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  1. Tough crowd. Amadeus is a stone cold 5/5 for me. Amazing performances, sets, costumes, funny, sad, epic. Kind of has it all. Even my kids were mesmerised for the whole runtime…perhaps it wasn’t the 3 hour cut though.
  2. Oh come on. It’s not that bad. It is all slightly ridiculous and if they strung it out for 12 episodes I’d not bother but it never really outstays its welcome with just 6 episodes. It’s almost perfectly judged for a Sunday night after Antiques Roadshow. It’s basically a long episode of Midsummer Murders but a little more up to date and on a sub.
  3. Hmm. Found last night’s episode slightly disappointing. The flashbacks to the relationship are a bit cringey and I’m not entirely sure what the point is - I hope it’s not simply having to explain why Amy got involved in a gay relationship. Maybe they’re laying it on thick so Rose Leslie will do something highly risky when they don’t get a response from the sub? The ‘let’s not tell her it’s a drill’ and that whole scene created zero tension. At one point I thought it was a dream sequence. Was that the the point - are we supposed to be thinking maybe the DCI has lost it for a few minutes? Still decent though and interested to see who’s in on what. The Police ‘Boss’ can’t be so squeaky clean - something going on there.
  4. Yeah I’ve invariably been up against much better and very different decks to the big standard ones I have. Have only managed to win 3 times out of say 10.
  5. Yeah I’m in the same boat. Did the ‘colour challenges’ and no real idea where to go from here. Have built up some xp to be able to buy packs but no idea which packs to buy!
  6. Films about cars and these completely overblown and ridiculous car subcultures. So basically anything with Fast, Furious or Hobbs in the title.
  7. Yeah it’s a compelling watch. Just like Line if Duty,characters giving lots of looks so they’re all a bit sus. Interesting swerve though at the end of the second episode. They really should spend a bit more on CGI or just not rely on it as it takes you out of it. The trawler being pulled down was awful. I wondered if it was because I was watching UHD version on iPlayer. Apart from the CGI, UHD looked amazing. The scenes over the water were phenomenal. Some of the best I’ve seen.
  8. Star Wars films. ok. Star Wars films with anyone named Skywalker in them. Apart from Luke. He’s alright. But the old Luke only.
  9. Got some Denver steaks and reverse seared. Came out v well. More importantly used the KJ to cook a traditional vegetarian paella (missing a few things not in season but had most things.) Worked v well. IMG_6245.MOV
  10. Seeing as we seem to have gone slightly beyond crisps, some of you snackers may like to try ‘Pipas’. Basically a Spanish treat (I think I may have seen a bag in a Polish supermarket once too) consisting of sunflower seeds still in their shell that traditionally are salted. In recent years they’ve also done flavoured shells which have elevated them to snack hall of fame. They’re tricky to eat but the more you eat the better you get. Due to my Spanish heritage I’m a pro. Salt aside they’re a pretty healthy snack I’d say and because they’re fiddly you don’t get too fat eating them. Pretty sure baseball players eat them a lot these days instead of chewing tobacco! Looks like you can get them from Amazon. It it’s a complete rip off though so don’t. They cost about 1 euro in Spain.
  11. The Art of Self Defence (On Netflix till 3 Sept) This has been on my watch list for a while and given it’s about to disappear from Netflix gave it a go last night. Darkly amusing, well acted, very brown and a surreal/parallel universe vibe to the whole thing. Suggest going in blind as whilst we kind of saw where it was going it was still an interesting ride. 4/5
  12. Not a fan of modern musicals but have a real soft spot for the golden era classics. Singin’ In the Rain, Wizard of Oz, Meet me in St Louis etc. For some reason have a real soft spot for two Doris Day musicals: On Moonlight Bay and By the Light of the Silvery Moon.
  13. I was a 2000AD subscriber back in the day (1984-91 more or less). Dredd 3D captures some of the Dredd feel and the less fun aspects of the comic. It is a good action flick but it’s not ‘my’ Dredd or MC1, the aesthetic of which was much better captured in the otherwise awful Stallone vehicle. But perhaps Dredd has morphed into something more gritty over time - I haven’t kept up tbh.
  14. Really enjoying this. Is it done in one series or is it left hanging? Suspect the latter and annoying if so as no point continuing.
  15. That is incredible. Inspirational.
  16. The Purge (2013) An interesting premise (which I hadn’t realised was based on an OG Star Trek episode) executed poorly and cheaply. 2/5 Logan (2017) Did a rewatch with the kids and, geez, forgot how explicitly violent this was. A decent swan-song for a beloved character or two, especially compared to some of the dross Fox pumped out over the years. 4/5 Unstoppable (2010) Denzel phones it in with an upcoming Chris Pine in this fairly plodding film that might be super appealing to train enthusiasts. 2/5
  17. Started this last night and was bored shitless after 30 mins so gave up. I found the performances of the couple at the beginning so awful it really put me off. Worth persevering?
  18. I started watching Patriot which was pretty interesting. Not sure why I stopped actually. The Looming Tower is excellent if only a few episodes long. Not sure it’s a Prime original but I’ve only seen it on Prime. The Expanse but I imagine you knew that one. Tales From the Loop is worth a look. Upload is actually pretty good. Lightweight fluff although has its moments.
  19. The Talented Mr Ripley It’s probably been nearly 20 years since I watched this. It popped up on Netflix so decided to give it a whirl as remember really liking it. It still holds up really well. Beautifully shot and very well acted. Jude Law really was a beautiful man - perfectly cast as the spoilt, wealthy playboy. Matt Damon is fantastic as the outsider looking through the window to another world. Definitely worth a revisit. 4/5
  20. Has no one said The Regular Show yet? Used to love watching that with the kids. Genuinely funny.
  21. Difficult watch tonight. Not to take away from an overall great performance in the tournament but feel Southgate should have adapted the team sooner tonight. It’s almost as though that early goal wasn’t in the plan so we weren’t sure what to do. Defending a 1-0 for 89 mins was never going to cut it. Italy got the chance to have loads of ball and were far more comfortable on it for most of the game. I just hope the media doesn’t give too much stick to the penalty takers. The set up seemed a bit odd with Southgate selecting the takers and it appeared rather chaotic. On balance the better team won on the night but it could have gone either way during normal time
  22. Well I’m thankful for so many of you guys saying how absolutely abysmal this was as with my expectations so low I actually was slightly pleasantly surprised. I mean it’s brainless nonsense and super obvious replete with every action sci-if trope you could think of but the action scenes were decent and I thought the alien design was pretty cool - if hugely derivative like almost everything else in the film. A good hangover movie.
  23. Big fan of the LaoGanMa crispy chilli here too and tried the Black Bean one earlier. Even better! Although very different things obv.
  24. I find 5 Guys variable. Sometimes a horrible soggy mess and others pretty ok. Would much rather an Honest any day of the week although appreciate they’re not quite the same idea.
  25. Thought was an ok episode with the two Loki’s sounding each other out but also agree that the setting and fx were a bit ropey at times. The inhabitants were certainly generic sci-fi to the max and the random encounters probably the most video game RPG yet! Stage 1 - avoid meteorites and get to cover. Stage 2 - find energy source. Encounter with NPC who directs you to train Stage 3 - Get onto train via misdirection. Random NPCs in rags complaining about rich people wearing futuristic pantaloons. Stage 4 - Fight on train - make way on foot to final destination Stage 5 - Find path to shuttle whilst city collapses around you. Stage 5 was a mess. My wife asked what was going on. They seemed to wander around in circles having badly choreographed fights with badly dressed generic guards. Still looking forward to the next episode but definitely felt like a drop in quality. Sylvie was good though.
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