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  1. Yep, AFAIK it's the same screen. The 'Light' part of it is a separate panel and circuit. The charging thing is here. In terms of fit, if you chopped out the centre part of the compartment you're left with about 4 or 5cm by >4cm so it's pretty compact!
  2. Funnily enough, there is a recent development along these lines: https://www.retro32.com/product/amiga-rgb-to-hdmi-pizero-adapter-amiga-500-amiga-500 Thing is, they're all pretty much bespoke solutions when they're like this (using an entire second computer to convert a signal) and when there's that much faff, you may as well go for an Analog system or some other FPGA solution.
  3. I picked up a Game Boy Light recently, and started fiddling with it earlier. Because reasons. Anyway, I put in a LiOn battery using a cheapo USB-C charger circuit (like an Aldi Adafruit) that cost me £2.15. I used a 14500 model 3.7v, 2800mAh battery as its the same size as a standard AA. The tiny battery compartment on the Light/Pocket/Color rules out any larger LiPo ones without case-cutting. This seems to work great - it charged fine, going from a red charge light to a blue 'fully charged' one, and no dodgy temps on the battery. I've got it running now, t
  4. It's definitely down to personal choice. I completed Ultimate using save states, and it made it a far more fun game. Locking all the good stuff (that makes the game more varied and interesting) behind offscreen kills and randomly disappearing floors isn't fun. There's difficult and there's unfair, so I'm hoping resurrection falls on the side of the former.
  5. I do find the drop-off in revenue fascinating. Box office takes as high as TFA and Black Panther's come from repeat viewings, not because those who normally cba suddenly get off their arses and pop to the flicks. No. Films make $630m in the US alone by everyone going to see them. When they don't make any more than that, it's because for most of the audience it's one-and-done. There's a strong argument that you can make, academically, that TLJ is a bad sequel. It deliberately ignores character traits, world building and plot threads to cut its own path. Then irrespecti
  6. Nah, Abrams was just producer and slapped his name all over the marketing. It was directed by (at that time, unknown) Matt Reeves. He went on to direct the new Planet of the Apes sequels, and has the Robert Pattinson-starring The Batman out in the future.
  7. It's a good point, and probably true, but Marvel had seen each and every Avengers movie increase in revenue and (in retrospect, stupidly) thought this would be the case with Star Wars. I don't think anyone would have foreseen the precipitous drop between TFA and TLJ in US revenue. The first made close to a billion in the US alone, whereas TLJ made £630m. Because of the weird way 'foreign' distribution rights work, overseas takings have far less positive benefit on studios' bottom lines, so US take is the best indicator of success. I'd wager that, after marketing and t
  8. I didn't have much trouble, although it's confusing that a) it says the controller is detected but it isn't properly, and b) you have to map them all manually. Fine after that, though. I downloaded a save file with all characters unlocked, by the way, as there's no way on god's green 'un I'd be able to beat the game without continues
  9. Just became aware of this, thanks to Anthopants It's fantastic! Balls-hard though. If you want to unlock the goodies, you have to complete it on 'Normal' which has few lives and no continues. When the final boss is: ...its gonna be a tad challenging! I've completed it on 'Easy' (pah!) using about 8 continues and believe me, using Vega I'm a monster. OK, I may need to up my parry game a bit
  10. This lovely beast is now up for sale in the trading folder
  11. I think games released in the first quarter of the year fall out of people's minds. Resi 3 was really popular on here, and only landed 90th (!)
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