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  1. Ditto if any come through Canada - happy to help.
  2. ilpostino

    NFL 2019!

    I think you're going to get that. This is over before half time.
  3. ilpostino

    NFL 2019!

    That was a great little game, that. Commiserations @Charliemouse
  4. ilpostino

    NFL 2019!

    Feels like neither team can stop the other, this'll end up 49-47 or something.
  5. There's a full playthrough on YT, here's chapter 4:
  6. Tomorrow at 2pm GMT, we'll find out who it is!
  7. ilpostino

    NFL 2019!

    In fairness they only brought him (and Turbin, his old backup) in after Prosise, Penny, and Carson went down for the year. He generally knows the playbook and knows the locker room. Low-risk move for a potential high-reward. As a goal-line back he was pretty solid, but he looked like a guy who had been off for a year in other situations.
  8. MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology (Xbox) - Title Theme. A track I heard about 800,000 times while messing about on the Original Xbox Live Beta test back in 2001 or so. Fantastic.
  9. Love this thread, haven't played this for years! Going to have to pick this up again, thanks for the reminder @Nathan Wind
  10. Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road (Amiga) - Title If the Arcade version was available on YT I'd post it here, sadly it isn't. Amiga version is still great though, good work from Jason Page.
  11. ilpostino


    Just had an Eagle Island WR during the marathon! Superb.
  12. Body Blows Galactic (Amiga) - Main Theme
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