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  1. The return of Seekers International. A ragga jungle and hardcore mixtape with the density of a collapsed star. Rough and tough and well dangerous etc.



  2. Hmmm, very fishy. Wayne Storm's 'Wet Cigar' cover is clearly a direct copy of this. I feel my copy is somehow worth less now. 



  3. Goldeneye is perfect. I think maybe they released it at just the right time so they could do all the Soviet stuff and it still make perfect sense. Saying that, it had a brilliant baddie with a believable motivation and got the tone just right so they could do the silly death grip thighs and a sports car chase, so it was no fluke of timing, it's just a great movie. They kind of gave up with iconic set pieces after the Brosnan ones and just did nice action, which isn't really Bond to me. It's maybe why the Craig movies have ended up as a bit of an indistinguishable sludge as they seem unwilling to have him hoon a tank about or cut his knackers with a laser beam as that's too fun. 

  4. I can't for the life of me work out what it is, but there's a weird album that keeps getting recommended on Spotify that seems to be Chuck D and the Bomb Squad with some maybe Turkish dudes. I can't tell if it's legit or not, but it's got words like 'Zionist Terrorists' in the titles and has Professor Griff on so have steered well clear as of now. 

  5. I thought that was a great one/two of episodes. If they'd have asked me, I would have moved in with the mad ambulance couple. Genuinely moving to see such nice people achieve what they did and I love watching a proper grafter. The narrative arc of the bothy botherers was fantastic too and what they ended up with was stunning. I think that guy must have had cast iron clangers to stay the course when it looks for the world that he'd vandalised such a beautiful plot.

  6. I did laugh when Gary Neville condemned Tarkowski's challenge as having no place in the game. Bit rich coming from a bloke who kicked so much shit out of Antonio Reyes he effectively ended his career in English football. 

  7. It's just inconsistency innit. If you go back through those dismissals there's three for bad tackles, two of which were given as yellows initially and one from Xhaka which is one you kind of have to give so no complaints there. The rest are stupid letter of the law incidents where we've been shocking at the back and dragged people down, or when Leno punched the ball outside his box for some reason. This Arsenal team are laughably soft but seem to get the book thrown at them at every opportunity. None of them were as bad as challenges Pogba and Tarkowski didn't even get booked for. 


    I think it's a delicate line to tread for Arsenal journalists to criticise officials when the facts are we have picked up a lot of reds. Arseblog made a good go of it the other day that's worth a read, and really it was more a point about the ridiculous edicts that get delivered each season by the PGMOL that last a few games. None of it seems to be codified, but tackles from the back and follow throughs now seem to be fine as long as it 'keeps the game flowing', whatever that means. I think a lot of people can see the iceberg coming, notably Klopp a few weeks ago.

  8. More Life is a really good listen and touched on an unexpected palette of sounds. As a megastar I don't think he'd ever be capable of doing something as brash and daring as Kanye West is able to do stood on his head, but he's a lot more interesting than he needs to be. 

  9. My friend's friend played at PGA and Korn Ferry level events and apparently hated every moment of being a golfer, which he said was incredibly common. The travelling and pressure is immense and despite being minted he sacked it off to go and work on a building site in Australia or something. I think he just liked the outdoors.

  10. To this day I’ve no idea why he did that or what his motivation was, the guy was an absolute roaster. Was always blowing his top about something. From memory he could have easily had three straight reds in that game. Like I think he slapped two players and also stamped on Van Persie’s head, which in retrospect does redeem him somewhat. Mad bastard somehow played for Real too. Crazy.

  11. That boogie stuff goes for massive money now. Probably been sat in shops for years going for pennies! There’s an amazing one by Beckie Bell that Kerri Chandler has on his DJ Kicks that’s killer too, and extremely expensive. Those French comps are brilliant though and all three are packed with good stuff.


    Here’s another nice Tiny Desk. This dude did the original of Kanye’s best track Father I Stretch My Hands amongst other masterpieces of gospel and it’s so amazing he’s still at it.



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