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  1. Renault disqualified from the results of the Japanese GP.
  2. https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/kallax-insert-with-1-shelf-white-20423720/ They make a shelf to split it in half, maybe he got two and cut a notch in?
  3. Super Monaco GP (Mega Drive) - The Bitterness
  4. Super Adventure Island (SNES) - Stage 5 Theme.
  5. Well, I'm happy to be wrong!
  6. Was coming in to say the same. United have dared us to play through them in the second half and we have been dreadful.
  7. ilpostino

    NFL 2019!

    Mahomes out for the game with, if this replay is to be believed, a dislocated kneecap: https://streamable.com/run89 Quite why Andy Reid is even running QB Sneaks with a banged up Mahomes is beyond me. Ridiculous.
  8. ilpostino

    NFL 2019!

    There's refball every week now. Ruining games and big plays. I fancy Denver to win tonight. Mahomes is banged up and the KC O-Line is going to be busy against Von and the gang. Watch Mahomes hang 50 on them now!
  9. Turok: Rage Wars (Game Boy Colour) - BGM 3 Alberto Gonzalez has featured a few times in here (Turok 2 GBC, Tintin GBC) and here's another good one.
  10. Akumajou Densetsu (Famicom VRC6) - Clockwork
  11. Lost Patrol (Amiga) - In-Game Theme.
  12. Extreme-G: Racing Association. Loved XG3 and was very excited to get more of the high speed action in the sequel. What we got was a slower game with worse handling and a focus on weapons and not racing. Shite. Took it back after a day.
  13. All that good work undone in 15 seconds. Wow.
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