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  1. There'll be a commonality. What happens is, when loading switches to the dark screen with the grey floor, the image starts to break up. After about 5 seconds, the Steam egg timer appears (very briefly) then the 'loading' map appears. It then takes about 5 seconds to stabilise and stays on that for about 10 seconds until the 'press trigger' prompt appears. I'm guessing people who get 10 second load times are seeing the map plus loading message pretty much instantly?
  2. By the way, I shifted my install to my C drive, which is an M. 2 NVME and stupidly fast. Load times are still 20-35 seconds, so it's definitely setup related. I'm a Rift S user. Are people with faster times using a different setup?
  3. They really are! I'd argue it should be rebalanced, based on what I've encountered so far. Only up to chapter 4 though, so early days. The upgrade I've bought is a godsend. To be fair, sounds like if you do laser sight then reflex sight in that order, it could well be worth it. Sounds good, but based on earlier advice it'll have to get in the queue behind assault rifle upgrades. I'm not spoilering that, as its inclusion is spoilered in the latest patch notes [rolleyes.gif] >_<
  4. What upgrades are recommended? Best spoiler them. I was saving up for ages and finally saw upgrade station #3 at the end of chapter 3. So I spunked a load on: Which I have not regretted one iota. Obvs I'd like the: But should I save up for the: Or is there something for the coming up that's even more crucial?
  5. It doesn't work like that; there are some arcs that are better than others. Best advice is to check this out and watch these arcs, then mop-up other stuff if you're not sated. https://nerdist.com/article/star-wars-clone-wars-15-essential-episodes-arcs/
  6. I consider Heart of Darkness to basically be DLC (EDIT: hey, I got that completely wrong! Didn't realise it was its own thing!) Future Wars is a Delphine team effort, no?
  7. Are there really only the first two episodes of season 7 of Clone Wars on the UK version so far?
  8. I'll record the time it takes next time i'm on, but it's around 20-30 seconds. And this is on a no-slouch Samsung SSD. I'm using an Oculus Rift S, SSD and have 16GB of system RAM. Just noticed my 2060 only has 6GB though. I was sure it was 8GB
  9. I've not watched this one, but really like the guy's stuff so expect it's great: The Gman review is also up, but CHOCK FULL OF SPOILERS so don't watch this until you've completed the game (which is a bit pointless...) He echoes the issues with crazy-slow load times, and before I clicked off - as he seemed determined to show every quirk and secret going - he says the same thing I've said, that it's nothing revalatory in terms of controls and physics, but it's graphically amazing, extremely polished, and the universe and world-building is incredible.
  10. https://www.pixelreef.fr/paper-beast/ Poor old Eric Chahi. He releases three full games in his entire career (Another World & From Dust being the others) and the publisher decides to launch it against Half-Life: Alyx, Doom Eternal and Corvid-19... I don't think this will be lost to time, though. I would expect this - and Astro Bot - to lead the charge when the PSVR2 is finally released. It's an exclusive for now, not sure if this will change, but if you are aching for a new high-quality PSVR release, look no further. I discuss this on the latest MHG podcast (due out today, Thurs 23rd March) in brief, and will do a full review, but essentially it's a surprising and lovely God/strategy/puzzle game with a unique physics engine. The world you are in is a visual representation of a complex equation your avatar is trying to solve (not a spoiler - this is explained immediately on starting the game) and my touchstones for gameplay are strategy games like Populous, and RTSs like Pikmin (I don't play these games as a rule, so don't have a deep pool of comparisons to draw from!) You can use the Moves, but i've been using the pad (seated) as a break from standing in Alyx, and the controls are simple when you get them down: a line extends from your virtual pad and, like a fishing line, can attach to environmental objects and flora/fauna. Once 'hooked' you move the pad physically to move it around, and the dpad up/down to 'reel' things closer and further away. Simple, but easy. Movement is teleport. There are no fail states, so you stay 'in' the puzzle until you solve it. This involves manipulating the environment - and titular ersatz beasts - to achieve the objective. There are aesthetic and atmospheric notes from the likes of ICO, SotC and Journey, but (so far, at least) there is no cruelty involved; you feel a sense of danger and urgency, but is a warm-hearted experience. If you can afford it at its current £24.99 price, I'd say go for it. Even though these aren't my usual jam, Chahi's oblique and abstract approach makes it a very charming and immersive experience.
  11. I had the same problem. It was down to the issue @Moz quite rightly pointed out, that the game doesn't adjust position properly. I had to quit and restart to position myself properly. Proper PITA
  12. Yeah, did one and it was fine. This one doesn't seem to want to play. Ah well, no probs! Ta
  13. I also find loading slow, and this is from SSD. Weird. Great game so far. I've played a LOT of VR games (and currently playing Paper Beast in parallel) but this is the most polished and refined one I've ever come across. I haven't come across anything actually groundbreaking so far (I'm near the end of chapter 3) excluding the gfx which are by far the most technically impressive. Quick question: in the subway when there's that eye/camera that pops up from the console, it displays a hologram for your multitool to slot into, but when I did thst nothing happened. Previous to this I had ingored it and back tracked. Oh, and also used the injector without prompting. Have I sequence broken the thing?
  14. Everyone with an Nvidia card downloaded the game ready driver for this, yeah? Anyway, just about to jump in
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