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  1. The world and its wife has had a fiddle with this track, but this is amazing. Absolute shirt remover.
  2. Heeeeeey good lookin' *honk honk* Whaaaaatcha got cookin' *honk honk* How's about cookin' somethin' up with me? *persistent blaring of truck horn*
  3. I've not seen this yet, but I'm encouraged the style maybe takes some getting used to, oddly. I've watched the OJ one a few times now and I think it's a genuine masterpiece – one of the best TV programmes I've ever seen come to that. The level of detail is remarkable and gets better every time you see it. As such I've recommended it to people and a lot of the feedback hasn't been great. The reference points of The Young and Restless and that kind of glossy US soap run right through the middle of it and it's easy to just think it's a throwaway bit of trash. Like Mr Goldman hamming it right up or casting Ross as one of the lead characters. Once that clicks it's glorious. The Versace one is really incredible too, but it's a bit more straightforward for me. I'd love to see them resurrect the Katrina story at some point. Feels made to measure.
  4. Wow, these are great. Not heard either of them before.
  5. Why this one is so cheap is a mystery to me. The 12" only came out in the UK so oddly became a bit of an underground hit in New York which isn't the way these things usually work. Still, it's disco by Roberta Flack, featuring Donny Hathaway, written by Stevie Wonder and I'm looking at it now for £1.20. Yours delivered for less than a Boots meal deal or a bottle of poppers. If someone doesn't buy it I'm getting a spare. https://www.discogs.com/release/322247-Roberta-Flack-Dont-Make-Me-Wait-Too-Long
  6. I might need to investigate a few of these then. I think I've been caught out in the past and been reticent to invest good money after bad. The backbone of my jazz collection from that period is all Japanese as I've never had one that hasn't both sounded amazing and looked like it was brand new so never really strayed. I've said loads of times I'm sure, but when I was last there I was filling suitcases with it all. Getting it delivered isn't as straightforward unfortunately.
  7. I don't think that's entirely true. Kind of Blue and lots of the Blue Note catalogue from that era could be argued is sort of out of copyright in Europe, but I think I read once that is disputed and it's actually 2054 when it becomes public domain. In any case it's definitely not OK in America and it's illegal to import those copies, but it's not really enforced. The vast majority of these issues seem to be done by a company called DOL who are just a dreadful pressing plant in Russia, knocking out flimsy bootleg copies of popular albums from CD rips, low bit rate downloads or straight from vinyl recordings. They're legally dubious and sound appalling. I bought a few as a skint student from Fopp and they've all been moved on – they're copies to say you own a copy, not to listen to in my opinion. Owning that catalogue is tricky as ideally you want original pressings but they're hundreds now. Second best is the 70s Japanese reissues, then Music on Vinyl then after that it's a lottery.
  8. Reckon handsome Bobby Pires might sneak in there.
  9. Got to be the prolific Xhaka I reckon. There was that lad Xisco at Newcastle too maybe? He was a bit shite though so not sure he scored many.
  10. It's another one of those stupid letting the game flow decisions that adds nothing but that's ended up in a player being badly injured. I can't even be bothered to get annoyed about it any more, the league clearly delights in Mike Dean's fuckwittery and it's not stopping any time soon.
  11. Art Vandelay

    Yacht Rock

    They sure have! There is an absolutely shocking version by Cashmere and this one I found a while ago which is very much a straight cover, by – I think – the guy who wrote it. Not sure it's any closer to the boat but it's certainly nice. Just found this discofied one too which I'd not heard before. I appreciate the addition of a guitar solo, but that's offset somewhat by the disco high-toms. Seems to nail that weird vocal style Leo Sawyer has where it sounds like someone has contorted his little body into a microwave and forced him to sing. Close but no cigar.
  12. Art Vandelay

    Yacht Rock

    I think he sailed quite close on a couple of occasions, but his voice is all wrong for Yacht and he draws too much from disco rather than jazz and soul. Saying that, these two are nearly there based on personnel, and the sound is sort of right. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing is 100% nyacht though, that's madness.
  13. Art Vandelay


    I really enjoyed the Spurs game, but they were absolutely appalling that day and we still somehow let them back in the game by sitting back. I think we’re too wrapped up in the idea of patience and it being this long winded process that it reflects on the pitch. 1-0 at home against Palace is a game you go onto win 4-0. I mean Wenger had that approach and managed it with much worse teams than we put out last night, but we’re scared of everyone.
  14. Art Vandelay


    I think this is probably what we’re going to get from Arteta, decent spells for 10 minutes or so and then allowing teams to put us under the pump for the rest of the game. As we are you either need to be able to counter really well or be able to organise a press, but we’re slaves to a system that needs better coaching and players to work. It’s frustrating as there’s green shoots, but there’s so much terrible football to watch in between the good bits. Palace aren’t much good but I can see what sort of football they want to play. I don’t know if this is what Arteta is aiming for and it’s not clicking or if he doesn’t know himself. I couldn’t personify his style, but I doubt it’s the type that gets you into Europe.
  15. No I completely agree with your last point. What I’m proposing would still have the month long gaps in the season for qualifying with the last one rolling into a knockout tournament that would replace the Euros, for instance. This is just trying to work within the construct of having biannual world cups whilst playing games that matter and not overloading the calendar. You’d still have two trophies to compete for, but the problem as I see it would be a slightly longer gap between regional qualifying and the final world tournament. None of it is ideal, but what we have now isn’t good either really.
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