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  1. Just found out i'm gonna be furloughed yet again so reluctantly had to list my GPi for sale after only just getting it, assembling it and installing an image Turned out the bargain price from Droix was total BS and only found out when I contacted them after tracking showed it hadn't been dispatched. They told me it was "unavailable" but I could have a ready built one for twice the price. Got one from a seller on Ebay in the end
  2. I think they are just Pi Zero ones and not GPi specific as the ones on that link have all the scripts for soft shut down etc already done
  3. I got the Supreme Gpi loaded 32gb Link removed
  4. Weird. Not showing on there now. Was standalone case for £39.95
  5. Just managed to get a Pi Zero and a Gpi case from droidbox which was reduced to 44 quid so whole set up for 51 quid which is a bit of a bargain anyone who fancied one. Downloaded a fully loaded image from Arcade Punks and i'm ready to go when they turn up. I've a had JXDs, GPDs, RS+97s, Xperia Plays etc etc but nothing scratched the itch but the GPi has the form factor I want, same UI as my Pi3b set up and my mini arcade and is plenty fast enough for what I want to emulate.
  6. Robin Williams came back for the third Aladdin so there is that
  7. Tried out a few things on my 4k projector and fire stick. HDR kicked in right away and even though I assume we're not getting actual 4k yet, Coco still looked bloody lovely. From a review it seems it's limited to 1080p anyway on Sky Q boxes even if there weren't current restrictions
  8. https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2020/02/todays-blind-items-more-more-more.html?m=1 There have been rumours for years along these lines
  9. Where did you order it from mate? Tempted to get one but curious about any customs fees and shipping time if I order direct from them rather than paying nearly an extra 50% but from a UK seller
  10. His name was mentioned with the Black Dahlia case too I remember. Yep here it is https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/true-stories/cryptic-note-what-happened-to-actress-jean-spangler/news-story/ab9ca6835d6739c75912fd3b4feb76c7
  11. Annoying to watch Yank Youtubers say they picked these up for cheap at Walmart. ETA Prime just did a video where he got the Turtles one for $199
  12. To be fair the Outrun 2 arcade machine used Xbox based hardware so it was always gonna be pretty close same as the DC/Naomi stuff
  13. He's show running the new He -Man animation for Netflix at the moment and has alluded to a few other things. Plus he is well in with people like JJ and Johnny Favs (as he calls him) so he can still play the Hollywood game if needed
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