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  1. The wording of that question bugs me all the time. what is your favourite book? Book I've not read / Book I've never heard of. Should be "If you had ta? If you had ta tho?!?!"
  2. They just changed the branding to look more like Sky too. It is basically meant to be shit-sky then, isn't it?
  3. It's all being set up for Kandy to win.
  4. The sequel is watchable, if not good. Wilford Brimley helps a lot. It's not Star Wars though, it's pretty much a pure fantasy film. It's weird. That cartoon off the Holiday Special is really good as a 10 min once piece thing. My kid is a bit young for Star Wars barring the first movie, so he really loved watching that. The rest of it is useless to me as the kid barely knows what an Ewok is.
  5. I've finally got no subscriptions with it. Even offers can't keep me around. I bailed halfway through a cheap Entertainment deal, despite having not finished all of Stargate Atlantis yet. It's shite. It's so pixelated even on boost that they all look like they're on fucking crimewatch. The good bits of John Oliver end up on YouTube faster than on Now TV anyway.
  6. I'm happy enough with the version on game pass. I'd happily buy a proper sequel, but by the time fancy pants v1.5 is out I think most of us will be over it. It'll split the number of online players too. Unless it's cross gen play, but since they've bumped the number of players up I doubt it.
  7. From what I've heard, moosegrinder is right. It's technically a relatively trivial thing to do on xbox one that the X|S can take advantage of (although they'll have to test the crap out of it again which is why not all games do it) but there are hoops to jump through involved for PS.
  8. I hate this thing. I don't want to call it a game. It just had me fetching stuff around a map, and one of them was off hidden in the void where all the game up to this point said I couldn't go. Then I had to mash a bunch of objects that didn't really do anything when clicking. I think. Then keep having to press A to get through a boring cutscene. But that's today's achievement done for my MS rewards :/
  9. I've collected up all the Marvel ones and I've been disappointed. None have looked particularly sharp or much of an improvement over the blu rays if you faff with the colour settings (tbf, I can't be arsed doing that). Definitely not much of a leap from the UHD streams on D+ Captain Marvel is probably the worst. I don't know what it was, but I watched it during a sunny day and couldn't see anything. Not had that bother before. Usually with a UHD the benefit is I can whack the backlight up and see everything.
  10. I wasn’t interested but ...there is a dog in this??? I love a dog companion in a game. if I wanted to try and get into this, reckon I should just jump in this one or play world for “free” to get into it? Having this on handheld must help for doing the busy work with the telly on, right?
  11. Using it for an achievement a day. But still feels like a really polished emperor’s new clothes.
  12. I don't know if I'm enjoying this or not. I don't know if it's clever or not. it looks and sounds great whatever the fuck it's doing. (although, fuck the mechanic that involves rotating a stick, that's the only thing I'm 100% sure on)
  13. I played some Dragon Age Inquisition for the quest, an easy 200 points that you get halfway through the intro section after killing 15 things. It's a similar quest to Mass Effect Andromeda so I was hoping for some of the same magic that made me do a full playthrough. It's ugly as fuck on XSX. Seems to be 4k when zoomed in on faces in cutscenes, you can see every pore of their skin in (auto-)ULTRA ACH DEE, but as soon as it zooms out everything looks pixelated like a face in crimewatch. They've fucked up here with some shaders working at a very low resolution or somethi
  14. They'll be like the government leaking the information out and then seeing how much people flip their shit before deciding.
  15. It's a bit hard to read but it does explain it. What was catching me out was the type names of "full size", "midsize", etc and just looking at the icons. But once you see it properly, it's pretty clear what you need. But it could really do with something that takes you to the options to buy. The garage menu is quite hard to read too, again the type name being hardest to spot. But annoyingly ... it's there! It's very much there so why can't I spot it?!?! It should have an auto upgrade option for free shit you have too. Or say it's free rather than not displ
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