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  1. Oh, loads of people get stuck there. It's bad design.
  2. The shotgun bit aye?
  3. Capwn

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yeah, me. Donut was originally a game made for the molyjam in 2012. Here is the first ever version!
  4. Oh I thought people were wanting a PS5 to play the demo, I misread. I'm very negative about the demo but I'm sure the game will be great and can fully understand people wanting a next gen console to play this. Can't imagine how rough it's going to be on ancient gen. I'm also suuuuuper skeptical about the MAY release date but I do remember this originally not meaning to be RE8, it was a spinoff so perhaps it has been in the works forever.
  5. After playing the demo, it's laughable that anyone would buy a PS5 to play it.
  6. Finished the demo last night, really didn't like it. The opening section looks really rough, clearly something thrown together quickly and then you enter some of the 'proper' areas of the game. It's more like an art gallery on rails, collecting items. It adds or shows nothing new. Remember RE7 demo where you watch some horrific events through a house and then you have to go through the house yourself? That was at least a clever idea that really sold the new FPS direction. This has no suspense at all. Man, there will never be anything like PT ever again in terms of creative highs of
  7. Biggest annoying gripe for me regarding next gen is that PS5 doesn't have BBCIplayer yet. I've been forced to keep my PS4 hooked up, which is now essentially the 'bbciplayer machine'. Infuriating, even made a video about it.
  8. Yeah same here. Would it be mad to skip Hitman 1+2 and go straight to 3?
  9. The real question here is how substantial Fury is, is it a linear experience or more of an online procedural affair? I still don't know what it is really and how much value can be gained from it.
  10. Yeah that's what I scored it on Letterboxd I've still never given anything 5 stars.
  11. Yeah don't worry about your film being 2019/2020 etc, as long as it's within the last couple of years it's fine. Just trying to check out some films that have missed. Did that just now actually, was looking at grounded_dream's list this morning, I was curious what the number 1 was 'Another Round', watched it and it's brilliant.
  12. Yeah if you've not played it yet, it will look amazing. One of the best looking games out there both technically and artistically.
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