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  1. The 1080ti is on around a 2080 and the 5700xt is about a 2070 super with the subsequent driver updates it has had so there will prob be very little in it
  2. I believe COD was only free with 3080s and 90s. 3070s got a year Geforce only
  3. Lovely!!! I ordered one yesterday and forgot I had linked my AV Forums account so got it today free delivery.
  4. https://www.scan.co.uk/shops/nvidia/founders-3070-t9bl4tyr FE 3070s!!! Be quick
  5. 6800 is about as much percentage better than a 3070 as it is percentage more expensive. Better at 4k (more vram obviously) but worse at RT and no DLSS
  6. https://m.cclonline.com/search/?q=3080 3080s in stock for next day delivery
  7. My 3070 from yesterdays Scan drop has just arrived!!! Couldn't be bothered waiting for Amazon to get their sh.. together with my Gigabyte order.
  8. So it's not just me then!
  9. Just picked one up from Amazon Germany for £472 delivered (damn exchange rate!) Bloke at works autistic son had set his heart on one for Xmas but they have had no luck at all so I pounced when I had notification it was in stock and told him it's his if he wants it at what I paid. Was a tiny bit tempted to keep it but I have enough toys I don't play with already
  10. I cancelled my Amazon France Gigabyte Eagle 3070 at £530 as my sensible head said the performance difference wasn't enough to cover the extra i'd have to add once I sell my 2080. In hindsight I made the right call as just picked up the same card from UK Amazon via their global store for £469! Delivery estimate was first week of December which I can live with as of the only 3 cards that would fit in my case (this, FE and Zotac) this is by far the better one with the triple fan set up
  11. I "think" I just managed to grab a Gigabyte Eagle from Amazon France for £527 delivered. I'm limited to 2 slot cards due to my case so was only this or the FE I could get. My bank originally queried the transaction and blocked it which was lucky as it then gave me time to load up my fee free Revolut card and change to that, saving another 18 quid. Delivery due monday
  12. I have glaucoma so my vision in one eye is pretty much shot and I have to wear specs. Is it worth getting if your eyesight is that bad? How is the clearance with the glasses spacer as i've heard the lens are prone to being scratched by them
  13. Too many *'s with the 6900xt benchmarks for my liking. It's over clocked and using the new 5 series Ryzen memory thing. Not exactly an apples to apples comparison
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