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  1. Noob here to. Am I a fan? Sometimes! There's no question it is a great game and looks epic but if you're short on game time like me, it might be a struggle to get into. It's deliberately obtuse as fuck and there's no getting around the fact you need to learn the levels but there's a definite sense of progression most of the time. It's well documented but cockiness gets punished quickly too. Still toying with the idea of restarting with a Royal character. I've prob spent 6 hours on it and only defeated 1-1 and just making my way through 2-1. if I rebuilt my character I could
  2. It takes a while for Schitt’s Creek to get good. By the end of Season 1 it starts to turn a corner and gets better and better. The family becomes quite likeable I found. It’s kind of the obvious point of the show really. Modern Family can be really good but varies in quality. Phil is continually great though.
  3. Kind of wondering if I should restart as a Royal. I think Knight is also recommended for beginners but would be nice to shoot some magic from a distance!
  4. Ha. Finally did the boss in 1-1. Ended up running around like a twat for over 20 mins killing the little guys. Managed to damage my long sword so just dagger to kill the fucker in the end. Finally. Never played a souls before. This took me about 5 hours over various sessions. Doesn’t bode well!
  5. Really trying to like this game but I think it’s probably going to be a bridge too far with the gaming time I have available. Have been farting about in 1-1 for a while now. Wasted loads of firebombs first time round against the boss and have been trying to to do it with just pine resin a few times but I’m just not patient enough. Trying to get a clear hit on those hoplites feels like guesswork. Half the time I just bounce of the shield and get skewered. Im not giving up without at least beating 1-1 though.
  6. Still knocking about 1-1. Admittedly only been able to put a couple of hours but still. Lost 4000 souls at one point. I’d died loads but had always managed to get back to the point I lost them. Then I went to fight the first boss. Wasted my firebombs and now I have to grind for firebombs. Couldn’t beat it with just a resined up sword. Also had no idea about the black maiden and thought couldn’t level up without beating the Phalanx. Still enjoying it though somehow!
  7. The GPU level is utterly amazing. A smile on everyone’s face. It’s so impressive.
  8. Anyone know if there is a way to add users from my PS4 set up via cloud or does it have to be via the PS4 set up option?
  9. My first time too. Died against the first boss as expected. From Nexus went to the Palace and got a fair way around. Found a shortcut which I assume stays open for your next run. Then couldn’t resist seeing what happens dropping down a hole which had magic beam things floating beneath. I’d ignored it last time but shortcut took me back around. Fucking note said a good time to fall. Walked into the hole and fell to my death.
  10. It’s arrived! I’m slightly embarrassed at the excitement levels. I’m 45 and have cancelled all meetings this afternoon as ‘something has come up’.
  11. Where does that option appear? Not seeing it. Ignore me found it!
  12. Sorry, don't know. I used the website for pre-order FWIW and was fine.
  13. Got a text and app notification from DPD. Argos website still says nothing. (Centresoft also)
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