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  1. I'd also not be surprised if it was intended as an accessibility option, but they didn't have time to code-in a toggle. I expect it will come along in the next few months as a patch.
  2. Clearly not hard enough. Nah, we have unlimited passes and she still wouldn't touch it with yours. Duration is the great leveller, isn't it? Most people will sit through a 1.5 hour showing if it's effectively 'free'. It takes stamina, endurance and commitment to struggle through 3 hours worth.
  3. Lovely response, and in no way bitchy or unnecessary. Ah well, one more for the shit list
  4. I find it odd that the trailer I saw at the cinema (before Wakanda Forever) was, like, 99% CG. I would have thought that'd be less likely to draw fence sitters than showing (familiar, celebrity) human faces and reactions. It's really hard to convey emotions in animation without hitting the uncanny valley, or going for exaggeration and I wasn't particularly convinced by the Avatarians' mugs. I'm also past being excited by CG, no matter how technically impressive. That said, I'd go see it if I could convince my wife to go. But there's no way on earth she's getting dragged to it
  5. I'll try it out for you in a bit, buddy. Edit: no issues for me. I'm in the beta channel at the mo though.
  6. It did remind me quite a bit of Knight Boat, to be honest. "There's always a fjord..."
  7. Interesting, I'll check it out. Edit: none of those options are in my config, and I'm apparently on the latest version. Maybe the option's removed?
  8. I don't have access to my router from my room. Home plugs don't work properly on our aging electricity supply. Finally, I wanted the solution to be self-contained.
  9. It is. I prefer the slim these days, purely because I have the PS5 which is monolithic enough for any collection That said, I did like the ceramic white phat I had back in the day. Very cute. But the size difference between the phat and slim in just a few short years was sorcery, and I'm here for it
  10. Being the big tinkerer that I am, when I saw this video from Macho Nacho, glanced round and saw my PS2 Slim sitting there all pretty-like, I knew I had to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVCFbJCPtO8 Some boring bits: With my version of this, I wanted it to be as ‘lean’ as possible. In the Macho Nacho vid, he mentions one drawback being trailing cables, and another being the dependency on the Pi and gracefully managing its startup and shutdown. I had some ideas on what to do about both those things… First off, I had to get hold of a Pi, which was kindly donated to me by @bradigor This one’s a 3B+ but you can use any Pi with an ethernet network port, including the very early models. They’re not really doing anything particularly sophisticated, just acting as SMB. I stuck it in a cheapo (£3.99) black case that matches the PS2: My go-to for strong but flexible attachments is adhesive velcro: So attaching the Pi to the console is sorted, along with a few shorty cables. The next challenge was to have a display for the Pi’s output. You can create an SSH to connect remotely, set up scripts, even create a button to do a safe shutdown but these are all a faff for various reasons. Already having an unused phone handset, I thought a cheap option would be to wire this up. How, you ask? Well, as the likes of refresh rate isn’t much of an issue, providing the image is visible and clear, I thought video capture via OTG would be a good move. So I followed this chap’s advice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZLEUOG9k4Y&t=127s It works really well for this use case - not perfectly, but more than well enough. I also set it to 800 x 600 res so as not to have teeny weeny text. I installed a few different OTG capture apps, but the best seems to be NeXt Camera for this use case. The capture device was £13.99 and is actually cracking value at that price, set in a robust aluminium shell that’s well-engineered. Going to test it out on a few different bits and bobs. I was wondering if powering the Pi from the PS2’s USB socket would be OK and, even though it’s very low powered, the Pi seems to cope with the 5v, 0.5a that’s coming out of it. You’d need more if you were hoping to power an external drive or any other power-hungry device, though. And look, a wild Muker appears! So there you are, all done and working really well. The way I’ve got it all mounted won’t be for everyone (and shorty cables are expensive for what they are) but I like it
  11. My avatar checks out.
  12. Half-Life: Alyx Paper Beast Wipeout HD Omega Collection Elite Dangerous Astro Bot Asgard's Wrath Robo Recall Beat Saber Lone Echo Superhot VR Resident Evil 7 Rez VR Just from what I've played. Some are playable outside VR but all are better in VR
  13. Possibly. I'm about 6 hours in, and I really enjoy how we flow between story and game, but the combat arenas don't do justice to the moveset, nor do the variety or enemies or their abilities. Solid and fun, but unexceptional. That said.... ...looks like I've not reached a point of significant change? In that case, looking forward to it! Although I wouldn't say 6 hours in an action game is 'not very much'
  14. Thing is, the game is so beautiful to look at, so well-written and acted, so fascinating as a creation, it's easy to overlook the fact that the gameplay is good. Just 'good', nothing more. I appreciate the fact it still has the core of the classic GOW gameplay in there, but those games were just slightly more evolved versions of Rastan, Black Tiger and the like. Making a 30 hour+ epic journey out of what's essentially just a glorified arcade game - designed to be done with in 2 to 4 hours - just has diminishing returns. It worked for the first game, but people aren't stupid and the more you play, the more you see it for what it is at its core: just a polished, solid game within a heavily curated world that happens to be stunning to look at.
  15. Missed this or would have replied. Depends! Pretty much all usb-based sticks from the PS360 era will work on PCs and Pi out of the box. ...or you could just do a deal with Superfamifreak!
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