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  1. The Favourite Never got round to watching but now it’s on Starz on D+ thought we’d give it a go. I can see why it was well received although it’s a lot weirder than I expected it to be! It’s described as a dark comedy which I find a bit odd. It definitely has plenty of dark humour in it but it’s not really a comedy. Pretty amazing performances from the three leads and it looked phenomenal with some really unusual and effective shots. 4.5/5
  2. Season 2 is a cracker. Really builds on Season 1 and the characters are portrayed far more confidently. After giving it a go when it first came out and not bothering after a dull opening, last year this became a family favourite. Can’t wait for the next season.
  3. Thank you! I couldn’t get the frame on my phone but thought it looked familiar (and obviously not part of the show!)
  4. What is going on at 12.36 in this video. In the scene where Visions co-workers are reading the message a character flashes into the shot. Like a subliminal thing. Is this something this YouTube does?
  5. Not that I’ve spent much time analysing BTTF on it’s time time travel logic - it’s clearly a fun romp rather than a serious treatment - but I’ve always assumed a version of the infinite parallel universes theory applies. So there is a timeline where Marty disappears mysteriously forever as well as another one he slots backs into. The timeline rearranges based on the perspective/age of the traveller. The traveller can only ever observe the timelines that don’t ‘belong’ to him. They can interact but not replace. Unless they’ve travelled back in time and then the concept of the two time
  6. Whiplash - 4.5/5 Not watched since it first came out but it’s on Prime and gave it another watch. It’s as good as I remember. Perfect ending too. Damien Chazelle made something special. I should really check out LaLa Land as I also thought First Man was great.
  7. I think some of them might be but I think the chat was it wasn’t great in that quite a few shots with cameramen in and stuff as it was always shot with 4:3 in mind even though in 16mm. There was a 4K master done a few years ago that reframed a lot of the dodgy bits. Assume that not what’s on Prime?
  8. The Gentlemen Guy Ritchie only seems to know how to do these types of films. It’s enjoyable enough though. Hugh Grant is fantastic in it and Colin Farrell’s best turn since In Bruges. Not quite as clever as it thinks (it’s pretty obvious) but the cast carry it very well. A good fun Friday night movie. 4/5
  9. The Shield is definitely up there with the best. Tempted to rewatch. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but Dark Waters is on Prime also. Worth a watch. Scandalous.
  10. Trial of the Chicago 7 (Netflix) 4/5 A timely and entertainingly told piece of history with some really good performances. Nothing ever changes in the land of the free. Very Sorkin which is largely a good thing I think. A Few Good Men (1992) 4/5 Another Sorkin movie but completely by accident. Can’t believe this is 28 years old. Peak Tom Cruise - he really was good at playing the cocky wunderkind. It’s still a good watch and a fantastic pay off with Jack Nicholson’s now legendary Colonel Jessop. Dark Waters (2009) 4/5 Get ince
  11. That’s really useful thanks. Did a v quick comparison on a Ziggy Stardust album and did sound quite different as the Spotify version was a remaster.
  12. Stylus arrived today! Not tried too much yet. It sounds good but I prob wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if I were to play from Spotify. But that was never really the point. It was about making me appreciate listening to music a bit more again. (Might try some blind testing though.)
  13. I was! I sent a snotty message to the retailer yesterday. They responded within a couple of hours apologising and will send me a replacement stylus ASAP. Feel bad they’re responding on Xmas day. Still don’t really understand how this happened though. Must have been an issue at the factory as the box was stapled shut. Anyway hopefully will get a chance to try it soon.
  14. Nope. It should already be installed. It’s broken. Must be from the factory though as nothing there when I removed the protector.
  15. Man how disappointing. Just set up new Play 5 speaker and Rega P1 to find there’s no bloody stylus! Am I being thick? Removed the cartridge protector thingy and there’s nothing there?
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