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  1. Art Vandelay


    That was absolutely fucking shit.
  2. Art Vandelay


    God we are horrible to watch.
  3. I'm going to be perfectly clear here – this is quite a difficult listen. However, it aligns in the exact moment you want it to and therefore justifies its existence. S*Club 7 vs. KRS-One
  4. Vera Lynn didn't sing Rule Britannia whilst wing walking on a Spitfire as our boys bravely fought the Boche on the beaches of Iwo Jima for this.
  5. I loved it so much that I made a CB radio out of a shoebox with an old electric shaver as the mouthpiece tied to it with a piece of string. I then lashed it to my bike and rode around the village recreating Bo's thrilling adventures. Needless to say I was mercilessly beaten up, so I obviously have very mixed emotions about this news.
  6. I think Johnson had some shit going on though rather than just being a feckless layabout. The Ozil PR machine is in full swing now, so I can imagine Arsenal's social media accounts are being bombarded by weirdo Turkish teenagers and the rest of his odd cult as we speak. The talk of loyalty is a bit rich. I mean who can put a price on something intangible like that? Apparently it's £8m in the current market, but still, the point stands.
  7. The Westside Gunn album lives up to the hype. 98 Sabres is the audio equivalent of Pickford's attempted murder on Van Dijk. It's given my neck an ACL.
  8. That's ace. Great video too. I saw Plastician repping this one. It's a bit of a beast.
  9. Oh man, that's really sad. Test Pressing have got loads of Jose goodies on their site, including this lovely film.
  10. Wow I love Christian Vander. I posted some of his stuff in the jazz thread, but this one especially always stops me in my tracks when I hear it. I'd also recommend 'The Man With the Golden Throat', Jon Lucien. A tone as rich as a cheese soufflé.
  11. They should call it the Brian Clough Way derby and keep everyone happy.
  12. Art Vandelay


    When you think about some of the dismal Man Utd, Chelsea and Spurs teams in that time that is horrendous. We don’t play with the right intensity in those games, happy to stand off and feel the game out rather than booting someone up the hole and being a nightmare.
  13. Art Vandelay


    Well that was disappointing and another game we could have gotten something from if we weren’t terrified of getting turned over. I appreciate it’s good to start by making us a bit more difficult to beat, but we are really boring to watch. On paper we have some decent attacking talent but just don’t any risks at all. We spend so long playing out to just clip the ball up the line and cede possession until we eventually get it back and do it all again. Arteta really needs to add some variety into what we’re doing as we are currently getting consistently worked out – dropping Pepe and Willian woul
  14. It's almost impossible to soak up pressure from City and then break on them, as the second you do you get a snide pullback which fizzles any move out. Still, doesn't stop us trying that approach again though. 28th time's the charm.
  15. I think with Grealish he's having to be careful because everyone keeps banging on about how he should play and how amazing he is. Every game he doesn't get picked he seems to get better and better. You can sense the pressure growing from the press and the fans and he's got to manage that. The second you start naming the team based on what the tabloids want and it's all over. Don't play him and you've made yourself a target. You play him and if he doesn't do it, you're mismanaging his talents and we need someone who won't. He's a good player, but he's not going to make us into Brazil 70 no matt
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