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  1. Has anyone mentioned Unorthodox yet? Really enjoyed this. Limited series about a Hasidic Jewish woman from New York who runs away to Berlin. Fascinating insight into that world and, as they point out in the very interesting ‘making of’, its like a period drama at times. Some of the minor characters are a bit ropey but the main actors do a great job. Half of it is in Yiddish!
  2. I kind of quite like that. The storytelling itself is ok. I mean his central premises for all the Commonwealth books are pretty interesting and brilliantly imaginative but despite all the massive world building everything ends up feeling a bit parochial. Like the same few people are integral to thousands of years of human development and two of the biggest events we go through as a species. Reminds me a bit of how Star Wars after the original trilogy was made to feel like a small universe eventually. So the detailed asides give the universe a bit more to it.
  3. I would agree with that. Wendy on the other hand...
  4. Not a bad watch this if a bit too obvious. They don’t seem to make too many films like this anymore which is a shame. Decent cast too. Was A bit worried that Sienna Miller was in it but she was actually pretty decent. Black Panther is a solid lead and anything with J K Simmons in it is always going to be watchable. They didn’t make enough of the central premise though really.
  5. I always associated it with Hollywood blockbusters but I think that’s down to the fact that it was the title of the famous book about Don Simpson and which seemed to credit him with the idea. Great read incidentally!
  6. Really enjoyed it. Keeps you guessing to the end and has a great trippy quality to it.
  7. Saw Final Destination again recently. It’s totally silly but pretty well done ‘horror’ about teenagers who cheat death so it has to find a way to kill them in the most roundabout way possible. It’s firmly tongue in cheek. Spawned a host of crap sequels. Think it fits this category. The Invitation. A group of old friends get invited to and dinner party and something is definitely up. Great little thriller with some gloriously hateful characters.
  8. Just finished Season 3. Had to watch the last two back to back. How amazing was Ben? They seem to really get incredible performances out of the cast. It’s very full on. Less violence this season but heart wrenching emotionally. Anyway. Long wait for the next series now. I think it’s my favourite Netflix original. Perhaps along side the first season of Bloodline which I think has a lot in common. For some reason I didn’t feel the need to watch the second season of that and gave up two episodes in.
  9. Savouring S3. Only watched the first two episodes. Bateman and Linney are incredible in this. Actually, the performances are all pretty awesome. Darlene is terrifying. Whilst they ratchet up the tension really well, it’s all about the properly rounded and flawed characters excellently portrayed and how the Birds leave this trail of destruction behind them.
  10. Yeah awesome little film. Saw a trailer for this at the Curzon a while back and had been keeping an eye out. It's bang on the nose at times but does a few things very differently.
  11. Couldn’t see any other mentions of this. It’s really good and a great glimpse into a world I knew absolutely nothing about and wasn’t at all how I imagined it to be.
  12. These are the absolute king of flavour for those who agree that salt and vinegar is the supreme flavour leader. Once opened they will not survive long.
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