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  1. Watercolour Challenge used to be essential daytime television to vegetate to whilst frittering away your one chance at higher education.
  2. Was looking for Rainbow but this is class too.
  3. I’ve seen handballs given all season like the one today too so I guess it evens out. Saying that it wouldn’t have made any difference as Arsenal were dreadful today. Always hate when we tank the cups.
  4. Shane Long seems to fly under the radar but he’s always been a diving prick. What is VAR doing if it’s not going back to call stuff like that? Pathetic.
  5. The officiating in this game is so bad. Not sure any call they’ve made so far has been right.
  6. I was reading about that last night but wasn’t sure where to share it on here. I’m absolutely gutted about it. He provided the backbone to my collection of house and bruk when I first started collecting records. Was playing a few this morning and they haven’t aged at all. Such a shame as he was a top bloke by all accounts and was always entertaining when I saw him DJ.
  7. Art Vandelay


    I don’t think anyone was saying that as we kept winning it. We’re not qualifying via the league or winning the Europa so may as well give it a decent crack. The problems with maintaining form are apparent with the team today, there’s some really rubbish options that play too often.
  8. Art Vandelay


    Looks like we’ll have to do it against 12 today. This ref is a proper home blower. Makes it more difficult as we’ve started with 9 as Pepe and Willian are dog shit, constantly hiding in plain sight. I’d rather we just ran our best players into the ground than hope some of these fringe players suddenly become good.
  9. It certainly wasn't subtle. Buildings like that are scattered all over the Kent countryside if Zoopla is anything to go by. Enormous agricultural structures with dark cladding and upsetting angular boxes erupting from every surface. It looks old hat before it went up. The stairs were a good microcosm for all that was wrong – argue about it all you like, they're not that nice. Just everything about it was a bit underwhelming, from the grim plot it was set on to the framed football shirt in the bedroom.
  10. Art Vandelay


    He's really good. I'd be thrilled if we get him in. Definitely not in the same bracket as the other loanees we've had in over the years. I'm hoping behind hope they're trying to get an option-to-buy in there as his ceiling his huge.
  11. I don't think everyone got their fair share of ridiculous handball penalties earlier this season when that was a new refereeing directive before they got bored of that and moved onto the next way to wreck a game of football.
  12. This must be set in an alternative reality of Britain where there's significantly more than 7 guns in the entire country.
  13. It's Weird Fishes, definitely. 100%. Or National Anthem.
  14. Art Vandelay


    Smith-Rowe reminds me a lot of watching Merson. His body movement and touch is just really reminiscent and he also always seems to win you something like a throw or a corner. Keep him off the chop and out of the casinos and we'll be laughing.
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