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  1. If they drag me back into the office, I'm taking all my regular power banks with me to charge from my PC!
  2. Funnily enough, I was just having my weekly chat and solar panels and gaming came up. My friend is able to keep an Anbernic RG280V ticking over with a cheap £7 solar panel that doesn't even hold a charge. I've already got this https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08P428WK5/ for emergencies (and can be charged from mains too), and it was just ticking over keeping my controllers alive. But I'm going to see what I can get running off it (in a week or so, I'm busy). See if it can keep a v90 constantly charged or even run my Quieter3q PC.
  3. To flip it around, if I was going into the office I'd have never coped with my bit of a breakdown and wouldn't have had the time to do any of the things that sorted me out.
  4. Okay, so Ayn are sending me a replacement stick. From the sounds of it, when they do replace stuff they do a pretty good job of sending you all the tools you need too. But since I got to open it up anyway, I've stuck in a Switch thumbstick for now. It's been a bit of a faff. I think I was using the right size Philips head as it got the case off and the screws are the same throughout but the screws on the stick itself weren't moving. In the end I had run of to B&M to get a new one with a bigger handle and a twisty end so I could really press down on it and get it moving. Good job the stick is already knackered as I was worried about it getting squished. Used the size PH00, btw Getting the case off was a pain too. It's really clicked together tight. If you go watch the teardown videos, about half of it are trying to get in with a plectrum. I worked smarter rather than harder. I'd get in with one plectrum and then leave it in working on it with another. And then another. I had 5 of them in the top of it to crack it open (3 fat, 2 thin for the more awkward bits). Going to have to do it all again when the replacement turns up. Hopefully the case will be easier this time. The switch ones are a bit fatter and I had to take the rubber cap off to get it in. And then worse still get the little sod back on again (lined up right). I didn't fancy doing that again on the other stick just for symmetry, so I'll just do it again in the future for the replacement. In other news, PS1 seems to be working well after all. I was trying GTA and it just couldn't get past 20fps no matter what I did. I think it's just a bit of a dud. Just about everything else runs smooth even in Retroarch. Everyone else has had bother with Rogue Leader on GC too. Pretty good video at the end of my post of someone getting everything singing easier enough except that one. Generally all worth a watch through if you're trying to get stuff to work ...until someone comes up with something better. For the most part GC and PS2 involves setting native resolution down to see if it helps, if so put back up and try hacks instead, if not put back up and set the CPU speed to be 75% or 300%.
  5. That's a great way to approach it. It's not the money that's the issue if it's spent well (hey, get the richy rich here!). I take up an interest and try to keep focus. But it's easy to slip. When taking up drawing again I had to stop myself getting too much crap. It was just to do something a bit more impressive than a doodle while thinking at work. All you need is some decent pencils and a pad, but I was looking at different sizes and types, special pens to ink the comics I was never going to make, something expensive to rest on, oh I might need some kind of light box as I used to interested in animation ...STOP! I drew the line at getting some quite expensive paper and too many untouched pads of it. It actually becomes quite daunting to look at the pile of equipment and feel I need to use it. And use it well. It was meant to be just a bit of fun. It's basically boiled back down to a tiny pad and a couple of pencils on my desk. Same with gaming. I get it in my head I want to play X, Y, Z and I'll happily spend to play it. Last time I did that I got a brand new 3DS XL to finish Dragon Quest VIII and play the Mario RPG/Paper games. That was fine. Mission accomplished. I did however buy a few more carts thanks to all your recommendations. I'm probably not going to play some of them, but at least I stopped myself from "I'm probably not going to play the majority of them". But it's a bit daunting now. What am I going to play next? Currently I'm trying to play a whole bunch of Final Fantasy and I've basically been double/triple dipping on some games hoping to find the platform that sticks. However, I've not just went and bought 1-15 and everything else on top. I've focused on 3 of them for now. Any more and I'll play none of them. Not sure how that applies. But basically I had something of a breakdown a few months ago with anxiety and couldn't find joy in anything. I'm feeling a bit more chipper now with chatting to old friends and really narrowing down on small projects like trying to finish 2-3 games or faffing about with emulators and handhelds.
  6. I'll get Midnight Club once they eventually knock that 3p off. I won't pay a penny more!!!
  7. What helped me recently, and annoyingly kind of sorted me out a lot before my therapy started, was contacting old friends and having chats with them. Is that an option? I now have someone I call weekly, another more than monthly and I guess next step is meeting up with local folk more often too once I'm more comfortable about covid. But that chats have kind of improved things not just for getting me out of my funk, but enthusing me to do stuff again mostly so I have something to chat about. Often in my weekly chat we tend to be working through some problem or other at the same time as asking about each other's kids, trying to get some tech or software to work. I don't really have the issue with buying lots of stuff I don't need. As I say, I tend to pick something, research it and then spend loads of money "wisely" on something I quickly get bored of. But, I have found that listing things helps keeps that sort of thing at bay. I was having a pretty good year or so just filling up my Letterboxd with movies (often one a day) or trying to complete one game in a month. That seems to help tick the bit of my brain that feels I've accomplished something as much as collecting or just getting a new parcel does.
  8. I usually need a new project or hobby to distract myself from existential dread and high anxiety. My current one is emulating old games I loved which is why I'm poking around here more. I'll get bored of it before long before it all gets hidden away with my board games, drawing tools, expensive bbq smoker sets, etc.
  9. My Odin Pro is frustrating playable despite it's right stick being knackered. It's only really noticeable on button config pages and a couple of app menu's the insanely force the right stick to be used for navigation as well. Why can't I turn it off Launchbox? Why do you need it? WHY?!?! I got most things ticking over nicely. So far I've got GC games at 2x native res. I can get there or there abouts the target fps just changing settings, but sticking the fan on makes it solid (probably a good tip that, leave the fan for last). What works on one game doesn't on another. F-Zero GX needed the CPU speed overridden to 300%, Wind Waker just need a few graphic hacks. EDIT: Rogue Leader is running terribly. Just giving it a test while writing this. It's notoriously shit on emulators though. PS2 works surprisingly well on the games I've tried. I've not tried anything too intensive yet. I've been too distracted playing Mashed rather than anything good, and some kid's licence I worked on that I've not played for 10 years. Got them running at 2x native but I reckon that'll be the end of that performance. Having bother with PS1 performance despite everyone saying it runs well even from Retroarch. Hopefully I just need to play around with that more. I wouldn't mind but I started getting some decent PS1 performance out of my v90 last weekend with only the odd skipped frame to make a very playable Final Fantasy 9 and Ridge Racer.
  10. Ooh, right stick juddering bother has come back with a vengeance on the Odin Pro. I've had to email them about a replacement. Sounds like it's just me and it's bad luck. Looks like I'm opening this baby up because I don't really want to wait on a new machine. It's otherwise ticking over okay unless there is a menu that uses right stick (and I can turn the sticks on and off). Anyone got any recommendations for Switch thumbpads in the meantime? also, since I forgot to mention. I didn't get stung with any custom charges but I've heard of it happening and Ayn don't accept any liability for it. If you don't accept the charges and it goes back to them, no refund. You can buy them from their proper store now (as of yesterday, I think) but I don't think it makes a difference.
  11. The Odin Pro turned up early. Arrived yesterday and still setting it up rather than playing on it. Not an issue with the system, just getting all the software set up, files copied over, converting some formats, renaming files. It's frustrating as all the reviews all say "took me 15 mins to set up" but that's because they have practice faffing about Retroarch every other week for a new device and video. It's a nice wee thing though. Got some GameCube stuff running well on Dolphin MMJR. Just played some Mashed on PS2, so even if most games don't work that's game night sorted. A bit of a sketchy moment with my left stick having a bit of a judder but it's gone now after a restart. A friend got his the same day too and his dpad didn't work until after a couple of restarts. But all's been well since.
  12. I could probably pick loads of better games that probably mean more to me, but the only game I ever replay regularly is Quake II so it must be that.
  13. I'm getting very detailed information from DHL every step of the way but I'm not sure if I'm going to be stung right at the end. Doesn't look like it so far though as I have a release status from customs and it's travelling over to the UK, but does have a warning in that: "Unless there is an adhoc physical examination or a stop by another regulatory authority the shipment will proceed to DHL delivery facility." There was about a £35 shipping charge (-ish, it's all in Hong Kong dollars) and that seems the only extra so far.
  14. when did it become MAY?!?! Yeah, got it from indiegogo
  15. Well, it's not in my hands yet but I ordered Feb 18th so two months. A mate of mine ordered one a couple of weeks later and sounds like it's on the same boat because he ordered a different colour. I'd be interested to see what turns up too. I ordered a Super Dock as well. I suspect that might come later but might turn up at the same time. Not too fussed as it sounds like it's a still a few controller lag updates away from not being shite. (edit: I might just be being pessimistic. looks like others are getting theirs now)
  16. Odin Pro during up on Tuesday!!! Just before I go on a trip too. Yey!!!
  17. The water looked lush and it was still a great game. I think I put Wave Race into my top ten for it. It was definitely one of the first games I emulated to see what it was like in HD.
  18. They'd at least have had a lengthy debate in the captain's quarters about it first.
  19. I can confirm the paper is shit.
  20. Bah, the Odin Pro I ordered is going out to people soon ... just below my order number ... noooooo!
  21. Damn, beat me to it. Got distracted with baby duty. Got my first sub copy today around when you posted!
  22. I prefer JRPGs on handheld. I don't think DQ XI is too grindy, but there are bits where you just have to work through where you could be sat on the sofa with crap on telly, and then do the big story bits on the big screen.
  23. How much is the leg strap needed? Should you have more than one? Is there a cheap option?
  24. Same. I assume I was just shit at it.
  25. Well, their faces and textures on their clothes are really detailed, then it focuses on their chunky, low-poly sausage fingers
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