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  1. We're already in mid-season umpiring form, with some truly horrible officiating already. Ah, it's good to have baseball back. The links above are from a fun baseball channel, Jomboy - who rose to prominence after being the one to show the dustbin hitting the Astros were doing. He does some fun baseball breakdowns. Another channel I can recommend is Foolish Baseball.
  2. What a finish that is by Cavani. Brilliant header. Fantastic cross from Greenwood (was it?) as well.
  3. This ref's diabolical. Handing the game to Spurs here, sorry chaps.
  4. ilpostino

    NFL 2020!

    Give it a few years. As the Cardinals GM once said: "If Hannibal Lecter ran a 4.3, we'd say he had an eating disorder."
  5. Worryingly listless performance for a large part of the game, but with the away goal we've half a chance.
  6. That's woeful from Arsenal there, just get it upfield. Great goal though.
  7. I thought that was on the verge of falling through?
  8. I think he was on a broadcast team today and had a 'mare.
  9. Bottas with the figurative kick in the plums taking Max's fastest lap too
  10. What a fucking drive from the pair of them there. Fantastic.
  11. Been a cracking race this. Edit: Bloody hell
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