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  1. The ref is a real home blower, but Grealish needs to toughen up or be smart enough to know he’s not getting anything and battle some more. Falling on his arse at every touch in a game like this is pointless.

  2. Maybe jeopardy wasn't the right word. It's very rare that I'd want anyone to fail when they're taking a chance and trying to do something like this, it's just that money seemed like no object and the project wasn't really that important to him. It's difficult for us to care when it's just another expensive dingle dangle. Still, Grand Designs is a broad church so there's room for all sorts of builds. I think the next episode looks to be getting back to the heart of the subject matter: some calamitous amateurs trying to build a family home on some railways sidings.

  3. I did take some joy from seeing that despite having a family home the size of a hanger at the Cape Canaveral, you still had to turn sideways to slip between the bathtub and sink like in your student flat. 

  4. The super-rich thing was just about that slew of programmes they make about billionaires and the incredibly wealthy squandering their money. Billion pound hotel and boats and whatnot. This was just that really – there was no jeopardy as money meant nothing to him. I think it's just a shame to see them focus their attention on someone who is literally just looking for attention, if that makes sense. Grand Designs has always had a core running through it of unlikable people building monuments to themselves that will be there long after they're gone, but this was on a different level somehow. The vulgarity of erecting something like that for four people to live in was breathtaking. Even my old man, who is in no way an eco-warrior or anything like it was shocked at the material waste of it all. I think perhaps if Kevin had been more critical of the purpose of it at the end it might have sat better, but he was totally swept up in it. 


    I think for all the faults of the George Clarke shows, there is some actual joy in there. This was all just a bit sad for me.

  5. I thought the guy was an absolute roaster with van Hoogstraten levels of self aggrandisement and I was willing the vulgar carbuncle to blow away in the wind. Channel 4 have such an odd obsession with the frivolity of the super-rich and I wish they'd get back to single minded old men digging out caves to live in. This was rubbish to watch.

  6. Just to say, for what it's worth if stuff is posted in here I will always try and listen to it, but will do better at dropping some likes or comments in. I don't think we'll ever get back to those heady days of pages long monthly threads with Megaupload links littered all over the show and what seemed like a classic a week coming out, but this is still a great source of knowledge with some truly enlightened contributors. Will do better.

  7. I think sports films – and especially football – have never come close to replicating what an actual game looks like. It's always so slow and stilted with everyone clumping about shouting meaningful lines of dialogue and it just looks wrong somehow. Maybe it's just impossible to direct that many people to do something that is by its nature unscripted and chaotic. Saying that, I suppose war films are able to achieve a similar thing, but of the two I've only played pub league and not fought at the Battle of Iwo Jima so maybe that looks shit too. 

  8. This is like an avant garde comedy. I’m not sure which episode it was, but they installed an electric blue swinging garden bench to the ceiling of someone’s front room and put a 10 foot wide murkin in a frame and stuck it to the wall. I think they also possibly broke several indecency laws when they poured LLB into a pair of leather strides. 

  9. He has a pattern of behaviour that makes me think he's just incredibly self-obsessed. His ridiculous persecution complex coupled with being a complete simpleton certainly don't help either. It's my firm belief the club will erect a giant bronze statue of this imbecile depicting the time he told his own supporters to fuck right off and plonk it outside the newly christened Dignitas North Stand.

  10. It sort of made sense as a contrivance in Licence to Kill as it then meant Bond could arse about an interesting world MI6 had no business being in. Once he's told M where to stick his job at the Hemingway House he's pretty much left to his own devices and can frolic in an 80s action movie to his heart's content. It's used horribly in the rest of them, especially Skyfall where the whole secret service run amok for the last third. That one is a stinker from top to bottom. 

  11. They should remake Apocalypse Now and have it star roly poly everyman James Corden. Being sure to recreate every last detail of its hellish and chaotic production that almost killed or traumatised half the crew in the steaming stews of Manila, then not bothering to put any film in the camera.

  12. 11 hours ago, Stigweard said:

    There hasn't been a car subculture in a Fast and Furious film since the 3rd 


    The forth and fifth ones definitely still do to varying extents. Even the later-day heist ones still have an abnormal fascination with cars that goes beyond just driving them about quickly like other action films would. Saying all of that, that's who the characters are so it makes sense that's part of it. I don't see it as a problem anyway, as I have zero interest in cars but enjoy the films immensely.

  13. I don't think Edu is very good at all, but when you see the packages players like Kolasinac and Nketiah were demanding it's no wonder they're still here. I like Eddie a lot, but he's listened to some terrible advice in not moving to Palace and will now spend the season rotting away on the bench. At that age that can be a death sentence on your career and he really needed to be more realistic. Kola on the other hand was working everyone from all angles – pay off from us, £3m a season and a £3m signing bonus to pal around with his mate in a tin pot league in the sun. I think he'd banked on them not having seen him play football before.

  14. I loved the guy and I’m sad he’s left. He’d lost a yard but was still comfortably our best right back and just a good presence at the club. Alarm bells should be ringing at the amount of players for whom Arsenal clearly means a lot that are abandoning the place like a fire at a canned fart factory.

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