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  1. I'm not saying that fella. In fact, I (largely) agree with you, although I don't consider it a bad thing that Gervais basically plays the same character. However, that's not what I was taking issue with. We have enough people on here who avoid answering questions by posting lame 'amusing' images nicked from Google - it's better to show someone up for their argument (or lack of one) than posting pictures of gold stars, in my opinion.

    Fair do's. I couldn't really be bothered to be honest. I don't like it when people quote one line out of much longer posts to get a cheap shot in, without engaging me in any sort of convesation.

  2. Don't play that card. Just makes you look daft, Art. If you want to show someone up, do it with reason and opinion. Not with stupid fucking stars.

    He didn't actually add anything for me to add an opinion on, just some rubbish quip that a 10 year old would blush at and a stupid point about knowing Ricky Gervais. The point is that Gervais is not doing much acting, he seems the same in Extras as he does his stand up in both the things he says, and the way he delivers his lines. But of course you need to know him to realise this, so I guess I'm wrong and no-one else has noticed this either.

  3. Yeah, I agree. I always saw this season as him realising that the high brow comedy audience he is after doesn't really exist, and that his generic sitcom is enjoyed by loads of people, and that the people he was actually trying to appeal to are cunts.

    You see, that's not really true. It is possible to make a 'high brow' series, without being patronising to an audience that may also enjoy something like Little Britain, to use a convienient stereotype. Something like Only Fools and Horses or dinnerladies has some very tight writing that appeals to a very wide audience. Sorry to keep banging on about Larry David, but Seinfeld was pretty high brow and about a billion times better than Extras, and was the most successful sitcom of all time. Hell, The Office was incredibly subtle and clever and enjoyed by a huge international audience. It's possible to strike the balance is what I'm tryingto say.

  4. Have we had the "typical Rllmuk reaction" line yet because someone doesn't like something? Oh we have, fantastic.

    For gods sake, it's the character Andy Milman who has a problem with his creativity being stiffled, nothing to do with Ricky Gervais's own views. He's acting. It's NOT REAL! Anyway, I do think pulsemyne is correct in that he'll start to realise his snobbery was misplaced and he was actually much happier as an extra..

    If you can't see the wafer thin difference between Andy and Gervais, I'm amazed. He's practically playing himself. And if he didn't feel like this about other comedies, then why confuse all us stupid people by setting aside a good portion of the show to say how much he doesn't like them?

    There's no story arch going on here where Andy will find something meaningful out, or some amazing revelation to make the series worthwhile, I wish people would stop expecting it.

  5. I really thought that the bit when Maggie opened the changing room door and revealed her new dress would be the epiphany for Andy and would realise he had feelings for her, maybe that would add some story of excitiment to proceedings. It's clear this isn't going to happen and the relationship is going to be purely plutonic, which as daringly modern and edgy this might seem, is dreadully boring for us.

  6. It's a shame, the first series was ace.

    I think this whole compromised sit-com thing is a big mistake. He's having a pop at something that absolutely didn't happen to him. It feels wrong, almost dishonest. Ungrateful even.

    And the mini-sitcom itself appears to be a dig at Only Fools (the theme tune) and Dinnerladies. Two far better shows than this - poor targets.


    Jackpot. It's a mean spirited swipe at his employers that is so misguided it's unreal. It's also a very poor show to have a dig at your peers; it's probably a good idea that you don't slag off people on your way up as, let's face it, he's on his way down. Fast.

    I'm amazed some people have so much good to say about this weeks episode. Finding the funny bits was like a tramp sifting through a dustbin finding bits of edible cheese to eat.

  7. I thought it was dreadful. It wants to be realistic and natural, but when you have a sales assistant slagging customers off having just that second met them, you know it's going badly. That whole scene in the dress shop was awful in fact. I thought that Andy would march in there and act all cocky, waste her time then tell her to fuck off, but no, he acts like a complete prat again. You then think that when he sees Maggie looking stunning in her new dress he'll be persuaded and clammer to pay for it, again no. It was a mess of ideas with no point at all.

    Oh and Maggie had her foot in her mouth again. It was telegraphed from the second Andy let slip his secret. It's terribly lazy. The celebrity appearances seemed shoe horned in again, even when they were at the Baftas amazingly. It's like a load of sketches thrown together for a Children in Need night version of Extras. The bit about the muffin was stupid too. It was attempting one of those little back and forths that Jerry and George had on Seinfeld, but failed badly.

    It's not often half an hour of television gets me pissed off, but for something that perches itself atop such a high ground it was just as lazy as any episode of Little Britain or Catherine Tate you could mention.

  8. That's ridiculous. There's nothing better than a good, in-depth making of or an entertaining commentary. Why would you complain about getting more for your money?

    But they're, without exception, totally dull. Who wants a 7 disc set of The Matrix for instance? It's endless scenes of people buggering about in front of green backdrops or bearded crew members waxing lyrical about the movie and the time one of the writers did something hilarious. It just spoils the illusion of the film as a finished article. I don't care how they did it, just give it to me. Commentaries are ok if it's someone doing them who matters, because they can be enjoyed as you actually watch the thing.

  9. Not sure whats out this month but I have recently bought this because I was in some dire need of a compilation/mixtape. Its a superb collection of funky top quality hiphop. On permanent rotation at the mo.

    I thought this was rubbish to be honest. Too much useless UK hip-hop and the old joints they picked were really obvious. It felt really clinical too, pretty far removed from their live sound.

  10. What I would like ideally is to get a job where I would be trained up to the standards that the employer was looking for and then begin to get a decent salary after that.

    Same here, and I'm finding it impossible. A decent portfolio doesn't seem to make a blind bit of difference either. I've given up on what I'd like to do with my life and am instead going to get an office job doing something I hate for no money for the rest of my working life. You've got to live the dream!

  11. And that bit at the beginning, when he went to spit his tea out but went "Oh, I finished", made me laugh out loud.

    I honestly thought that was brilliant. If it hadn't been used in the context that we are supposed to think it's shit, everyone would be saying it was great.

  12. It's worse on second viewing. The bit when Merchant first meets the dwarf is dreadful, how could you possibly be so tactless? Also the way Maggie puts her foot in it again with hilarious consequences was stupid. Has she been diagnosed with Autism since the first series or something?

  13. How many times? Would you rather your manager politely said they didn't see it, or go into a spitting rage and make a call either way and make a complete tit of himself every Saturday, like Ferguson for instance.

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