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  1. “I’m 98% sure the donuts are safe to eat.”


    Roman has the best lines. 


    Great episode and amazing how much control Logan has over them that he can manipulate them with what was presumably just a lucky guess. 

    And Marcia is back this time without any pretence that she is in it for anything other than lining her and her kids’ pockets.


    Greg is a bit too stupid now for my liking. At least before he had some kind of vague instinct of self-preservation that leant him some semblance of intelligence. He’s just super clueless now and is clearly going to be being manipulated by his gramps for his own ends. The Roys are such bastards!


  2. Django Unchained 4.5/5


    Inglorious Basterds 4/5


    Tarantino double bill last night and tonight. First Tarantino experience for the kids (13 and 15) and they loved it. Christoph Waltz was just utterly superb in both movies. (We laughed a lot as I paused on the exact frame of the DiCaprio meme which of course they had no idea was from Django.)

    Tarantino can be a bit hit and miss but when on form he’s a master. He somehow manages to bring out that teenage feeling  love of film in me.  I’ll stop stating the bleeding obvious now. 

  3. On 05/10/2021 at 19:41, JohnC said:

    I'd just been catching up with Only Murders in the Building. Just in time for the new one today. It's a cracker! An unusual hook followed by some big progression.

    It’s really good. Quite different, endearing and rather odd in a good way. The characters feel fleshed out and real,  inhabiting this New York reminiscent of a golden era but not too saccharine. 

    No idea where it goes from here and is it a one and done thing?

  4. On 16/09/2021 at 08:31, Mystacon said:

    Patriot - Amazon Prime


    I’m not sure how this managed to slip past me as the pilot was first released 6 years ago, but I hoovered up both seasons in a few days. I can quite comfortably say without any sense of hyperbole that this is the best tv show I’ve ever seen.


    It follows John Tavner, an intelligence officer, who goes undercover at an industrial piping firm to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities. 


    Brilliantly written, darkly comic, an amazing ensemble of characters played by a stellar cast. Slick, funny, heartbreaking, tense, inventive and interspersed with a selection of off-the-wall narrative folk songs.


    Overall it feels like Barry or Fargo if they’d been directed by Wes Anderson.


    Unfortunately cancelled by Amazon after its second season, but tied up nicely regardless.




    Cool. Very cool.

    Watched the first two and really liked them. V different. Unfortunately, didn’t pass the ‘watch with the kids test’ or the very high bar that meets the ‘just my wife and I test’ (her high bar anyway as we wasted 6 good hours on Vigil). 

  5. 7 hours ago, jdanddiet said:


    Below is a decent little horror sub movie

    U-571 (if you ignore the unsubtle rewriting of history)

    K19 Widowmaker (if you ignore the dodgy accents)

    Run Silent Run Deep is a classic


    And of course, that Doug McClure classic, The Land That Time Forgot, which features a large section on a nazi Uboat.


    I was referring to Das Boot but you’ve reminded me of this classic:


    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea



  6. Loved Episode 1. Not read the source material but I love the slow burn and the feel of a massive galactic empire. They’ve done well not to go too heavy on the exposition although some is inevitable for the TV. 

    It looks amazing and the tech feels super solid. Im a sucker for mysterious, ponderous and large scale sci-fi so right up my alley. 

    How do the books stack up these days?

  7. On 21/09/2021 at 12:26, Sabreman said:

    Amadeus (1984)


    I got round to it! I"m not averse to long films (I put down Lawrence of Arabia on a yearly basis), but for some reason I've put off watching this even though its been in my iTunes library for years. It's very good, if not quite the masterpiece I was expecting. I did watch the 3-hour Director's Cut, which may have been part of the issue. I felt it started to run out of steam towards the 2-hour mark, but it did pick up again in the final 30 minutes. It's way more lightly entertaining than I expected, very comical and energetic (at least in the first half). I felt it was less a biopic than a sort of tonal snapshot of a life, and to be honest Salieri was way more interesting than Mozart himself. I never got a feel for why Mozart's compositions were and are considered such works of genius, although this might have buried the movie in dry technicality. There is a scene towards the end where Salieri is helping Mozart pen the Requiem, and here there was a sense of Salieri peeking into the creative mind and being astounded by it, which I really enjoyed.


    Performances are all great, though a little arch in some cases, but that's the style of the film. Obviously impressive sets and costuming, oh and the score is pretty good.



    Tough crowd. Amadeus is a stone cold 5/5 for me. Amazing performances, sets, costumes, funny, sad, epic. Kind of has it all.  Even my kids were mesmerised for the whole runtime…perhaps it wasn’t the 3 hour cut though. 

  8. Oh come on. It’s not that bad. It is all slightly ridiculous and if they strung it out for 12 episodes I’d not bother but it never really outstays its welcome with just 6 episodes. It’s almost perfectly judged for a Sunday night after Antiques Roadshow. 

    It’s basically a long episode of Midsummer Murders but a little more up to date and on a sub. 

  9. Hmm. Found last night’s episode slightly disappointing. The flashbacks to the relationship are a bit cringey and I’m not entirely sure what the point is - I hope it’s not simply having to explain why Amy got involved in a gay relationship.  Maybe  they’re laying it on thick so Rose Leslie will do something highly risky when they don’t get a response from the sub?


    The ‘let’s not tell her it’s a drill’ and that whole scene created zero tension. At one point I thought it was a dream sequence. Was that the the point - are we supposed to be thinking maybe the DCI has lost it for a few minutes?


    Still decent though and interested to see who’s in on what. The Police ‘Boss’ can’t be so squeaky clean - something going on there. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Jimmyzilla said:

    I think the longer it takes to find an opponent the worse it's going to be, there's no way for the starter decks to beat someone using any of the new mechanics like dungeons! If I haven't been matched in 10 seconds I quit to try again. 

    Yeah I’ve invariably been up against much better and very different decks to the big standard ones I have. Have only managed to win 3 times out of say 10. 

  11. On 30/08/2021 at 21:25, Jimmyzilla said:

    I'm a bit lost after the tutorials and the colour challenges, are there any guides for where to go from here?  I don't even know where to start with deck building these days...

    Yeah I’m in the same boat. Did the ‘colour challenges’ and no real idea where to go from here. Have built up some xp to be able to buy packs but no idea which packs to buy! 

  12. Yeah it’s a compelling watch. Just like

    Line if Duty,characters giving lots of looks so they’re all a bit sus. Interesting swerve though at the end of the second episode.  

    They really should spend a bit more on CGI or just not rely on it as it takes you out of it. The trawler being pulled down was awful. I wondered if it was because I was watching UHD version on iPlayer. Apart from the CGI, UHD looked amazing. The scenes over the water were phenomenal. Some of the best I’ve seen.  


  13. Seeing as we seem to have gone slightly beyond crisps, some of you snackers may like to try ‘Pipas’. Basically a Spanish treat (I think I may have seen a bag in a Polish supermarket once too) consisting of sunflower seeds still in their shell that traditionally are salted.  In recent years they’ve also done flavoured shells which have elevated them to snack hall of fame. 

    They’re tricky to eat but the more you eat the better you get. Due to my Spanish heritage I’m a pro. Salt aside they’re a pretty healthy snack I’d say and because they’re fiddly you don’t get too fat eating them. 

    Pretty sure baseball players eat them a lot these days instead of chewing tobacco!  

    Looks like you can get them from Amazon. It it’s a complete rip off though so don’t. They cost about 1 euro in Spain. 



  14. The Art of Self Defence (On Netflix till 3 Sept)


    This has been on my watch list for a while and given it’s about to disappear from Netflix gave it a go last night. 

    Darkly amusing, well acted, very brown and a surreal/parallel universe vibe to the whole thing. Suggest going in blind as whilst we kind of saw where it was going it was still an interesting ride. 




  15. Not a fan of modern musicals but have a real soft spot for the golden era classics.  Singin’ In the Rain, Wizard of Oz,  Meet me in St Louis etc. For some reason have a real soft spot for two Doris Day musicals: On Moonlight Bay and By the  Light of the Silvery Moon. 

  16. 1 minute ago, Bazjam said:

    Alex Garland (who wrote and unofficially directed Dredd 3D) is like many of us a lifelong 2000ad fan. And for me, he absolutely captures the character and world of Dredd. Obviously the visuals are compromised for budgetary reasons, but it still has a great look about it. The humour of the early progs is definitely played down, but its still there. The line "Drug bust" had me laughing harder than I have in many comedy films of recent years.


    Bloody love this film.

    I was a 2000AD subscriber back in the day (1984-91 more or less). Dredd 3D captures some of the Dredd feel and the less fun aspects of the comic.  It is a good action flick but it’s not ‘my’ Dredd or MC1, the aesthetic of which was much better captured in the otherwise awful Stallone vehicle.


    But perhaps Dredd has morphed into something more gritty over time - I haven’t kept up tbh.

  17. On 04/07/2021 at 20:53, Minion said:

    Not sure if it's been mentioned here but On Becoming a God in Central Florida is now on Netlfix, it's a fun watch Kirsten Dunst is great as always, just a shame it didn't get a second series.

    Really enjoying this. Is it done in one series or is it left hanging? Suspect the latter and annoying if so as no point continuing. 

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