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  1. Hoplite Occidental Heroes Motorsport Mobile (any of the three) Pocket City Polytopia
  2. Sega Rally Championship (Sega Saturn) - Reckless Running
  3. How could I doubt Animal Crossing? Of course there is.
  4. I read this as "welding set" at first. And now I'm sad that isn't a thing.
  5. Robbo left his man there, left Foden wide open.
  6. Is your island music the opening bars to the old 3DS Mii Plaza? It's familiar but I can't place it.
  7. I'll be over in a jiffy, anything you want?
  8. Cracking counter attack, there.
  9. I didn't see the check on my feed, they never showed it. Just a matter of time mind before you score more, even if it was disallowed.
  10. Commentator on my feed just said that the VAR office or whatever it's called said the ball going out of play was "too far back" to be considered as part of the review.
  11. They're probably going to score five here, but for that second goal Shaw looked offside.
  12. ilpostino

    NFL 2019!

    League minimum with lots of bonuses in the contract. They count toward next year's cap, so the Pats have a year of breathing room.
  13. Does anyone have the big bookcase recipe for trade? I was meant to pop in to an island to get some made and I forgot. I also have the relevant parts to make a few, also. Let me know!
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