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  1. As others said, it's CPU restricted. This should be transformed when the DX12 (and/or Vulkan) drivers come out for it. That'll shift stuff to the CPU cores and to the GPU more effectively. As for the value of the 30XX series, their true value will be in coping with Ray Traced stuff. So base speeds aren't leaps and bounds over 20XX but it copes with modern and future titles and their machine-learned stuff much better.
  2. Ironically, nowhere near as apocalyptic as San Fran is right now.
  3. I don't necessarily disagree about the quality, but I think what he sees as his Novellas are substantively different from what he sees as his novels. They are often two-handers (or have a small cast of characters) and a very high-concept setup. The length is often far larger than what a normal human being would consider to be novella, yeah, but whatever we call them they are structurally different from his novels I think. No argument about his golden period. It was definitely when he was hungry. And, unfortunately, when he was pissed :|
  4. I genuinely don't understand the criticisms of his endings. Not to the degree it's reached in pop culture, at least. He doesn't plan them, so they feel fresh most of the time. As he says himself, if the story swings towards a character death, he goes for it. No-one feels like they're wearing plot armour. Some are weak for sure, but most are like the moment when the tornado blows away and your heroes are left with the detritus, destruction and the dead. For me, that's very fulfilling as it's more like real life - the evil is vanquished, but for how long and at what personal cost? - and that's satisfying. For me at least. Two caveats: the endings to his deliberately schlocky books tend to be much more scary and thrilling (Thinner, Dark Half, Pet Sematary... anything that reads like a horror or mystery comic) as they are closest to his novellas and short stories (his best writing). Whereas the more convoluted, Machean/Jackson/Lovecraftian stories are the 'tornado' endings that focus far more on the impact of the characters' lives (IT, Revival, DT series amongst others) and let a lot of people down. Second caveat is more positive: all the books with 'weak' endings read better when tied into the Dark Tower series. Particularly The Stand (to veer dangerously back on-topic!) and Insomnia. Final thought: its not worth judging King on his novels, really. His best work is in short story and novella writing. His best tales are the likes of The Mist, Umney's Last Case, Rita Hayworth/The Body/Apt Pupil from Different Seasons, all of Four Past Midnight, all of the stories in The Bachman Books (but obviously The Long Walk as the standout), N, and loads of others that are untouchable in terms of scares and atmosphere.
  5. Bought. Anyway, as someone who enjoyed 4 and 5, I'm clearly not arsed about narrative in these games. For me, Halo's story works entirely on an aesthetic level. You're a big bloke with ace guns, in an alien landscape. I don't need anything more than that. Which is why this game seems particularly badly thought-out. It looks like warmed-over ideas from 15 years ago or more. There's a big difference between keenly deploying some aesthetic cues to ground your audience, and stuffing your demo with member berries. With the technical issues too, I think this is going to get a day-one reboot, now that people have internalised that there's going to be a big delay.
  6. Is that Blood, Sweat and Pixels? Because the Kindle edition is on sale for £1.99 right now
  7. No, holding doesn't sap your stamina. Excessive weight and sprinting sap that bar. Plus other things in the later game... How many orders did you pick up? You only have to take the key order (they're listed as 'Sam's Orders' and 'Other Orders'. You only need do the Sam ones for plot progression.) Leave any side stuff until you get new abilities. First power up:
  8. Port Knot City, lol. Are you holding the triggers to balance yourself? Can you manufacture anything yet that helps with weight? I won't spoil what's available later
  9. Hah, we've all been there. Wait until you've driven a van off a cliff and got it stuck in between some rocks. That wasn't just me, right? Garage: https://gamewith.net/death-stranding/article/show/13582
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