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  1. I really miss Peter. I just don't buy into the idea that he purposely deceived people, he was just really into his ideas and freely shared his vision/ideas before thinking them through. In that sense, adapting that personality to a crowdfunding model was a recipe for disaster as you can't oversell if you're asking people to buy early on. The modern day Molyneux in my eyes is Joesph Fares, I'm not talking about the 'Fuck the Oscars' speech but if you ever see him in laid back interviews he's often over excited and talking more than he probably should. I much prefer this to the really guarded developers who are being super careful with what they share to avoid upsetting their publishers.
  2. If I was in charge of this movie I would have made it more of a funny but charming indie movie with some unknown playing Charles Martinet who is forced to retire but can't let go. Nintendo have hired a new young star to take on Mario's voice and has to spend a week with Charles at his home during his last week working for Nintendo. They both start off on the wrong foot, with Charles over managing and following the new guy everywhere. The movie is about Charles letting go and passing on the torch to a new generation of Mario fans. That's how I'd have gone about this movie.
  3. I think that would be the obvious route to go. What I think will actually happen;
  4. Watched two documentaries this weekend; Some Kind of Heaven Trailer A film about some sort of Disneyland for old retirees. I was left disappointed to be honest, I wanted to know more about the actual place and setup but instead its a character study of a few residents. Not as funny as the trailer suggests either. 2/5 The Truffle Hunters A film about old men in a rural part of Italy hunting truffles with their dogs. This was really nicely done and pretty funny. Even though not a deep dive into the subject, like the film before it's a character study but the subjects were a perfect mix to clearly communicate the situation of truffle hunting as it is today. 4/5
  5. They clearly ran away and halted the project once they realized the true error of their deeds. Don’t mess with the masterpiece that was gamesmaster or we here at rllmuk towers will unite and riot. if anyone else out there is thinking of rebooting it, come to us first and earn our respect. Only then will we lay down our swords.
  6. Hmmm, I see where rooster is coming from. This game was probably in pre-production in 2018, they probably had an idea PS5 was coming back then but wouldn't have known much more than 'it's more powerful'. It would have been a huge risk to commit to PS5 only because a) they have no experience of PS5 dev b) Smaller audience. So it would have been made as a 'PS4 game with a possible next gen version' in mind. That was the much safer option. So they built it like a PS4 game with certain settings scaled up and enabled on PS5 similar to all other PS4/PS5 games. So when they do finally make a PS5 version from the ground up, that's when they can throw the PS4 rulebook out the window and develop to the PS5 experience. This will likely coincide with a major overhaul on their inhouse engine where they can now justify spending resources on developing new features that the PS4 wasn't capable of. So whilst I don't think it's fair to say it doesn't look any more graphically advanced than the first one (on PS5 especially), it is using the same palette so to speak. If they made a PS5 game, with final PS5 devkits from the go with that being the only platform. I would be very confident that there would be a more obvious 'leap' in quality.
  7. Same, it kinda felt nostalgic. There was one area in particular where there was this opening and I went in, followed it around the edge of the map for quite a while and it was just a total dead end. Any other game would have had at least something there for the player What fascinates me is how much of this is intentional (i.e he's playing into nostalgia) and how much is down to just wanting a speedy production?
  8. If you say that last bit really fast, it sounds like ‘Saul goodman’ which is the name of the character.
  9. As long as Keanu has the line 'I'm too old for this shit', I'm in.
  10. Finished it, I've enjoyed it but I just don't think it's a special game in any way. The netflix episodic thing was really the only interesting addition to the series but that grates after a while. Other than that, it's just more of the same in a world where there is now much more crazy on offer. The repetitive but oddly satisfying combat is the star of the game this time around, rather than the oddball story and characters. Final score, 65 out of 100.
  11. The only gamesmaster presenter that would work today would be richard ayoade.
  12. Capwn

    It Takes Two

    The elephant bit for me is the best gaming moment of the year for me. I know what you're saying though, it feels a bit out of character with everything else that was going on. I remember wishing the entire game was like that, I thought that's where it was going at the time, where you have this sentimental toy-story setup but it's rooted in depressing reality. At the same time, it could be argued that with the game never revisiting that dark tone makes it all the more funny looking back at it? I'm giggling just thinking about it, I loved it.
  13. It's a weird situation isn't it? They missed E3 and it's like there is this expectation every time they do a showcase now that they pay us back with their 'E3 worthy' showcase. So now everytime they do one and it's a few indie games, ports and deathloop/horizon I feel cheated.
  14. Quite far into this now, only 2 to go. I’m enjoying playing it but I don’t think it’s THAT Wacky/crazy whatever, if anything it feels more toned down and mature. Don’t get me wrong, it has its wtf moments but it’s only a light scattering. It’s no god-hand (yes I know that isn’t a suda game) It’s fun but very repetitive, thankfully the combat feels engaging and satisfying even later into the game but it’s repetitive for sure. the map stuff feels more like a grind. I’m generally avoiding the ‘funny mini games’ as they are pretty dull. I tend to just do more combat events. It’s totally not a 9, it’s a 7.
  15. Capwn

    It Takes Two

    Still my GOTY so far
  16. What the hell, I watched the first two episodes of the new season and they were...alright? Stuff was happening, the story was progressing. They were both better than any episode of the previous season.
  17. I can't change my clothes much in the wardrobe. I can change my outfit but if I hit the L/R buttons to switch to Tshirts? I've tried all the buttons (am am halfway through the game) but am stuck on outfits, nothing happens? Anyone else experiencing this?
  18. Oh dear there is an awful part where you have to win a rhythm game to proceed. It absurdly expects you to do 2 ‘sides’ of insane fast qte actions at the same time, for my mental well being I just focused on 1 side and was still struggling. I’m fine with this kind of thing on a PlayStation as I’ve had decades of using the triangle, circle, cross and square layout. I also think symbols are easier for me to map in my brain. For some odd reason, I just can’t remember the x, b, y and a layout on a switch.
  19. I mentioned before that I don’t like that it doesn’t let you change difficultly mid game BUT thankfully I’ve realized that if you keep losing the roulette thing when you get killed gets slower, making it easier to continue the battle. So in the end, if you’re doing really badly it does get easier. I really like this, without it I wouldn’t stand a chance.
  20. People watch more than 1 episode of this at a time? I’m usually exhausted half way through an episode and can’t wait for it to end,
  21. Yeah two bosses down, enjoyed the first two games (never played the spin off) so am enjoying being back in this world. If you didn’t like the first ones, I would avoid. There is a lot to dislike here. Frequent tutorial windows in the first couple of hours resulting in information overload, confusing battles, invisible walls, horrendous looking visuals, grinding and a horrible map system where it’s incredibly frustrating trying to figure out where to go. Yet the creativity, presentation and the absurdity pull me through. I’m not doing waggle but still finding the combat satisfying. It’s odd how good it feels, I think a big part of it is the timing and speeding up/down of the combat animation tied with the button presses (or waggle) that just connects in a really satisfying manner. I don’t like how you can’t change difficulty midway, I kinda wish I did it on easy now as I found myself fighting boss 1 about 20 times. If you keep losing over and over, it can start to lose its magic. I don’t know. I’m just a sucker for any rockstar game designer (kojima, molyneux, fares, blow and Schafer etc) who go off and do their own thing in their little corner and set out to make the game for themselves and their fans rather then try and make a worldwide hit.
  22. Can you play this without waggle? and if not, is it better for it or worse?
  23. That trailer description sounds like marketing guff; ”yeah do the thing with the red/blue pill again, they love that don’t they? Then make sure we see the 3 main characters yeah? Then some of that slow motion action stuff the matrix did. Make sure to add the one that looks like the bending over backwards to avoid the bullets one yeah? Younger audience will recognize that from those meme things they watch!”
  24. Me and my sis have this running joke of just wishing for Gabriele's death for several seasons now. He's such an awful boring character, I don't know how he has made it this far. We were both ecstatic when the actor was charged with DUI a few years back, convinced that he would soon be dropped but nope.
  25. There was one women who was a book-keeper/manager and one who was a valor but clearly hinted (a bit too on the nose for me) that she is capable of more so I’m sure that’s going to her story. It was good but I think I only enjoyed it because of the theme. I wish it was more gritty/dark, it kinda feels very mainstream and by the book. I’ll give it 2 more episodes.
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