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  1. Well, PES 2021 is good even if it's just 2020 with new names. Be nice to get some rewards for the achievements I get on it.
  2. I think it falls down a bit on making it like a documentary style and using Fishburne. If it's not Charlie saying the lines, you lose a lot of the bile behind it and correct emphasis on words. You really had to listen to realise what was just said was funny. But it was funny. I still had a good time with it but it just needed to be sped up with Brooker talking.
  3. It's really worth just checking what you have to do to win then. It made it too easy in the end, but I got to see the end!
  4. I went the opposite way preferring 4k. Probably as I'm playing on a big monitor with my nose to the screen. The difference was mostly just extra freckles and fabric of clothes. But I think it added a lot. It looking that nice really pushed me through some of the crap bits to get to the next cutscene. Same with Yakuza Like A Dragon. There isn't much to the graphics in general, but the costume detail on higher res looks great. Really pops.
  5. It's not so much that you need to grind, but maybe enjoy the end game a bit more. There is a method to defeat it. Something to make it more manageable to beat. It's a bit annoying as it's something you won't realise and it's not used in the rest of the game. I'd suggest googling the strategy to beat it.
  6. You do need to have some faith that it's all going to come together. You can only really work on your bits and help on the bits they are connected to. You can't go up to someone you're not connected to and say "when is your bit going to be less shit? want some opinions?" ...you have to trust everyone else around you. (but you can get into some random fun cross-office chat, as long as they initiate it) I don't think it's quite as bad as it not being fun until right at the end. It can just feel like that if you're working on it. You don't get to play the game. You end up having
  7. I found it in UHD on the Xbox app. It had the little thing in the tile corner but didn’t say in text. So watchlisted it. In my watchlist for other Amazon devices looks like it is the vanilla one. So still not sure, but I assume you need to be on something running 4k uhd to find it.
  8. There is a bit of first episode hurdle to get past too. It's not trailer bad, but it's worrying. I feel like that's the only episode Kurtzman watched. Power through. It gets good faster than The Orville did.
  9. Have they fucked up releasing in 4k again? I can find regular season 5, but not 4k UHD. anyone got a link? I think last time the only way in was through a direct link, not a search. EDIT: okay, guess they didn't bother for season 4 either
  10. What's the feeling on getting Lord of the Rings on 4k? Extended editions have had their colours messed about with and are from a 2k source anyway. I generally lean towards UHD is always better, what they can do with upscaling is amazing. I was going to wait until it got cheaper but fancy a rewatch now, and my blu ray player upscales great. Anyone think they are a real step up worth £75?
  11. I don't usually get to watch films until the next year, and with cinemas dead it's no surprise the bulk of 2020 is Netflix output. You can stick Parasite in there too because of UK release. 4/5, great movie but didn't quite click with me. It's no Cory Carson What I watched this year 2019 release dates is probably more interesting. (there are other good films, but I saw them last year) Knives Out Klaus Little Women Booksmart Dolemite Is My Name 2019 films seen in 2020, also worth a look (mileage will vary) Get Duked! Ready of Not A Beauti
  12. I got UK copies of that. For not sold here stuff, Disney/Pixar stuff? Christine? Kid who would be king. Just a few from my wishlist on wowhd Otherwise I think we've almost caught up? OH! DUH!!! Mask of Zorro!!! Another one! Dredd !
  13. I think they're lining up Stammets as getting a bit paternal towards Adira (and in turn Dr Culber ...yeah, I checked imdb for all these names, coz Discovery) I felt the scene explaining about they/them, and almost the overuse later, is because they are getting lined up to be old fuddies duddies trying their best. Was that just how I read it? It's still shit writing either way since I have to ask.
  14. If you're set up to play on a mobile too, I think DQ11 was better for being able to play handheld for sections too. I'd do all the busy work on the sofa, and save the story for the big telly.
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