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    Seriously, what is the point and who really gives a fuck anyway? Arteta mused aloud as he sent the team out of the dressing room.
  2. Their first album when Switch was still part of it was great and I played that to death. I don’t think that’s a guilty pleasure at all.
  3. I love TalkSport. It's all well and good listening to a football hipster in their late 20s soberly dissecting the ins and outs of FC St Pauli's pressing system, but it's far more fun tuning into some apoplectic bloke from Essex blowing a gasket about VAR that Durham has dangling on his line. The Moose especially is must listen radio, it's been a slow moving car crash for the last 20 years. Absolute hilarity guaranteed.
  4. It made my blood run a bit colder during those bits though. It was just way too contrived to be believable within the context of the rest of the show. It feels like they needed to amp up the pressure Tench had at home and tie him to the psyche of one of their subjects like they had with Ford. And they already had the kid. Maybe it was the plan all along, but I'm not so sure. Saying that, of the bits where they delve into the character's personal lives, Tench's is the only one that really adds any colour. Wendy's romantic subplot took up so much time and felt completely irrelevant in such a sho
  5. I had initially given up on this but did just finish it recently. The whole thing is a weird paradox. At once the characters are straight from central casting and also compelling to watch. The idea of a maverick genius being misunderstood by the system has been done to death, but was actually done really well. A profiler seeing themselves in the killer and parallels with their own lives is one of the most hackneyed themes in film and television. And yet, and yet it was still really good. It feels like the force of will to get the atmosphere and the actors and direction and scene setting to be
  6. I think this game really manages to nail empathy in a way I've not really experienced before. In a game obviously not real life, I'm not a psychopath. Everyone's life seems like such a struggle already there's no real fun in randomly shooting people. Even accidentally trampling some poor sod when you're in a bit of a hurry feels wrong. When my original horse came a cropper I felt genuinely bereft that he'd died because I had been titting about by a cliff. You can't help but blame yourself in those situations. I was talking to my brother about how he played it through and his exper
  7. Well, I think with a lot of people have just sort of revealed where their line of acceptable greed sits. This was too far, but the current level is fine for the most part. I think it's fine to carry on pointing that out as this isn't the big reset it's being trumpeted as. It's just an issue that's had a goal line clearance and somehow ended up into the long grass by the carpark for a couple of years at best. I think one thing that bothers me a bit is the idea that all these owners would have used the extra money to consolidate their sporting success. If you take Arsenal and Man Ut
  8. I think a roadmap to wrestling back control would be to even out the TV money distributed which would make some of these clubs less desirable to billionaires, hope they go away and then impose a mandatory percentage sale to fans when they sell up. It's pie in the sky though as no government would get behind measure that would deflate such a big industry, and some owners aren't that interested in making money anyway if they're using the club to sportswash. I think the horse has bolted though to reform the sport properly as the clubs are too massive for fans to realistically raise the revenue to
  9. Can I just say now that there is a zero percent chance of fan ownership for 50+ coming in. It’s just way too late for it now. Should have been a prerequisite for the start of the Premier League.
  10. What a complete embarrassment. Another slick piece of manoeuvring from the well oiled machine that is Kroenke Sport Entertainment. All of their clubs are a complete shambles, I should have known better to think that they'd be able to get something this complicated off the ground. Still, the government's plans to finally regulate the sport and hand it back to the fans are still full steam ahead and I look forward to this never happening again. Thumbs up.
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    If anyone gets a second to sign this that would be good. All the details are in the link, but it's an attempt to try and save The Tollington. Iconic pub and the landlords are top people too. Petition here.
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    I've mellowed on this news today and now simply wish Stan Kroenke's wrinkled old walnut heart would explode and his large idiot son dies from the grief of watching it.
  13. Fine I guess. I’m just saying a multi-millionaire landlord who’s personally pumped up a football team with large sums of money and who’s main employer is the architect of the downfall of British football may not be the most objective voice in this debate. I mean, there were people who were actually ready to believe Jose fucking Mourinho was some kind of moral arbiter in this yesterday until it became obvious that was a load of rubbish. He’s entitled to his opinion and you’re entitled to believe him. I’m just saying it’s difficult to take the moral high ground on the issue of money destroying t
  14. Well the point is that he’s been more than happy to take Sky’s coin and work for an organisation that has shown contempt for fans for years, but this is too much now? He’s just another hypocrite.
  15. The more I think about it the less willing I am to give a shit what Neville says about anything. Using Sky as a platform to witter on about fans getting fleeced is beyond parody.
  16. It's crazy really as Arsenal have been my family team since my Grandad and Great Uncle were boys, which would be knocking on for 100 years ago now give or take. My mum grew up in a block within sight of the old ground and they've always been a huge part of my life. Dodging the horse shit and having a hot dog on the way to a game were some of my favourite memories with my old man. I think it's been understandable to get melodramatic in the past about your club being lost when you got new owners or Sky took the piss, but this is the first time I think the entity that is Arsenal football club has
  17. The thing is though, whilst it is greed of an almost unimaginable level you can understand why the clubs want to do it now. They're going to cop dogs abuse with this dreadful UEFA sanctioned format anyway so you might as well go the whole hog and take full control. In for a penny. Frankly, UEFA and FIFA have made rods for their own backs with all of this. It's an occasion where there's no goodies and baddies, just dreadful people on both sides. Nob heads the lot of 'em I tell you.
  18. He's probably only pissed off he wasn't consulted. I doubt he or any other manager with ambition would be daft enough to come out against it. He'll be angling a way to get into one of those clubs sooner or later as the thought of not being at the top table will eat him alive.
  19. Wenger was bumped on TalkSport for the Mourinho news. How is Jose still twisting him up even after he's retired.
  20. As an Arsenal fan I would love to see this too.
  21. Wenger is on TalkSport at 10:30 for his soul shakin', money makin', hip replacin' cheap trash promo for his upcoming TLC curtain raiser against Ivan 'The Terrible' Gazidis and Silent Stan Kroenke. Live, this August in the centre circle of the North London Astrodome before the opening round of high-stakes European Super Soccer League Soccerball. £49 on PPV.
  22. Real and Barcelona are for these purposes fan controlled and they’ve jumped in both feet first, and I reckon Bayern will be all over this eventually. City and PSG are only holding out or being cautious as they’ve got owners who are somehow on the board at UEFA or have got a grubby World Cup to keep on the rails. I really don’t mind people dragging Arsenal about this as our inclusion is ridiculous, but as a favour to me can we just pepper Spurs in there a bit too? I’m not discounting that League Cup triumph from about 15 years ago, but we are at least the holders of a trophy for a few
  23. I think these are all good points. It’s sad as I know it’s fun to laugh at Man Utd or Arsenal or Liverpool when they were shit, but no-one wanted to listen about how dreadful the owners were. These plans should come as no surprise, and that Kroenke is at the heart of it really is typical of the approach he’s had since day one. He’s thought nothing of wrecking a club, I don’t think he’d lose sleep over destroying the football league too. I don’t think these announcements are brinksmanship this time. These owners have been scheming up a way of cutting out the middleman for years and
  24. I guess the six teams have been picked as they have the biggest appeal globally. If you're trying to make money do you focus your attention on the few hundred thousand living near the ground or the billions in the markets around the world sat watching it on TV? It was inevitable something like this would end up happening as the game was slowly divorced from the community one step at a time. If people think fans won't put up with it they're in for a shock – they don't give a shit about Barry the 70 year old season ticket holder. Look at the amount of people that will pay money to watch the NFL
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    That was dog shit. A recurring nightmare I have is us playing the Europa with Ceballos and Elneny as our starting midfield for all eternity. What are we expecting them to contribute at this stage? Just play some kids from the academy or a fan off the street or start with 9 or something. I’m absolutely certain it would make no difference.
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