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  1. Thought I was the only person who watched this. It had its moments and was intriguing to begin with but it ended up in so bad it’s good territory. The school disco dance scene has to be some of the weirdest television ever made.
  2. Underwhelming finale no question but not entirely unexpected given we know there’s at least one more series to come. It’s enjoyable enough TV for a Sunday night but it’s never been much more than that. It’s entered that phase of self-awareness now though where the main characters are hamming it up along with the writing. But they’re clearly enjoying themselves which I think is it what makes it a decent watch.
  3. Thanks guys. I’ve been watching Smoking Dad BBQ via on YouTube in anticipation. He does a great comparison of different reverse sear methods on the KJ and the soapstone came out top. Can’t wait to try it.
  4. On preparation for the arrival of the KJ have ordered a pizza stone and the accessory rack. Keen to get a soapstone, charcoal and some smoking wood. Any recommendations gratefully received!
  5. Very disappointed really but it was clearly never going to be more than average. It’s nice that they try to do a bit of social commentary but it’s incredibly ham fisted and by the numbers. It’s also great that they trying to show the consequences of the blip but I’m not entirely sure what exactly the Flag Smashers were trying to achieve or how and that feels like a missed opportunity. Sam’s speech at the end was just dreadful and there were various points during the finale where they would cut to a nodding person - Zemo in case we hadn’t made the link with his Butler killin
  6. Haha. One day perhaps! You’re probably right though in that they’re different although you can do most things in the Gozney too and the Kamado is kind of an oven also. I’ve plumped for the KJ Classic II.
  7. So I cancelled my order and am getting the Classic II instead...but...the Gozney Dome is going on sale from tomorrow and it’s basically the same price for the dual fuel Gozney as it is for the KJ Classic II. I think I’ll prob still get the KJ but interested in views as to what is likely to be more versatile?
  8. Started watching Parks a long time ago but never got past halfway though Season 2. It’s now a family favourite and we’re nearing the end. Brilliant show and so many good moments. Using Ron so sparingly was a masterstroke and whilst I love his involvement it would have been even better/braver to keep it that way throughout. His excited girly chuckle gets me every time. Been enjoying Jamm too. Excellent character. About a season and half to go I think. Will be sad to see it go.
  9. That fight scene is ridiculous. In both a good and bad way.
  10. They Live It’s a pretty dreadful film by today’s standards and super on the nose but it’s oddly watchable. The lead actor is kind of bizarre and not really very good. Some of the dialogue is ridiculous. Cool to see where Obey the skate brand comes from and recognised some actors from other John Carpenter stuff here and there. It’s a 1/5 if you judge by today’s standards but as an 80s genre movie railing against Reagan I’ll give it a 3/5.
  11. Thanks mate. Will definitely do that. Already eyeing up the Joetisserie and haven’t even got the KJ itself yet!
  12. Gardenbox. Back order though. Should arrive end of April although they told me that the Masterbuilt ones weren’t being made anymore. Seen some in stock on Amazon but more expensive and no bundle.
  13. Apparently they’re not making the Masterbuilt ones anymore? Anyway, I went for it and have ordered a KJ Classic.
  14. Was wondering about that. Any recommended brands? Kamado Joe are bloody expensive!
  15. So we’re redoing our garden and I’m thinking of replacing the gas Weber for something else. Looking for something that sits on a counter top. I’m thinking of just getting a v basic cast iron grill for charcoal and a versatile oven alongside it. Ideally would be one thing that does it all. The Gozney Dome looks great but I guess you can’t grill in that. Can anyone recommend anything? The space would look a bit like this.
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