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  1. On it being rushed (without real spoilers and worth noting): There is a coffee shop you nearly miss if you rush a conversation after the very final spa pool. I had to reload from a save to get to it (I might have been able to play the whole section again later, but didn't enjoy it much the first time round). Anyway, it has no content. "..."
  2. It was already on the way out. Or at least, Disney had monopolised it so much that only they would knock a few out a year. If you look back in history these kinds of movies come in waves. Even without covid, the only way other companies could really compete is spending the same money making more diverse, cheaper movies. Look at Transformers. Despite doing really well, they spent a fraction of Last Knight on Bumblebee, became a bit more niche in who they targeted and made about half the money. On money spent vs money earned, Knives Out did better than the new Star Wars. The bean counters like that. As well as being able to hide profits into losses easier, there is also every possibility that with more movies out then there is more chance one of them will win the lottery. Aquaman spent half the money as Justice League and made a billion for being at the right place at the right time.
  3. There are a couple of bits in the Spa that feel a bit of a let down when you go left when you should have went right, maybe missing a treasure or two, or at least an annoying dead end. I let myself die a couple of times. It just lacks the love of the more open sections that proceeded it. I am liking the characters in this section tho.
  4. Do we really want to be tempting fate?
  5. I think it was about a week. I've had them in my watchlist.
  6. Is that still the case? All the Square stuff was on sale last week, but it ended on Sunday I nearly missed the sale as I couldn't pick a FF to get. Just grabbed something before the sale ended without realising. Got 9 as I wanted the peak of the games with the old school battle system.
  7. I think the main issue with Muppets Tonite is that the first series is really strong, but I hear they neutered it quite a bit and made it more for kids in the second. If you can find it to watch, there is a massive drop in quality ... it's not the change in tone but I think they just didn't want to make it any more. But hey, still has this guy
  8. I'm just about to set sail. Getting excited. It does start off poor I think I'm halfway through now and really enjoying it now. It oozes charm.
  9. I think it can depend on what you're watching it on. I've been putting on Thomas and Friends (all the time, kill me), and it looks like an old youtube compressed video on the app on my Samsung TV, but fine on the Amazon Fire TV and tablets. Seemed to improve a bit on a recent app update. So I think it's their apps not doing a good job of working out how much bandwidth they have.
  10. AK Bell

    Nintendo Switch

    Works for me. A fool and his money.
  11. It's definitely getting better as it goes along. Even the music. I was a bit disappointed by that early on as well, but the music gets more catchy as it goes on. I feel a bit bad mentioning my early impressions on here. It was a shit start though. But does make me wonder if a number of proper reviews maybe didn't get too far in the game.
  12. AK Bell

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, I'm one of them PES customers they've lost. It could look awful, but as long as it plays the same as the other platforms, I'll be happy enough. Better than than changing the names in a very old version of FIFA every year.
  13. It feels like the last thing they should be doing is showing more of it.
  14. Is it really a proper Fable without all the promises and lies?
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