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  1. @Cool Ben: "I don't know this film, help!" Forum: "Its The Hotel New Hampshire" Cool Ben: "There was a waterbed... and incest" Forum: "Hotel New Hampshire" Cool Ben: "How will I ever get to know what it is?!" Forum: "HNH" Cool Ben: "I guess it'll forever be a mystery... " Forum:
  2. We're not answering your questions until you watch Hotel New Hampshire, you insensitive prick :'(
  3. Thank christ the next gen is just around the corner, so we can finally run these things!
  4. I think she's great, but all her roles are clearly "... and it turns out she was the smartest character in the room/the real power all along". Which is fair enough, and not enough women get that opportunity, but it is limiting. DeCaprio did it with a twenty year "... turns out he could be ugly and maniacal all along" streak (then thankfully hooked up with Tarantino and starred in the two most fun roles he's ever done) and Cruise did it with, ".... and he was the physical powerhouse - and not short or gay at all, honest, gov - all along!" thing that he's still doing aged 76 or whatever. I think the POTC thing could work if Robbie does her shtick and gets the writing to match. She can be funny, brassy and intelligent. You can't say that about the original leads in POTC so there's an opportunity there.
  5. Yep, what @Rob Rule said. They've got the rights back from EA to their franchise. EA seem to have done what they always do: shutter a franchise if they can't be arsed. Now Crytek finally own their own game, they're fixing the base problem that the original's a Ferrari with a Mini Metro engine. The new engine will run the thing with far less overhead and strain. The game has really never sold as widely as it deserved because of the original game engine's major flaws. Also, presumably, it's a testbed for the next Crysis game now they a) have their rights back and b) a suitable engine for producing it on
  6. I'd rather hear it had them ol' rayyyyzzz.
  7. Yup, I think the USP is, "It's the same lovely-looking Crysis, but re-engineered to run on a potato". I thought both were good, with Crysis 3 having the potential to have been great, if they'd only developed it more. The bow is so good, it's the only thing you'll want to use
  8. @Cool Ben, it's not Stephen Poliakoff's Close My Eyes is it? No outright rape, no water bed I can remember though. Otherwise, how about the 1982 version of Cat People? That's got incest in it. What an odd topic.
  9. Wolfenstein: Youngblood isn't meant to be amazing but a) is on sale and b) has good RTX. Control is a cracking choice, but don't think it's on sale particularly cheap? £31 on Humble.
  10. I thought the writing was good and all performances excellent. It did get bogged down by fairly leaden direction, you're right, although I'd lay a lot if blame at the feet of the edit. Another 2hr film that should have been a tight 90. Robbie is (well, was. Who knows what'll happen now?) positioning herself as the woman who can get female-led action films made. A good niche to get in, but a perilous one. I hope she gets a good foothold. It's weird that she's following in Gena Davis's footsteps - trying to become a leading action star - when the film that trashed Davis' career was an overblown pirate movie, too...
  11. Lol, Matty got his VR stuff very recently, IIRC I started a second 'Hard' playthrough a few days ago, but had to give it up due to the heat. And this is with a gym fan blowing at me, even.
  12. "Dodgson! We've got Dodgson here! ... See? Nobody cares"
  13. Yeah, that rumour is some bullshit. Well, it might be true that Filoni and Favreau have pitched the idea. But that Disney would run with it? No chance. Disney won't be happy with 'only' a billion dollar take for RoS, but for a trilogy that ran off the rails due to poor planning and general over-saturation, they'll take it. And they'll realise that ripping it all out of canon, then re-telling the Skywalker saga with only Luke remaining, Ford adamantly refusing to return, no Leia, the love/admiration Rey built up with a huge section of the public chucked out, no chance on God's green one of Adam Driver coming back, and it all based off of something Filoni did in a kids' cartoon*? No chance. Finally, whilst I'm on my high-horse ( :p ) that video is pretty nasty. He refrains from using the actual term 'Mary Sue' but skirts right up to it, and is parroting the butt-hurt manchild view that women shouldn't be the power, and that Luke should have taken on the whole First Order with a laser sword. Massiverolleyes.gif *I love Rebels, just putting myself in the Mouse's shoes
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