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  1. Finished them all, think this is pretty much peak Cunk material. She's actually gone even more AliG than before, not just the interviews but frequently referencing this one mate she has and using the show to criticize her ex. Personally I really miss Ali G's interviews, oddly nobody else has really attempted it since so I'm glad to see Cunk doing that Shtick and succeeding. Here we have Ali G style interviews in an era of modern internet and social media which brings a refreshing take on it. At times it's even quite experimental with the formula, taking time outs of the interviews or showing someone getting interviewed unable to control themselves from laughing. Astounding. Not for everyone but if you've enjoyed Cunk in the past, 100% give this a go.
  2. Loved the first two books but had never got around to oasthouse, just a few episodes into the first one and it's great. I can't believe how dense of solid material these audiobooks are, it's crazy just how endless the partridge well is. There has never been any other comedy character that just keeps going and going.
  3. Watched 3 episodes (weirdly all 5 episodes came out instantly) Really think this is back on form, there are a few misses here and there but there are so many good lines in these episodes. This is great.
  4. The rescheduling suggests that it is currently in bad taste to watch anything funny. This morning I was scrolling Facebook and a video started playing of a cat jumping into a wall and I laughed. I didn't mean to it just sort of happened and now I feel bad about it. Thankfully the BBC are not showing anything funny, it's pretty comforting to be able to watch the BBC right now without fear of something funny happening.
  5. Great episode, mainly because there were no dragons. GOT is best when it's just about dirty politics and people being horrible to each other.
  6. Gave up on this after 30mins or so but have a question, does this series have moments with just dialogue and no background music?
  7. Well, it’s finally over. That was a lot of new games.
  8. Code red! Assassins creed set in Japan!
  9. Assassins creed, fully open world mobile game set in china. Can’t wait to leap off the great wall of china!
  10. Finally, it’s going back to its roots!
  11. Egypt! Assassins Creed MIRAGE
  12. New assassins creed!
  13. Woah, new just dance let’s you dance with your online friends in a party. Can’t wait to let loose on a Friday night and boogy with my friends from all over the world.
  14. Excited for the highly anticipated return of rock-smith. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play a real guitar, unlike the toy guitars seen in other similar games.
  15. So let me get this straight, we can subscribe to Ubisoft live and we get access to the entire assassins creed library and more? And the brand new skull and bones is available on day 1? and there is a 1 month free trial? Where do I sign up lol!? (https://plus.ubisoft.com/)
  16. Mythic quest season 3!
  17. Valiant hearts 2 on Netflix!
  18. Rainbow 6 on the go!
  19. Division Heartland looks like a refreshing evolution of the highly acclaimed series that will bring exciting new experiences pumped, can’t wait to get that sweet action in the palm of my hands
  20. I’m just talking here as a fan, who is excited to pre-order skull and bones right now. http://ubisoft.store.com
  21. Can’t wait to be a pirate on the high seas! Get me some treasure!
  22. Come on, this is mostly game footage. What more could you ask for? You all want a new Mario game? Well here you go!
  23. It’s starting now, please watch.
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