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  1. Halloween Kills. Objectively awful, but maybe because of low expectations I really liked it! A roller-coaster of absolute bunk, its one of the oddest mainstream releases of recent years. Terrible in a properly cult-y way. ***
  2. I saw it last night and agree. It's both very different from the first whilst being exactly like it: Hardy steals the show doing the Brock/symbiote double-act, everything else around it is mediocre. Well, I say that, but I actually enjoyed some of the fights. Well, some parts of them. Serkis isn't a great director - he's competent - but he definitely understands how to make CGI characters feel weighty and move in interesting ways. Loads and loads of problems though. Awful pacing, scenes that end abruptly, too much focus on backstory. Yet somehow Hardy makes it all work once again, especially as (as co-writer) he's willing to embrace the chaos and melodrama so it actually sticks out in a crowded field. It's also heavily British all the way through, which I've not seen mentioned anywhere! Doesn't feel American at all really, apart from the accents. British cast, writers and director and it totally shows, especially in the willingness to embrace queer themes, and not worry about looking grimy and ugly for a role. Very panto
  3. And just like that, my GDEmu rocks up the next day! So I unbutton the thing and fit it all in. Nice. I also added a replacement Noctua fan. Little bugger wouldn't fit properly even with the replacement tray opening clip they give you with the 3D printed kit. Had to remove the fan housing completely. I secured it by gluing the fan to a strip of plastic with epoxy. Then I expoxied this to the fan casing. No R7s were harmed in the making of this Frankenstein's monster. Was it worth the effort? Errrrmm... nahhhh! Saved about 10dB in loudness, and is slightly less piercing on the ears than the stock fan, but unless you're obsessed with a slight noise reduction (or find a better kit) then I wouldn't necessarily bother.
  4. These are kind suggestions, but I'm really well versed in all this work, I promise These weren't scuffs removable by solvents/alcohol and cotton buds, I tried those first; they needed greater levels of abrasion. The result is excellent, by the way. You really have to work it around in the light to see the slightly more glossy bits
  5. Foisty! Nice. But yeah, magic sponges are a tool in my arsenal (ho ho). They are a bit more abrasive again than the wadding though, so I tend to use them for stubborn ink marks (pen, sharpie) or dings that have driven paint or dirt well into the plastic. Good shout though!
  6. R7 arrived yesterday! It had a few scuffs, but nothing that really bothered me. Still, I buffed them out with brass wadding (after testing on an inconspicuous area, obvs) and it worked a treat! The one in the top left corner was very deep so it's left behind a shiny patch, but still far preferable to a white scuff mark GDEMU not arrived yet, but it has new pico-style PSU, battery holder and resettable fuse mods done, now. I also retrobrited the buttons as they were piss-yellow.
  7. I've got a MODE in my Saturn, but just a boggo GDEMU in the DC. Very happy with it - £36 off Aliexpress with a very good plastic cover thing replacing the GD ROM. I expected a 3D print but no, it's injection moulded Really just posting to say I've got an R7 on the way So if anyone wants my fully loaded DC, hit me up! I'll post specs in a bit. The R7 isn't perfect, or boxed, but was a good price!
  8. Dread Delusion looks nice. I said on the podcast that PS1 graphics is the new cel shading (man I'm old) and looks like they've even added texture warping for the full effect!
  9. I'm not sure this will be the case, but there is a known bug with Game Pass for PC where some games won't install to anything but the initial setup drive (C in most cases). Obvs doesn't apply if you're Xbox owners, and you may be feeling like you dodged a bullet with this one by now anyway...
  10. Done, thanks. Very lucky my only 50hz capable device was PSOne.
  11. Help needed! Bought a very nice Sony Kv14m1u, 14" portable. Picture was very off centre, so I found the service manual and accessed the right mode. Now, I tried adjusting the HCentre value in the menu but the options are in red and locked out. I entered the command to reset the geometry, and it helped a lot... but it's stuck the RED HWB to 42,with BLUE and GREEN only on 10 so the image is overly red. Anyone got experience unlocking the option to change these values? I read someone saying that if the signal is 60hz you can't adjust it, but I was trying with NTSC disabled and no signal. Does it need a 50hz signal piped-in to calibrate maybe? EDIT: think that might be it. Manual says don't attempt it it 60hz or with an 'unlocked' signal. Now to find something that'll actually spit-out 50hz... EDIT 2: yep, done. It needs to be fed a 50hz signal. The only thing I have that can (relatively easily) do 50 is my PSOne. And even then, its an NTSC machine that luckily happens to be chipped. And the only 50hz disc I have left is pretty much the one that started it all
  12. I see this as a loss for Johansson, and for the wider film world. Taking Disney to court was holding them to account; it sets moral and ethical terms and makes it more about consequences than it does about money. It sets precedent and helps prevent the situation being repeated, and it makes Disney visible when it comes to their crappy practices. $40m is less than peanuts to Disney. This settlement to them says they can do what they want, still, and put you through the wringer in the court of public opinion whilst you stew over how much this damages your reputation. A settlement also implies (incorrectly, probably) that all the offended party wanted was the money. When the claimant is already rich as Croesus, it's not a good look to the wider world, nor is it a good look to other artists. The only people who would see this as a complete victory would be Capitalists. Oh, and accepting the settlement will mean she's gagged from discussing it, forever. So yes, I'm disappointed in Johansson. This feels like a pyrrhic victory to me, and whilst I wouldn't expect a struggling actress (or even moderately successful one) to take on a mega-corp, I felt she had the money and clout to actually fight this thing. Or hell, even forfeit the extra cash and feel free to slag Disney and fight for her fellow actors publicly, without censure. Best thing she could do now is commit that $40m to a fund that backs other filmmakers' legal disputes, or similar. Let's see if that transpires.
  13. Right there with ya, buddy. Feels like this hit a lot of roadblocks over its development. I can't help but feel the difficulty got a major downgrade, and maybe also the number of deaths before waking up on the beach was increased. Whatever the reasoning, the balance is now way off. I also guess the amount of instructions, dialogue and handholds were dialled waaaay up. It feels to me like the system of written clues was originally quite minimal, then at one point during production realised no-one would understand so wrote a bunch more ancillary material. I say that as the way info is conveyed in this game is awful; basically post-its constantly plastered in your vision. The game's main inspirations are the Bioshock series and MGSV, but both of those had better info-dumps, and minimised them through having cut scenes and character interactions. And yet I'm still playing! The world you're investigating is superb - a high watermark in level design, I'd say - and I like the interconnecting systems and story beats. A very, very odd game.
  14. A Clockwork Orange Went to see the 4K restoration - the first time I've seen a Kubrick film projected. So intense and ageless: an apolitical story about anarchy and chaos filmed by a man seriously detached from regular human experience. Utterly essential. 5/5
  15. I really liked this. As usual, all the good bits are the director's, and any flaws can be attributed to Disney's size 12s stomping all over sections of the plot and production. Was disappointed that neither the director or screenwriter are of Chinese extraction, which leaves me with a slightly hollow feeling when it comes to the use of iconography. Great it had such a Chinese-centric cast though, and lots of dialogue in Cantonese. Most importantly, the plot hinged on relationships much more than almost any MCU film to date. And while the pay-offs may have been a bit simplistic and under-cooked, it had heart and humour. If Black Widow's familial stuff rang hollow, this one was the opposite and I can't wait to see more of Shang-Chi and Katy's relationship. Shame they didn't make the character gay (as that seemed like the most appropriate fit) but that was never going to happen.
  16. Everyone knows the best adaptation is The Dark Tower! Seriously though, I feel its a dead heat between The Dead Zone and Carrie for the best, faithful adaptations. Misery would be up there, but it's second tier as it loses the wonderful inner monologue (naturally) that @Garwoofoo was talking about, but also the story within a story structure of the Misery character herself. Most of the other adaptations range from prosaic to abysmal
  17. Spun-off from a discussion in the Dune thread, what are the novel adaptations that really stick out for you? I've got loads but will stick to one to kick things off: American Pastoral. Directed by and starring Ewan McGregor, it's one of those grand passion projects totally doomed to fail. A sweeping epic about the death of the American Dream, it's a landmark novel as important in its own way as Death of a Salesman was. The film... isn't. Its failings almost echo the protagonist's as it assumes greatness whilst being mediocre, but the core story is so good that some brilliance shines through regardless. Its worth a watch, particularly as it's already practically forgotten (only came out 2016) but 10% of it hits the right level of plangency, enough to make it sort of fascinating.
  18. I forgot this was the Dune thread... we really need a separate topic for this. I'll make one now Edit: https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/323558-film-adaptations-of-books/
  19. That's completely fair. I'm not a sentimental person, and rewatched it recently with the scales removed. Its clear now it was a huge success because of a couple of factors... Well, because of the marketing campaign as much as anything, but film wise yeah, a couple of things. Firstly, the relative freshness of Tim Burton's approach. He was an animator and puppeteer given the keys to the kingdom, and made a genuinely unique film. It doesn't hold together well in retrospect (you rightly mention tone, but the pacing is horrible as well) but it was one of the first films of the new post-Reagan era to be completely non-conservative and artist-led in approach. Secondly, it married the TV Batman bif-pow-sock kitsch with the darker tone of the early comics. Not the brutal and uncompromising world of Frank Miller's Dark Knight but the heavy contrast, noirish 40s stuff which Burton interpreted into a pastiche of German Expressionism. The callbacks were a great way to utilise the ol' memberberries. It's a huge pop-cultural touchstone that changed the approach to fantasy cinema for a good decade - until The Matrix came out - but as a film by itself? Deeply flawed.
  20. Leave the house. I did, and it was worth it... just about. To clarify, it scrapes above average by dint of a fantastic third act. The rest I thought very patchy and uneven. It seems to swing between wanting to be urban horror and Euro psycho-thriller whilst the script feels underwritten and padded. The third act feels parachuted in from a much more confident film, with a clear vision and the means to deliver the goods. If you're after gore and shocks, there definitely are some but it's a very slow burn, meandering around until it settles on the right protagonist and hits its stride for the last and most shocking part of the ride.
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