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  1. dfq23

    SNES Mini

    Still 69 quid in my local Game and the NES is still 49
  2. Wait till one is inevitably on Amazon warehouse and get it then so technically he isn't getting any of your money, just Amazon.... oh... wait... Well The Boys was good
  3. I'll take some more pics when I get home! Review of his mini arcade https://youtu.be/mXbOMrPJr-g
  4. Coming from a big seaside town (Great Yarmouth), arcades were a huge part of my childhood (my first summer job was in one!) and i'd always dreamt of having my own machine. Obviously for most people having a full size machine is not practical so I started looking at bartops. Originally I considered a Picade but the thought of having to build it myself really put me off plus once you factor in the Pi and a decent power supply you are looking at the best part of 200 quid for the basic 8 inch machine. While browsing Ebay I came across a seller in the UK who makes bespoke units: arcade sticks, mini arcades, bar tops etc. I fell lucky and managed to order one of his bar tops on the day Ebay had a code on. He messaged straight away and asked what design I would like (he can offer pretty much anything by the look of it) It took about 3 weeks for delivery but I could not be happier with it. This is truly a quality bit of kit! As you can see I went with the NeoGeo theme! It has a "loaded" Pi3b+, lit marquee, two very loud speakers and is made from black acrylic. The artwork looks to be printed on decent photo paper and then another layer of clear acrylic is put on top to protect it. It has a ten inch wide screen monitor (he can do 4:3 but they cost more to source) but as it's a decent size once you set up retropie to give a 4:3 image you don't lose that much real estate and the black bezel really helps it blend in. The controls are your standard Sanwa clone so are good quality for your casual gamer but can easily be swapped out if you want. I know my way round Retropi so I configured it more to my taste and removed some of the stuff I won't use so I could put a few other things on it but it is plug and play if you just want to leave it as it is. The actual build itself can't be faulted. I'm no electrical expert but he seems to be using his own bespoke card for power and sound. It comes with an external power brick like from a laptop so one plug powers everything. I think I can sum up how well made and thought out this thing is just with a picture of the back panel And that's for a part you won't even see! Price wise it was less than what I would have paid for a 10" Picade and all the extras, but that was with a 10% code I have no affiliation with the seller but thought it may be of interest to some members. His web site is https://www.zarcade.uk/ and as I said he is on Ebay as well. Wicked Gamer also did a review of one his mini arcades on Youtube
  5. Arcade Punks now have "fully loaded" retropie images specifically for the GPi
  6. You'll never guess what you can get now...
  7. As is the case with the Pi, anyone looking to add value to their classic should pay a visit to Arcade Punks
  8. I managed to get one!
  9. Picked mine up today. Mint condition 5S bootleg unit with 981 games on it
  10. The pocketgo (and Bittboys in general) are well known for having really bad screen tearing due to the hardware used (30hz screen) so the LDK is the "better" option
  11. Virtua Racing is on the UK store today
  12. Smithereens is said by some to a religious allegory , and when you look back at some of it I can see their point
  13. The Youtube channel Todd in Shadows has some excellent videos in his One Hit Wonderland series. US-centric but some that still apply over here like Snow, Falco and House of Pain
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