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  1. For me it’s not so much that they’re believable but that despite being utter arseholes the writing is good enough to give them some humanity and makes you care about these sociopaths. The script and acting is just on another level. I mean we should all really just want the whole bunch of shits to go to jail. I thought the scene with Kendall and Greg was pretty clever and a good example. Kendall says all sorts of ‘mean’ things to Greg and we feel sorry for him. Yet everything he says is true. Greg is a complete parasite. In fact, other than Logan they are all pretty truthful to each other. Often dressed up as banter but they’re usually dropping massive truth bombs on each other.
  2. I found the first 2/3 a bit lacking this latest episode. However Best line award to Tom again: “ No idea where this is going.
  3. Same. Seem to remember really liking them but giving up after god knows many books but this brought back zero memories of the book. Other than the names and Trollocs. It’s actually slightly depressing how little I do remember of the books. Thought the first episode was very weak personally. Really odd pacing and the fight scenes against men in furry suits were a bit rubbish and unnecessarily gory. I’ll prob give it a couple more episodes. I actually really enjoyed Foundation so who knows?
  4. I must admit I never quite got all the love for TLC. Obviously Raiders is the best by a fair distance but ToD is still the clear runner up for me. I mean it’s hard because if you’re of a certain age these films have a special place. ToD was the first one I saw in the cinema and I was a huge Indy fan. It hit at just the right age (10). By the time TLC came out I was 14 and had other priorities! As others have said, ToD was pretty brutal and was the perfect mix of adventure, violence, comedy and gross out for a 10 year old. Also agree that the opening of ToD is brilliant. Nothing can beat the Raiders opening as it introduces us to the coolest man in the world in the best way…but ToD has an amazing opening sequence. Love it.
  5. Another amazing episode. Brody was brilliantly odious.
  6. Amazing episode. The performances are so so good and the attention to detail is incredible. Greg and Tom are a great double act and Greg’s watch issues throughout the episode were hilarious. Some very Peep Show awkward comedy. Love the lines you catch off camera. So many possible angles and alliances to come. Agree on some of the Naomi comments although I assumed she was relapsing with Kendall. They’ve not shown anything yet but their manic behaviour is a bit suggestive.
  7. You could be right although The kids are all becoming more clearly aware of Logan’s manipulations.
  8. All fair points. I think it was the way he was asking a first year law student to advise on how to lawyer up and how he might not be clear that a Waystar lawyer may not be the best bet for him. He’s clearly way out of his depth.
  9. “I’m 98% sure the donuts are safe to eat.” Roman has the best lines.
  10. Django Unchained 4.5/5 Inglorious Basterds 4/5 Tarantino double bill last night and tonight. First Tarantino experience for the kids (13 and 15) and they loved it. Christoph Waltz was just utterly superb in both movies. (We laughed a lot as I paused on the exact frame of the DiCaprio meme which of course they had no idea was from Django.) Tarantino can be a bit hit and miss but when on form he’s a master. He somehow manages to bring out that teenage feeling love of film in me. I’ll stop stating the bleeding obvious now.
  11. Fucking people man. Why would anyone think it would be a good idea to send his daughter that clip?! As for the clip. I mean it’s a decent impression. That’s it really.
  12. It’s really good. Quite different, endearing and rather odd in a good way. The characters feel fleshed out and real, inhabiting this New York reminiscent of a golden era but not too saccharine. No idea where it goes from here and is it a one and done thing?
  13. Watched the first two and really liked them. V different. Unfortunately, didn’t pass the ‘watch with the kids test’ or the very high bar that meets the ‘just my wife and I test’ (her high bar anyway as we wasted 6 good hours on Vigil).
  14. Another 4/5 for No Time to Die. Only small complaint is it was a bit too long.
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