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  1. Hah, I'm not surprised. People love an oddity. I gave up on it around 30 pages in. If you value your time and your reading comprehension skills, give it a Super Star Destroyer-sized berth :p
  2. I bought this on Star Wars day, mostly to send a message of moral support to the author rather than out of any special interest. I'm reading it now and, by gum, it's bad. I mean, it's verging on being unpublishable. To the extent where, if you'd told me the editor saying he'd missed his slot was just flannel to disguise the fact it'd take a day-one rewrite to make it any good, I'd believe you. Redundant phrases, ugly split infinitives, bizarre adjective choices, florid where it shouldn't be and dry where it should... bless him, it's like enthusiastic fanfic from a 14
  3. Despite being a classic nerd, I do like how the MCU doesn't linger on particulars of the powers of the characters. They should be flexible for storytelling purposes, for sure. I do get seriously annoyed at the weapons though. The shield is basically what levelled the playing field for Steve - without it being essentially indestructible* he couldn't have fought Ultron or Loki, and without vibranium reflecting kinetic energy he'd be mush several times over. The Winter Soldier being able to catch it in flight was such a huge, "What's up now, bitch?!" power flex moment, it was the hig
  4. Which? The slowness of the ship? There's a speed control for it, you realise... So I backed a physical version and have no idea when that'll rock up - space year 2022 perhaps - but I always intended to buy this day 1 on Steam. Initial impressions: looks great, supports 4K, no ultra wide-screen support as expected but has high framerate support (I'm on 144fps to match my refresh rate, but it goes higher). Only drawback so far is, it noticeably hitches when loading sections of the level in. Not a problem so far, but a little ugly and might fuck you up on to
  5. £70? No, but because that's getting trousered by a bunch of fat cat publishers. If I knew my comrade workers (the devs) were getting the cash for their hard work, I'd be in. I mean, I've spent the kind of cash backing stuff like a physical copy of R-Type Final 2 (out tomorrow!) and will spend full price on a Steam copy too. If you knew the cash was going to be paying workers, running a building, and maybe even helping create a publisher-in-a-box model so the devs could steer clear of the big publishers, I'd happily pay seventy to support it.
  6. Anthopants (world record speed runner for SOR2 and all round SOR4 fanatic) agrees with you - he thinks Max & Shiva. He also speculates that the 'nightmare' is taking place inside Xan's mind, and that the new areas we see are battle/Survival mode stages set in a sort of VR reality. A shame if there are no new areas for the main game, but understandable. It does look like all the new moves and characters will be available in the main game though, of course
  7. Calling it now: they'll do 2-3 patches up until Q4 that do effectively bugger-all, release the 'next gen' edition at Christmas as version 2.0... and it'll still be buggy as all get out. The proper version will v2.1, premiering March 2022.
  8. From my perspective, it's just not very good. As per my OP it's just generic stuff really, with mediocre track design. If it had launched alongside any WipEout game of the past, it'd have been roasted alive as an inferior knockoff. The contemporaries I've played from the last few years are WipEout OC VR, Redout, BallisticNG and Fast RMX. Each and every one is better than this to various degrees, and in its own way.
  9. I can feel the midlanders raging from here, getting the range of accents lumped into one
  10. Yep, plus it's a weird flex to make anyway. If there's tons of unused footage suitable for a release cut, that means either it's all shite, or it's great and the final film is compromised. I know which my money's on. I thought this was OK, although nowhere near as enamoured as many seem to be. The first 40 minutes were utterly fucking painful to sit through, and the writers (if it's not just a million Kongs banging on a million typewriters) made the same mistake as the other films by stuffing the cast. Even the good characters get too little screen time and are an irritant rather
  11. Treble


  12. Cheers. Not directly inspired, no, but the gun does already look a bit like the Blade Runner Buttpulper* for sure. Not as much as the Guncon 2, which is almost a direct lift *may not actually be called this
  13. I agree about the dialogue* but my main reservation is the tonal shift stuff. I don't think the directors understand how to go from the high school antics to the violent murder stuff at all well. The serious scenes need a lot more time to breathe, particularly: The best world-building so far has been the funeral scene, for sure. I really hope the whole enterprise isn't dragged out. There are two big mysteries and I would like at least one fully answered by the end of season one! P. S. If we're doing Justice League mega violent rip offs, I'd have preferre
  14. Good plan Good plan, yeah, I'll just do it again from scratch. So handy having a machine that'll play three generations of consoles, all from HDD and also supporting HD and SD resolutions so you can use a CRT and the light gun. Good stuff.
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