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  1. I remember Arsenal fans being in total denial that Fabregas would ever go on strike to force a move, until later when it became completely apparent that that's exactly what he did. Clinging to PR from the player's representatives about the player returning late for perfectly valid reasons. There's not really anyone to be annoyed at. Kane has an agreement to leave and Levy will get Spurs a great price for him once this all runs its course.

  2. On 13/08/2021 at 16:10, Quest said:


    Ahhhh, this is it!! This was playing in some shop I was in in Shanghai the other day and I forgot to shazam it on my phone and thought I'd never find it again. 


    Glad to be of service! 


    Here's a nice track from the returning Anushka proving that lovers rock still has a few tricks.



  3. I think you’d need a director of football and manager duo as Edu would inevitably be out with Arteta. Conte is a fantasy as there’s no way he’d come in to work with these idiots and he would require some serious investment behind him, so I think everyone should just forget about that. I do feel bad for Arteta as he’s a decent bloke obviously and would have been a fool to turn down the chance, but he’s just making no progress. The idea of working with young players is a sound one, but we’re not looking any closer to introducing a style of play nearly two years in now. I honestly haven’t a clue who I’d get it as no massive name would touch us at the moment, so we might have to go through a few coaches until one clicks.

  4. 28 minutes ago, DirkCrisis said:

    I agree (Brighton Ben White Defence Force - Activate!).


    He's 23 and has a way to go before he hits his ceiling unlike the excellent Varane who is already there. Under our system was a CB and DM and someone capable of progressive forward passing and chance creation.

    I find it unlikely he’ll grow another 4 inches though. Also playing as a two he’ll actually need to defend rather than just pass forward. It’s not writing him off, but we’ve all been saying for weeks that his wasn’t a position that needed filling and he was about £25m too much for the level he’s played at. For the money he needs to be one of the best defenders in the world and he’s just been run absolutely ragged by a couple of Championship forwards. It’s a criticism of Arsenal’s terrible recruitment not the player as such. 

  5. I’d not quite realised how much of a short arse Ben White was until he was getting comprehensively dominated every time he challenged for anything over 5 feet in the air. A lot of money to spend on someone to step three paces out of the back line and spray the ball towards no-one. Also his ear ring is an insult to everything Martin Keown died for.

  6. Four right backs on the books and we finish the game with a left back there, sort of sums up where we are.

  7. A high line with zero pressure on the ball is just suicide. Can’t believe this was the plan we’ve spent all summer scheming away at.

  8. I guess it's not my money, but with players like him and the ones we've bought already they don't improve our first 11 so it's hard to get excited. I think clubs are just searching for safe places to put their money, like when investors panic and buy a load of gold or whatever it is they do. We made a big mistake when we kept our fabled war chest sealed shut all those years when other clubs made a killing on player immortalisation, so maybe they've seen young English players as a shrewd investment? That is literally the only reason I can see to spend £80m on two players who are unlikely to amass 20 career England caps between them.

  9. I think he wants another tilt at the European Cup and really PSG are the only option on the table that could promise that whilst still trousering his normal wages. Plus it’s probably an attractive place to take it easy as he winds up to a World Cup seeing as he only needs to get out of first gear for about 5 games in that league. PSG is such a soulless club to be put out to pasture in though, even their own fans can’t stand them.

  10. Dave and Ehren are hilarious in their own way. It's the same as people like Dimitry, Rick and Brandon for instance, they're no stars but just bring a different dynamic to the group. You also need someone to be the butt of the joke in fairness.

  11. He's a bit of a victim of the way we play I reckon, plus I wonder if we're seeing a physical drop off. When he's not scoring he's always been a passenger, but it's so pronounced at the moment it's quite sad to watch. We're sort of trying to play like Pep and striving for a day where we don't start with a 9, which is why Lacazette is mostly seen busily working away as a deep 10 as we spend 3 minutes working the ball to the flanks and eventually dinking it into no-one. There's so much wrong with that plan it's not worth going in to really, but the main problem is that it involves so many players in square peg positions we can't get it to work. Again, the rigidity is absolutely killing us.


    I sound like a right grump about it, but I agree. I think 8-12 is realistic. Top four is a complete fantasy.

  12. The thing with Willock though is I have no idea if he’ll become a guaranteed starter who’ll regularly score goals for us, I suspect he will but that’s speculation. What we all know for sure however is exactly what the players we have left will offer because they’ve underwhelmed for years. As a fan I’d rather we took the gamble. We’ve made such a mistake getting a manager who is so tactically inflexible that if you don’t fit the level of specificity required then you’re out the door.


    Whilst I’m banging that drum, this move shows what an amateur Edu is too. Willock is the victim because we’re incapable of moving on anyone difficult so we’ve had to sell the one player a club is publicly pleading to spend money on, and even then we’ve sold for a poor fee. Edu should have gone with Raul as he shown us nothing to suggest he’s up to it. I honestly can’t believe how much this club still pisses me off.

  13. I see Newcastle have put to bed any Willock debate. Seems cheap to me, especially as that’s only 2/3 of the price of the shit keeper we’re looking to buy.

    What a dispiriting summer. If Edu ever comes back from his jollies he’s got so much to do it’s unreal. I just don’t understand how we can talk about progression when it feels like we’ve got basically the same team we did from about five years ago, and they still play like they’ve only just met. Whatever anyone thinks of Neves, Maddison or anyone else we’re linked with at the moment, none of them are signals of intent of anything. They’re just easy obvious signings where you keep increasing your offer until you meet the price you were quoted a month before. When you think about the signings and contracts we’ve done in the last couple of years it could make a grown man weep.

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