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  1. Capwn

    Game is Saved!

    I don't understand the eggs and bacon? is that christmas related?
  2. Feels like I have watched the entire movie after watching that trailer
  3. I went with Aberlour Abunnadh in the end. Had one dram and it was magical, very warm/hot scotch and quite Christmassy too, think it has notes of cinnamon/toffee etc
  4. Been waiting for ages for a good sale on this and now seems to be that time, it's currently $26 on PSN (15 quid) for Black Friday so am likely to get it. I have a question though, for just $3 more (1.72 quid) you can get the Deluxe edition. Is that worth it? I typically don't bother with DLC, I'm only really wanting to play it through once and that will be it. I don't care about costumes and guns, the only slightly interesting sounding extra is being able to have the original soundtrack over the new one.
  5. My parents are in the UK. I kid you not, I check the UK netflix new arrivals EVERY week and have done for years. I cannot believe how bad it is, it honestly feels like I can only recommend about 2-3 films for them a year. I'm talking of ONLY films btw where they seem to only get films that are at least 3 or so years old or just awful. Canada netflix however, there is at least a handful of films every month that is relatively new and actually a well known good film even if it's not my cup of tea.
  6. Ever since Death Stranding came out I've not watched this for about 3 weeks, yet I now feel a urge to return
  7. Now that people are finishing it, what about THAT scene?Felt like a proper pivotal moment in games in terms of tech/performance I think.
  8. I was thinking in the tail end of the game, where you're asked to do certain things and you encounter certain moments, it must have felt brutally punishing for anyone needing to get this finished ahead of release to write a review. But you know what? I remember 'listening' to the Easy Allies review and it was a very negative sounding review. Then after I finished DS, I listened to their 2 hour spoiler mode and they couldn't have been more positive about it. They really understood what made it good and were just so happy that this kind of game existed. It was really strange.
  9. Tricky question, it's certainly Kojima's most forgiving game. Most people will be able to finish it if they have the time. The cutscenes and 'codec talk' are clearly reduced from the likes of MGS 1-4. The story however is just as 'stupid' and 'impenetrable' as ever. To be honest, I can't imagine that anyone who did not enjoy the MGS games (1-4) would love this but I could be wrong? If there was any element of MGS5 that someone enjoyed in terms of game systems/mechanics, I could see them enjoying this.
  10. They should just skip RE3 (and Veronica) and do RE4, right?
  11. Later I believe, not too much after. I found myself returning to this tonight after finishing it. To anyone who has finished it...
  12. Black Friday is more likely to have Days Gone at half price
  13. Not black friday but MAYBE the 12 days of xmas thing?
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