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  1. I normally hate retcons, but they can retcon the fuck out of Reloaded and Revolutions and I wouldn't give a tin monkey's tin shit.
  2. Should be fine...the spec is pretty generous:
  3. Clone Wars is legit amazing, but shouldn't have to have existed just to rescue what the prequels messed up. It's like there were three giant turds in the centre of a patch of mud, so someone grew an enormous and beautiful flower bed around to lessen the ugliness and stench Anyways, looking forward to seeing the new season
  4. @superfunk. If I had to take a guess, I'd reckon on it being down to either the USB 3 port not supplying enough power, or the drivers for the displayport connector maybe being outdated?
  5. Back once again with the renegade masters, the latest episode is out now. Lots of discussion around the media & Caroline Flack, along with some games talk (natch). Available at the link or on your podcast platform of choice. http://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/
  6. I think you can select to replay any level at any difficulty? But you have to have completed that level at the pre-selected difficulty first.
  7. Generations has 3D levels and 2D levels separated, yeah? Colors has you flow between the two in each level. It's all about the flow through the levels; the perfect line, a bit like Sonic Advance went for (but as a sidescroller, natch). Advance is a game I'd have to replay to be sure, but think is probably my second favourite Sonic game
  8. Sonic Colors is completely misunderstood and is the best Sonic game ever made. It's exactly what Sonic Team tried (and failed) to achieve with Adventure.
  9. How do I know if its Ultimate? Google's no help It's £10.99 a month for me. Edit: ah, just found the lone website that actually covers UK pricing https://www.pocket-lint.com/games/news/xbox/140423-what-is-xbox-game-pass-how-it-works-price-and-all-the-games-you-can-play
  10. I subscribe to Game Pass on PC. Anyone know, if I bought a bone, would I have to pay for Xbox live separately, or would I be covered by my GP sub?
  11. Ah yeah, that is irritating I agree. You should have a rewind feature you can enable, I reckon. Penalise the player for using it, fine, but put it in there.
  12. It's great they're bundled, as they both absolutely depend on VR to work, but are completely different experiences from one another, but equally superb. A fantastic advert for HMDs
  13. Cheers Krypt. Yeah, @MagicalDrop, the CPU isn't fantastic, but the amount of RAM and the fact the OS is on SSD is a boon. That setup will do everything up to and including PSone fine. You might manage some PS2 stuff at very low settings too. PSP will be great as well. For £60 I'd say that's a reasonable deal, especially as you could reuse case, RAM and SSD in a later build using a better motherboard and CPU if you wanted
  14. If it's aviation you're after, there's a title called Project Wingman coming out this year sometime: Also, I'd recommend checking out this list of 28 titles releasing this year - some amazing looking stuff on the schedule.
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