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  1. I used to work for the DWP in pensions. Most of them were rude vile racists (if I was "insert slur" I'd get more money!) so your sweet/kind generalisation is not so accurate!
  2. Had a couple of the full sit down deluxe hydraulics where I live. And Power Drift, Space Harrier, Thunderblade, G-Loc R360... Helps that it's Great Yarmouth
  3. Yeh so all the people screaming "MONOPOLY" don't understand what a monopoly is when the purchase only makes you third and still behind your main competitor
  4. Not sure if anyone else here watches Reckless Comedy on YouTube and their PlayStation Girl series. They just released their video about this. It's not what you may think and the videos are often good (especially the PS3 character). Or someone on here will say they're the shittest thing ever created cos... internet
  5. He said Call of Duty but didn't say which Calk of Duty. Likely just Warzone
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353712123630?epid=17040992349&hash=item525ae2aeee:g:7lQAAOSwl~VhXxoV Not the PS5 or X but S in stock again for 185 with the code
  7. Currys Clearance on eBay have had both types off and on last couple of days and there is a 10% off code too. also just picked up a series x for 337. So only a tiny troll... in all seriousness keep checking. They have got/had oled switches for 225, series s for 185, PS5 disc for 333
  8. Just picked up a PS5 digital from Currys for 266 quid!!! The fire sale has started!!!!
  9. As a PC gamer, with Epic freebies and Prime freebies I barely buy any games anymore and if I do it's cheap from CD Keys or with an Epic voucher. I do pay for GP though. Football Manager day and date for free? Ta very much!
  10. There is one thing that will likely crush any concerns about the deal being stopped. All the games will be on PC and phones via streaming so pretty much everyone will own a device capable of playing them. Doesn't sound that restrictive and no court is gonna be concerned that you have slum it at 1080/30 low settings or with some lag and not at 4k/120 or whatever as long as you have the ability to play them if you so wish.
  11. When Forza came out last year the premium edition with everything included was £85 to buy. Unless you had a Gamepass subscription then it was £35 to buy. Or just get the basic one for free. CoD premium edition for £120 on PS CoD basic on PS for £70 Plus your subscription to Sony to play online CoD premium edition for Xbox if you have GamePass for £35 CoD basic for Xbox for free All in the same subscription
  12. £70 for the basic game plus expensive micro transactions for every thing else Or the whole lot on GP for free including all extras or extras at a minimal cost. And don't forget to play online games you have to have some sort of subscription anyway on any of the consoles, so it's £70 plus a subscription or just a subscription. MS really do have so many options here Plus under the terms and conditions for all digital downloads from Apple, Sony etc etc you don't own the item, you own the right to the licence to use it so at any time they can remove it or restrict it and nothing you can do. Even if you buy a physical game, if they shut the servers down its worthless
  13. Of course it would. Disney have the monopoly on making Marvel films but they don't stop anyone watching them however they want as long as they get paid for it through Disney Plus, Blu-ray, PPV or cinema tickets. "It's not fair that we can't play CoD anymore!" "Ok we'll make it available on playstation via Gamepass" "It's not fair that we have to pay for it!" If they sold it as a physical release where do you think the money would go? I'm not sure there is anything legally to stop MS releasing it physically on Playstation but charging £100 for it if they wanted. No one would buy it but they could if they wanted. Also don't forget Sony were offered EA Play first but turned it down as it "offered no value to the consumer"
  14. MS have the ace up their sleeves if that's the case: "Your honour, we offer to make our Gamepass service available on both Nintendo and Sony devices through either direct download or cloud based streaming where applicable, therefore the consumer can still play all games and have the choice of which device to purchase to play them on" That's the long game, same as how you can get Netflix on every single device. Hell anyone with a crappy laptop or phone can already play most of the games through streaming anyway.
  15. Isn't Giphy a near monopoly for that sort of stuff anyway for people who don't know how to hold a gif down on Google image search and save it? If you can't have CoD, you can still have Battlefield. If you can't have Crash you can still have Ratchet and Clank so not sure how they'd be told to share IPs yet Sony won't be made to share Spiderman for example
  16. Yep i'm sure the US government will stop an American company getting bigger so as to stop them competing with two Japanese and one Chinese rival. These are "luxury" items that no.one is forced to buy. It's not like Nvidia buying Arm and having the stranglehold on the chips in everything from phones to washing machines. CoD Warzone will be multi platform anyway as it's F2P so no incentive to put it on Gamepass and it's a revenue stream.
  17. And? According to Metacritic they have bought quality AAA content, and MS were already producing quality AAA content anyway. But they have no good exclusives Not many "quality" games are gonna be a cash cow nowadays unless they have a licence on them (not gonna deny that Spiderman is a good game and sold loads) but as has been said many times they will make the money from CoD and Candy Crush
  18. https://www.google.com/amp/s/screenrant.com/best-aaa-games-2021-ranked-metacritic/amp/ Top 10 AAA games of last year according to Metacritic. Top 3 are all MS exclusives, they just bought number 4 and already bought the developer of number 7 and will be getting that soon too once the exclusive agreement made by the precious owners expires
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