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  1. The only things I remember being unique to the Avatar universe are the blue people with sex niblets, Unobtanium and Pandora itself. If you're saying it might be a good universe in future because he'll bring in different elements then...well...yes, like if they introduced alien beings to the Die Hard series, or banned firearms in the John Wick universe. They could do it; they might make it work, but there's no hint of it in the existing material and would be a radical departure. So sounds like you're basically saying, 'If they add a load of new stuff that hasn't already been hinted at, make the characters interesting and sideline what's already there including the Pandorans, it might be good!' 1. See my answer to Monkeydog. Just to be clear, when we're talking about 'universe' in script terms, we don't mean 'the physical entirety of existence, full of planets and stars'. We're talking about the Avatar fictional universe, i.e. what Cameron has created so far in terms of story, action and character. 2. Yes it would. If we imagine Lucas got frustrated after 1977 and refused to direct a sequel or licence the rights, people would to this day be trying to acquire them, or create a remake, or a TV show. The original SW was a legit cultural phenomenon that sat in theatres for months, making over $3 billion dollars adjusted for inflation. If you're struggling to agree, think of how embedded the phrases, 'ET go home', 'Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn' or 'I'm the King of the world!' are, or how many song titles or lyrics from The Sound of Music come to mind. None of those top tenners of all time had sequels either. 3. ...and left almost zero cultural footprint. It made as much money as it did because it was a visual event that showcased 3-D. It's more like a theme park attraction (ironically, like Galaxy's Edge) than a film, or something like Cinerama. Everything about the story was mediocre. Avatar was a great showcase for a film-making process, and little else. 4. This is where I agree with you, though: he's pulled it out of the bag so many times - even when the signs aren't great - that he deserves to be given a chance. I honestly think he'll have to put something up on screen as awe-inspiring as the T-1000, or the CG Titanic, or Avatar's 3-D though, but completely new and unseen.
  2. Sisters (1972) It's a pain in the arse when a film that's hard to get hold of/never shows up on telly/you've wanted to see for years finally becomes accessible*... then turns out to be crap. Some good plot ideas and neat camera work, but it never coalesces into a good film. De Palma gonna De Palma. 2 conjoined twins / 5 *it's now available on Amazon Prime
  3. I'm really not arsed about HFR in films. To be honest, as visual effects in movies are mostly built around CGI, stuff like Gemini Man and Avatar striving for ultra realism through framerate increases just makes things more video gamey in a 'PC-chasing-the-high res/hi FPS dream' kinda way. Comparing the handful of influential Directors trying to push cinema down new technical avenues, I think Christopher Nolan's attempts (particularly the model work in Interstellar) are much more interesting. I'd rather see how far we can push the mechanical and physical side of film production - blending a large volume of real-world, in-camera SFX into a seamless whole by tweaking them using VFX - more than how we can reverse engineer CGI so that those VFX characters look less uncanny valley than they do. There's room for both approaches, of course, but (as a few people have said) dedicating your twilight years to something with such a forgotten cultural footprint feels like a waste when we could have had three or four films out of Jim. None of them set in Avatar's boring universe, either.
  4. Trailer seems to deliberately focus on all the callback stuff, leaving out most of the new characters, so Lucasfilm are clearly still worried about frightening the (space) horses. I'm all booked-in for 19th, not exactly excited but happy to go, and remaining open-minded
  5. It wasn't great, but I got more out of it than you, I think. S01E04: The Companion: a typical yarn for the show - reanimated creature operates on revenge motives - but the director (not separately credited, but I think it was Roxanne Benjamin who has previous with anthology horror) directs the shit out of a thin script. 6/10 Lydia Layne's Better Half: the second segment continues to be the more experimental, but the results here are mixed. Good performances from the leads but the tale - an accidental death, and a cover-up gone wrong (and gone supernatural) - is fairly threadbare. Passes the time, but instantly forgettable. 5/10
  6. It's a decently-cut trailer, but basically gives away the entire film.
  7. It's also about recognition and nostalgia, isn't it? Wing Commander was gigantic in the States, but Elite wasn't.
  8. Not sure if this has been spotted before, but you get a really good performance boost by disabling exploit protection: I've tested and have a huge increase in frame rate stability from this.
  9. @gospvg I'd say also make sure you use fast travel a LOT, to stave off some of the fatigue you can get from running around the building constantly I'm in two minds over this game... I like the aesthetic, which I know a lot of people see as bland. It may help that i'm playing with (some) RTX settings on. The enemies and 'objects' are eerie and have worked well drawing me into the story. On the other hand, the gameplay feels quite dated to me. It's annoying as the fundamentals are there - the telekinesis stuff is good but the main character is floaty & weightless and not fun to (ahem) control, plus there's no 'lock to cover' which makes it far less strategic. I've also found one of the major upgrades, the: The constant need to go into the skill tree/fart around with an upgrade path feels like work rather than fun, especially as (so far, at least) most updates at just "ability you already have + 20%" style ones. I'd have just replaced all that with automatic stat increases at unlocked control points, and have you unlock abilities by cleaning objects. Having vast amounts of ancillary notes to collect and read is basically anti-enjoyment in space year 2019, and feels like a throwback to a sepia-toned, pre-Half Life 2 era! Navigation's a chore too. I agree that literal signposting (!) makes things a bit easier, but Dead Space came out nearly 12 years ago and had an elegant solution that didn't compromise the feeling of isolation, or make things too easy. Amazing they didn't just rip that off wholesale. Finally, it runs like a dog on my (pretty powerful) PC, and that's even excluding RTX entirely. Gears 5 runs at Ultra settings with nary a frame drop, but even with RTX disabled and settings dropped to Medium, i'm frequently getting down to 37fps. That's just poor optimisation. I will say, though, that the atmosphere is outstanding and Remedy have nailed the environmental storytelling. The combat can sometimes get into a decent rhythm and really take-off, plus some sections are thrilling in a similar way to post-4 Resident Evil. The narrative is intelligent and the mystery at the heart of the story is compelling. So yeah, it's a bizarre curate's egg of a game... did Quantum Break feel similar? Control feels like a project they were working on pre-Microsoft and have picked up again since they split from them. EDIT: a couple of weeks ago this wasn't there, but there's now a really good tweak for performance issues on Pcgamingwiki. I've tried it and it works a treat! https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Control#Issues_unresolved
  10. I'll give you 1 to 5 he's an incel
  11. @Lorfarius ah shit, son, why? Edit: you say in the podcast, apparently, so won't badger you here. Also: can I buy your recording kit off you? I'm thinking of starting a podcast myself!
  12. Guy's a dick. Hamil is really sarky, and a great laugh - been married to his wife since forever. Kenny Baker was meant to be a right laugh, too. Ford is mischievous and a bit of an egotistical twat, but talented and amusingly dry. Fisher was a legend. People were fucking devasted when Peter Mayhew died. None of them have ever had a good word to say about Daniels. He's a copper-bottomed cunt.
  13. I genuinely did not expect that last sentence.
  14. Soz, maybe I misunderstood - I thought the guy ran out of cash, and owes a load of money to local craftsmen, no? Assumed the project was buggered.
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