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  1. The horseshoe is a problem with player ability as well as system, I reckon. We’ve no quality on the ball when we’re trying to transition from the back four into anyone further forward than that. Football has moved on from your shielder collecting the ball to feet in his own third and picking a pass from there as although we’re secure we leave ourselves short in midfield. There’s no flexibility in possession either and this team is crying out for the Pep tactic of that kind of half-mid full back hybrid when we have the ball. Honestly, Ben White would quietly transform this starting XI if he got a crack.
  2. The Netherland in the 2010 final as an example was one of the most disgraceful performances I've ever seen to be honest. If Howard Webb was competent the game would've been called it was that bad.
  3. I feel bad for Wales as realistically they have to play Ramsey and Bale, but at this stage it is a bit like when Mike Bassett accidentally calls up the two middle-aged semi-pros called Benson & Hedges.
  4. If the word "absorbing" or any mentions of chess are trotted out you're more than likely watching a stinker.
  5. The untapped resource is decentralising the TV rights and rinsing the streaming market. It's what makes me think the Super League isn't dead at all as there's enough owners that want it, and also FIFA are definitely looking for a prestige club tournament to call their own as really all they have is the World Cup and they would love to wrestle control away from UEFA. That an enormous £200bn purpose built football hub has just been built to host such a thing is lovely old timing too.
  6. The way they're banging on is ridiculous. An upset yeah, but a decent Japanese outfit beating an indifferent Germany isn't really a shock. Just shows how little actual knowledge some of these pundits have outside of the small bubble of Premier League football.
  7. The Japanese blueprint of riding your luck all game and then going full court attack like madmen in the last quarter is one I can get behind.
  8. I'd agree with that. I think he was doomed by association with The Premiership as that was just an awful show. From memory Match of the Day was very highlights focussed then – didn't they even just crank through the last few games one after the next with a brief summation at the end? – and ITV by comparison filled every inch of it with anything but just showing the matches. He still gets work though which is decent longevity in his field.
  9. I bumped into Tony Pulis once when his West Brom team were stopping at the same hotel we were. He was a really nice bloke which kind of makes me hope he didn't hear what I'd shouted at him whenever he bought whatever team of cloggers he was currently managing to the Arsenal. Anyway, I'll always defend Towsend when he gets bought up as I think he has a really unique ability to judge the way the metronome of a game is swinging. Sure, he's got his stock phrases but I think he's a fine co-commentator and am always pleased when he pops up on the radio or some dodgy stream.
  10. The BBC comms on the radio have been good I will say. Pat Nevin is a safe pair of hands and despite myself I do really like Clinton Morrison.
  11. It'll be interesting to see if Mbappe and Neymar turn up like Messi has as farting about for PSG is terrible prep for playing top-level football.
  12. When The KLF did a similar thing that was genuinely pointless as it was just for art’s sake, and as a piece of art it was completely derivative even 30 years ago.
  13. Acosta should be expelled from professional football for denying us the chance to see Bale swinging at that one.
  14. I think he’s been quite vocal about how the players on the circuit now get flogged to death to “broaden the appeal of the game”, which is fair enough really. I love the guy, and this isn’t meant to be disparaging to anything he’s been through, but he’s similar to Tony Adams in that he talks like he’s been through a lot of therapy. I think that just means he’s an open tap with his thoughts and feelings which makes him interesting but very unfiltered. Saying all that he’s been the best player at any table he’s been on since his late teens which understandably saps your motivation.
  15. I'll tell you who is a bit rubbish and that's Micah Richards. I feel a deep sense of sadness for even writing it as he seems like the nicest guy ever, but the schtick of yucking it up at everything and anything and being the butt of the laddy banter wears a bit thin after a while. I appreciate this won't be a universally held opinion.
  16. To be fair to Dion Dublin it's not easy to jump from Homes Under the Hammer into the world of professional football.
  17. The playbook that has won recent tournaments is the Western European one that emphasises defensive solidarity and controlled possession. Even Argentina and Brazil have morphed that way in the last few years. Interestingly I was reading both of those teams have struggled to play any European teams in the last three years and are shitting it slightly they've not road tested that approach against opposition well versed in playing it. So really we''d be best served going toe to toe like where we have the advantage rather than opening up and getting picked off. The chances we gave up today were players switching off not systems anyway.
  18. I genuinely think one or both of Bellingham and Saka could end up with the Ballon d'Or at some point. If either of them go to Barcelona or Real then it's nailed on.
  19. We could get ten here, this lot are absolutely shite.
  20. Nothing gets the atmosphere going like panicked tannoy announcements for every booking at a deafening volume.
  21. I've no point of reference to compare, but is the crowd noise always like that in games in the region? It sounded completely unnatural to me, like a very odd unified chorus would go up the instant the ball was clipped into the final third and dribbled through to the keeper. It reminded me of when North Korea would send that mental delegation of 'fans' to World Cups.
  22. I think he shouldn’t wear it as frankly the officially mandated “Bring the Moves” armband says it all.
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