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  1. That compilation is a masterpiece, might pop it on now actually. This one is essential yacht in my opinion. Basically perfect.
  2. I might be proven wrong but personally I reckon we've lost our minds with White and Ramsdale. Spending £50m on a centre half because we can't coach a player to make a forward pass.
  3. It’s a sign of where we are I guess, but it makes no sense to buy the duff striker a club you’re trying to catch is selling. Especially when they’re in the market for the two best centre forwards in world football. £20m maybe, but you’re basically buying someone to fulfil a homegrown criteria rather than add anything to the starting line-up. Which I guess is the same as Ramsdale when we look to be happy to spend a king’s ransom on a very poor second choice keeper. We’d be better served getting a tune out of the English lads we have a spend more wisely abroad I reckon.
  4. This for me is Jackass at its best. Knoxville was always able to add some levels to his stunts.
  5. Some of the dreck we’re being linked to makes me long for those endless summer days of Sebastian Frey and Salomon Kalou rumours.
  6. I’m wary of modern yacht as the key criteria of being recorded between 1977–83 can’t be met and also it will almost certainly not have Steve Lukather ripping an effortless guitar solo out towards the end.
  7. Some corkers on this album but didn't really notice this track's credentials before. Right in the yacht pocket.
  8. Juno is a mystery to be fair and they seem to employ some weird algorithms that dictate the prices. Unless you're absolutely desperate to own something right away, it's worth popping things in your wishlist and occasionally checking what they're currently selling at. I think I bought Mala's most recent album that was a 3 disc box set with a book and some sort of spiritual stick for you to burn for £10.99 when I'd ignored it at thirty notes or whatever. What factors effect the price is based on who knows what frankly. Saying all of that, Japanese imports are always stupid money. There was a Ryo Fukui LP I was after that was forty-seven ninety fucking nine. It must have made its way here on a first class seat from Tokyo like Bono's cowboy hat. They were punting them out for £15 in every HMV you walked in when I visited!
  9. I'll defend that sleeve with my life if necessary, it's a class bit of design. @ZOK Maybe check out basically everything they've ever done as it's amazing, but especially that album there and especially the one they did with Ghostface. Also one of the dudes goes by the name Matty and his stuff is ace too. Aaaaand, an album called Visions by Matthew Tavares & Leland Whitty is right up your street too.
  10. I think with some of these emerging markets that are starting to creep into the world of more traditional Investments and auctions they are absolutely prime for scams and diddles. I was reading several breathless and unquestioning articles a few weeks ago about the most expensive record ever sold on Discogs. It cost about £30,000 but wasn't a hermitically sealed gatefold copy of Pope John Paul II's ill advised narco-rap LP or anything, but a terrible breakcore track from a few years ago that no-one cared about. Really all that's happened is the artist has bought it themselves and for the £200 cost in fees had the most talked about record on earth for a bit and is the proud owner of the most 'valuable' album in existence. It seems mad that anyone can take these things seriously when the prices are so easily manipulated.
  11. I think the point is valid, but Jamaica aren't a great example in that instance.
  12. My disappointment is being compounded by the fact I can hear an audible squeak if I try and blink and it feels like someone is pushing sausage meat into the back of my eyes.
  13. The referee let Italy off the hook a couple of times. I think he wanted to game to flow and not be marred by cards but it strayed too far into just not calling clear fouls, and really on another day he could have got his red out a couple of times. I'm not sure it would have made much difference, but it wasn't a good night for him.
  14. Can't go wrong with this line-up.
  15. It would be funny if it’s like a usual match day and they’ve got BT channel 14 on for some regional egg chasing.
  16. Ah, I meant this joint that’s just round the corner from there. Some very odd clientele indeed. The last time I was in the Railway Tavern the ceiling was falling in and rainwater was pouring off of the light fittings with everyone stoically still sipping their pints. Really nice pub though.
  17. Is that in that mad Irish pub that’s painted top to bottom in lime green paint by the police station?
  18. It’s like a sixth form common room in here.
  19. I do sort of wish World in Motion was soundtracking this glorious run. An Italian influenced pie eyed piano house banger about love and unity that’s clearly had two pingers is made to measure for Southgate’s summer of worker’s revolution.
  20. Cool! Just fire over a list of what you fancy and we can work something out.
  21. I think with Spain there was some actual smoke to accompany that story though. This seems to be based on Sterling working hard in the semi final of a major tournament like that's beyond someone's physical capability.
  22. I think this will be broadly the footage we'll see Arteta providing. Calmly and forensically explaining to Willian where he went wrong after we slump to a chastising home defeat against Brentford in November. Only with a Spanish accent and some bigger trainers.
  23. Relentless cowbells and handclaps.
  24. This is sounding especially relevant today.
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