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  1. It is a bit of a cringe fest, wrote about this in the other thread but it's essentially this throughout... Tom Cruise "I'm going to jump over this gap..." Random 1 "You can't jump over the gap, it's not possible! Don't be silly Tom, go home." Tom Cruise looks at gap, Random 2 (slow pan on amazed face) "He's not...he's not going to..." Tom Cruise jumps over gap Random 3 "I can't believe Tom just jumped over the gap!! How incredible is Tom?!!" followed by uplifting music It's that over and over for 2 hours.
  2. Using this thing for the second year in the row, I love the idea of a reusable calendar where I can dictate what goes in it but it's problematic as a couples calendar as the draws don't hold two of certain chocs. As we discovered this year with our 'fillers' of Lindt and Ferrero chocs. Can't fit 2 of those in a draw.
  3. Top Gun Maverick It’s an entertaining, well made film but I personally found it a cringe fest. Most of the movie is basically this: Character 1 “it’s impossible to go past the red line. Tom Cruise do not even THINK about going past the red line because it’s just not feasible ok?” Tom Cruise “Look at me! I’m going past the red line lol” Character 2 “OMG he is GOING PAST THE RED LINE!!! how crazy and amazing is Tom Cruise!! it’s that for 2 or so hours. but it’s good, I managed to enjoy the full movie. When it comes to rebooting an old old franchise from the 80’s, this is as good as they come. 2/5
  4. First time having a 10yr tallisker tonight. Lovely stuff, very Smokey, woody and Spicey. I think it’s as good as a lagavulin 16yr! Which is impressive as that’s $160CAD before tax and this was only $120CAD.
  5. Barbarian (2022) Really got into the first half of this where it was doing some really interesting things, then like most novelty horror films it can't quite land and descends into more mainstream tropes. 2.5
  6. So is the PS5 still hard to get in the UK? My sister has been after once since launch here in Canada and still struggles to find a reasonable price. Shops here don't sell the console on it's own, always in a bundle. Current cheapest is the GOW bundle at $920 after tax (554 pound sterling).
  7. I would have been a good script writer for this; -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indy's (IndianaJones) hat falls off as he slides under a closing doorway. Woman "Are you gonna get that?" Indy (Indiana Jones) "Nah, too old for that shit, I'll buy another" -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Couple of new materials;
  9. Hopefully this is the new Avatar and there are 5 more being worked on right now
  10. This is the bit that got me, this right here shows the real potential magic of the movie where you take iconic mario elements and place them in more realistic settings with more human like animations, to show how absurd the designs can be. I really hope the marketing doesn't spoil the majority of these moments, should really stop watching trailers now. I'm on board.
  11. Princess gone all WOKE for the SNOWFLAKES lol #NOTMYPRINCESS I actually went to twitter fully expecting stuff like that but couldn't find anything. What's going on?
  12. Argh that Brooklyn shot with the plumber van. Why do Mario movies insist on explaining the plumbing backstory. It's never ever mentioned in the games, it doesn't matter, it's boring.
  13. Having missed these last batch of episodes, would it be mad to watch the finale only?
  14. Come on, spill it rllmuk, is this pants or not? Need some straight talk here. Only valid opinions I’ll accept are from those who have watched the entire series of Dark.
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