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  1. Air- Prime Video I watched it all but it’s rather average really. A couple of amusing lines interspersed with more needle drops than a Xmas tree in January and annoyingly crowbarred 80s nostalgia. “Hey, I’m calling you from the car! Can you believe it?!” Cut to enormous car phone. Cut to random person playing a Coleco handheld thing. Or facile knowing nods. “Air Jordan? I’m not sure about the name” “How much can he earn? I mean we’ve never sold more than £3m worth of one shoe.” Subtitle: In its first year the Air Jordan sold £161m. At the end of the day, it’s not all that interesting a story to make a nearly two hour movie out of. Maybe showing how the different shoe companies competed with each other might have made for something more compelling. If you watch “The Last Dance” you get a far more interesting insight into the phenomenon that was Michael Jordan and this little part of the story gets about 5–10 mins which is all it needs. 2/5
  2. There is some symmetry there. Given Jesse Armstrong’s continual argument that the show needs to live up to the name, it had to happen.
  3. That’s not the first time Cox has said something where he seems to miss the point. Can’t remember when or what it was (helpful I know) but I remember him saying something about his character which I thought was totally off the mark. Oh and that last episode was probably my favourite of the entire show. The performances are next level.
  4. I really wanted to like this but just didn’t do it for me. Think I got about 4 episodes in. I found Ria Zmitrowicz’s character and her brothers bloody annoying. It had some nice touches but was also so on the nose at times.
  5. I’d love to know the stats but the new paradigm resulted in me very very rarely resorting to the high seas and probably paying more over to the various streamers. This sort of shit will just mean some of us will go back to how it was and not bother paying the streamers.
  6. Greg’s look back into the room was pretty good too. Managed to capture the moment (badly). The little shit! I’d happily have watched an episode of Tom and Greg coked up. Amazing. Most enjoyable episode of the series for me. Not necessarily the ‘best’ as that one was a difficult watch but felt like old school Succession with tension and high stakes. Tom and Shiv’s little interaction was amazing. Tom’s reaction to the revelation was bang on. They’re all just such a bunch of arseholes. Mencken has been brilliantly cast. Fucking terrifying.
  7. My mate fainted during the infamous octopus scene. He got up to get a drink and down he went.
  8. Agree. It looked amazing though and was just interesting enough to keep me watching.
  9. To flush out the fact Team KenRo are actively against the deal. It’s already got Kendall suggesting a ‘reverse Viking’ (🤣) which will look ridiculous if it’s a ruse.
  10. I thought The Last Duel was excellent. He’s still very capable.
  11. It’s fantastic. You may be interested in the thread:
  12. Started a bit pedestrian compared to the previous episodes but it delivered in spades as ever. Greg (Pitchbot) just doesn’t give a fuck anymore and switches sides literally from minute to minute.
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