect to be able to score with high frequency when aiming across the keeper. I don't think they've fiddled with the goalkeeping code either, to my knowledge some of the big Amiga players on the official forum haven't complained of a difference. My only offline complaints are the out of date squads and overly jumbled names. I'm just glad to finally see SWOS getting some mainstream love, hopefully this is a sign the series can get back on track. Checked out the site in your sig Synchronated, I'll have to give an updated Amiga version a try.
  7. Big fan of ISS'98. I remember looking all over town as nobody had it in stock and spying Ravinelli and Ince in about the 8th shop. It's amazing to think how little football games have really improved since the early days. Realism is to blame, it has been sapping the fun out of Pro Evo. Luckily Fifa 07 on the 360 has a tough of the ISS feel to it and I'm finding it a lot of fun. But SWOS 96/97 is still #1.
  8. Eurogamer lost all credibility when giving the awful remake of Sensible Soccer 9/10. I know some underhand stuff went on there as they just happened to be the site getting an exclusively early review. Now I just use UK sites like NTSC-uk, DarkZero and of course the ever present GameRankings. With regards to framerate it's something I find very annoying. One of the (few) things I liked about the GameCube philosophy was the good framerates, even if it came at the expense of low-res textures. To be fair on EA they're doing good at the moment but I don't like NFS.
  9. In the arena I can't get the ball to curve differently when pressing anything, it all seems to be whether you press RB and what your position is. The main problem is on freekicks, I seem to score most of them without using any curve which is one of the only flaws I've found so far. At first I kept missing free kicks but all you have to do is not aim them wide of goal as you can't curl. For one and ones it's best to go for the far corner, but as someone who keeps blasting the ball wide all the time I'm not the best person to ask. This is seriously addictive online, even when you're playing terrible.
  10. Just in case anyone has discovered something.. it isn't possible to manually curl the ball is it?
  11. Following up my earlier post, after many hours playing this last night I can confirm that lag isn't a problem in most games. Depends on your opponent's connection, unless they're using the bandwidth elsewhere it's just like playing someone in the same room. Fifa 07 continues to impress. Talk Sport playing the latest football news is a wonderful idea, EA have done just a good job at going beyond the scope of Pro Evo.
  12. Just a thought, but this could also result in more of your electricity being consumed. If it's USB2.0 powered then it could also place further strain on the console's PSU, not least if you make full use of the additional USB ports.
  13. Launch event was great. Was too scared to play on stage and opted to make full use of the free drink instead. The game itself looked great. P.S. Anyone else find the accoustics terrible when LunarMile was playing? I couldn't hear a word she was saying but it seemed good apart from that.
  14. Play are also selling this, though it's cooling only, not extra connections. Most likely, though it's possible to create near-silent fans. Would like to hear what someone with one of these things before writing it off for the same reason. For those wanting to play by VGA it could be worth getting one, but for the rest of us it probably isn't.
  15. I'm waiting for the official release, this game is so special to me I want it to be at its best.
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