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  1. One of the main complaints on release was that there was no save option. they have now added a save option in between floors. I'd say an hour is enough to get through a floor. Its a great game and they have 3 specific dungeons to go through. you can play on your own with 4 characters. They have just added a Bard character and will be adding more DLC this year but i think it will be paid as the first 2 DLC dungeons are free.
  2. I doubt if Rockstar will handle the port themselves. They may have an executive producer role and oversee the dev studio that Oculus has picked to do it. Similar to RE:4, Capcom overseeing Armature.
  3. Normally it is 6pm UK time but I’ve heard it’s 3pm which would be a first.
  4. I totally agree. I’ve been in that world for 2 years now and I’ve had enough and coming back here. Can’t wait for RE:4 later today. I’m also enjoying Song in The Smoke on my Quest 2.
  5. New to the Hades party on my Series S. Had about 3 runs just after midnight. About to jump in again but so far so bloody good.
  6. I doubt it very much as its only been out for 4 odd weeks on PSVR. The full title is The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners
  7. It's quite scary. the sound design is great and adds to the creepy atmosphere. So far its not jump scare after jump scare. its more combat focussed which is handled very well. i'm only at chapter 5 but personally i think this will be my number one game on the Quest. Well worth the asking price.
  8. It seems to be ok on PCVR and Quest but the PSVR version is very bad. Forced blinders and click turning only. Apparently the devs outsourced the PSVR version and the wrong version was loaded to the PS Store????? anyway they are working on a fix. I've watched a few videos of the game on PCVR & Quest. It does look interesting but the AI looks pre N64 levels. I may get it on the Quest due to the 2 hour refund policy.
  9. i'm sure i paid £18.95. The dev changed the price for Canada which apparently affected other prices on Oculus store.
  10. This game is amazing. I love the visuals, music and gameplay. Easily my favourite Quest game but I’m aching like a MoFo today and that’s on easy.
  11. Yes this is my most anticipated VR game this year. Anyone know when the Oculus Quest store updates with new releases? I take it not midnight but something like 4pm if we're lucky.
  12. Yep, its my most anticipated game for the rest of the year. looks brilliant.
  13. I've just got it as well. Haven't played it yet but for £8 it's the same price as Vader Immortal 2 on the Quest and thats barely 30 minutes.
  14. I was going to do the same with Episode 1 but kept it as its on £7.99. It's just nice to show people Darth in VR.
  15. Vader Immortal EP2 downloading...
  16. My two copies came from Shopto. I ordered one and have been charged for two. If their return policy is cumbersome i'll most probably sell it in the trading forum. No poster either.
  17. Aim support is only for certain challenge levels and not for the main campaign.
  18. It’ll ask you after the prologue I
  19. Just completed the intro. I'm liking the style and basically everything about it. Yes at this point it is a bit button mashy (thats ok for me as i'm shite at Platinum games) but i'm sure it'll change. It's looking like a great Platinum game at the moment which is enough for me
  20. For the Game Collection orders, my copy has turned up.
  21. i got a despatch email from Game Collection. i ordered mine after reading your earlier post so you'll most probably get it tomorrow.
  22. The new Beyond trailer has just dropped. It looks all kinds of great. It’ll still be a buggy mess but that’s par for the course now. Can’t wait to play this in VR
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