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  1. The full backs were absolutely tosh tonight. James’ delivery and build up was appalling.
  2. Sounds right up my street to be honest. His engineering, if that’s the right term, is always sympathetic and doesn’t make old things sound too shiny and new, so had full faith he’d do a top job here. Feels like a no-brainer purchase. Thanks!
  3. The big question is what’s Portuguese Love like on this? If I’m being honest with myself I’d probably drop £35 for just an extended version.
  4. How is it that VAR isn’t ruining every single game like in the league. Like it actually seems to broadly work.
  5. Art Vandelay

    The Jazz Thread

    There’s a nice Elements of Life version of that that’s worth checking out.
  6. A niche criticism of ITV’s coverage, but their onscreen graphics and bumpers are bloody awful. Everything looks a right dog’s breakfast and just super cheap and dated. Yer man Ally deserves better than this shite.
  7. The angles they were showing were a disgrace. Should have cut the feed the moment it was obvious he was in serious strife as no-one needed to see him getting CPR and I think a defibrillator too.
  8. I think it’s trying to be quite laddy but in an ultra sanitised way so it doesn’t really work. Tony Adams won’t be allowed back as he seemed to go off-script at one point and blurted out something about Alex Horne’s little hairy flag in an ill advised attempt at humour. If anyone was still watching they may have been mildly offended. Crouch is good value though.
  9. I tell you what lads, this Peter Crouch show is very weird. It’s like one of those after the pub banter things made by someone who’s never been to the pub before. Or watched television.
  10. I doubt he'll read this so it should be OK.
  11. Jermaine Jenas is the worst. Absolute no-mark footballer who somehow became the face of BBC football. Like being lectured to by a Top Man shop assistant who allegedly had trials with Stevenage in 2002.
  12. I love that track. That run of material they did on Ibadan was peerless, especially All Loved Out. The dub remix of that is a masterpiece.
  13. I think it’s the first thing they’ve done for 20-odd years. I agree with the vocal treatment, it seems almost an insult to the man.
  14. Despite these guys being house godfathers, I think it feels more at home here. Modern disco madness from the boys.
  15. Wenger was only unknown as the press were so myopic to European football at the time. His record in France was really good and he took Monaco to a European final and a Champions League quarter I think. Bayern were supposed to have offered him the top job after that. I think it was the move to Japan that made him seem like an odd choice, but the standard and money in the J-League was probably quite appealing to him, as well as it being an experience. I don't think anyone would question it if he was given a Premier League job now as no-one is much of a mystery anymore.
  16. Here's the long list chaps, just give me a shout if anything tickles your fancy. cubeadvance-collection-20210608-0408.csv
  17. Magic, thanks guys. Will post up a list this evening.
  18. I’m in the process of moving house and think it may be time to part with the CD collection. Would anyone be interested if I shared a list of what’s to go?
  19. Art Vandelay


    I've seen enough to know he would be an amazing signing and he's only going to get better. It's tricky with loans with a view to buy though, as we already had him and we were still rubbish. Now we realistically need to spend our whole budget to just stand still. He's obviously our main target though, so I would have to hope someone took him to one side after training and were made to feel confident he'd actually sign if we asked. It's quite sobering reading who we're being linked to in the gossip columns though. It used to all be bollocks on Teletext, but at least the rumours were
  20. Art Vandelay


    I think he was always option 2, but Villa were decisive and got their man. If he was still available in August I think we would have been more interested perhaps. What we're likely to do though is be led around by the nose by Real all summer in our futile attempts to buy Ødegaard.
  21. With England, I know the chat is all about Southgate stifling our prodigious attacking talent, but I honestly hope he plays the stodgiest brand of football going. A flat back five, four players sitting and just cannoning balls into the mixer when we can. Shitty penalties, loading the box, playing for time, sitting back. All your young wingers and ball players growing moss on their arse as they stare off into space on the bench. Imagine winning the whole thing like that, it would be absolutely glorious.
  22. Maybe they'll include him in a hall of fame section near the back.
  23. Stickers are an absolute scandal now. I remember they were giving the books away at some tube stops one year so a few mates starting collecting them and gave up quite quickly. I think even assuming you got exactly what you needed in every packet it would cost about £90 to fill the bloody thing up, ignoring obviously that all you ever seem to get is the same Bulgarian 3rd choice keeper time and again. Imagine being forced to attend one of those sticker meets at Olympia or something to get the elusive swaps you're after.
  24. Ross looked a lot like those old lads who go to Turkey on their holidays and come back with a new set of teeth, a sewn in jet black syrup and a face full of fillers. Also, I watched Anniston in We're the Millers and thought she was great. She's got comedy chops and seems a good sport to me. More of that if you please.
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